L is For

One reason I was two whole miles away from my immdiate neighborhood on Friday afternoon was not to explore the funky scene in North Park

It was to go to a camera store to look at camera lenses.

I know, who have I become. 

This type of shopping excites me almost more…

…than This Kind

 or This Kind of shopping

L is or Lenses

And I’ve been wanting another one.

Just like L is for Lipstick & Lipgloss you can never really have too many.  Lenses or lipglosses.

The contestants:

1. The Canon 85 mm f/1.2

2. The Canon 100 mm macro f/2.8

3. The Canon 135 mm f/2.0

Canon Telephoto EF 135mm f/2.0L USM Autofocus Lens

And oh, the pondering I am doing.

If anyone reading this happens to own any of those or has used them or has any feedback, shout it out!

I have read the Amazon reviews, camera forum reviews, B & H reviews, you name it, and there are so many opinions on the subject.

If you need a great Lens FAQ tutorial, this post is excellent

And here you can compare lenses

My current go to lens is this 24-70 mm

I’d like something a bit more diversified if that makes sense. For shooting everything from outdoors and nature shots to portraits to who knows, maybe one day I’ll be a wedding photographer or a pregnant mama baby belly photographer.  Who knows what the future holds for me. 

I’m just pre-packing my camera bag with lenses, so to speak.


Who knows if I will even get a new lens.

Or when that may be.

But it’s fun to window shop and ponder!  And dream.

And I also dream of these.

L i s for Lollipops

And when I open a bag and get lots of reds in it, I am so happy!

Reds are my favorite, then purple, and the other flavors I give to Scott, i.e. Orange and Chocolate.  <–When I posted that on Instagram, lots of people said that chocolate is their favorite.  

And in all other ways, chocolate is my BFF.  I’m just meh about chocolate lollipops.

I prefer my chocolate in this sort of application: Vegan Fudge

L is for Love of Chocolate

10 Minutes, No-Bake Recipe, Gluten/Soy/Tree-Nut Free

Fudge always helps decision making.  Adds to clarity of mind I think.

L is for Love of this little girl

I love her more than I ever thought was possible to love someone. 

From my last post, I enjoyed hearing about where you live, if you like it, and if it’s at all funky or eclectic.


1. For the camera buffs, do you have a favorite lens?  What is it and why?   Any lenses on your wish list?

I have my lenses and camera bodies and reviews and my thoughts about them linked in my photography tab

2. Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

I loved the kickstart to my weekend and my meetup with Amber

And I also had a Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie


3. Fill in the Blanks

L is For: _______________

L is For: _______________

I’ll go again

L is For: Lettuce.  I eat a lot of it.

L is For: Lazy Beach Days in Aruba and memories that I cherish

Stay tuned for a great recipe.  You will Love it.  Promise.

52 comments on “L is For”

  1. L is defenitely for lipstick for me. I just bought two new ones at the weekend – I’m obsessed.
    The best thing I ate this weekend were lovely roasted vegetables we grew ourselves in our garden, all organic and fresh. Everything tastes great if you made it yourself.
    I’m fairly new to your blog but I have to tell you I really like it and you inspire me. I love how you link back to lots of old posts so I can always understand the whole context of what you’re talking about, also love the questions at the end. Great blog! xxx

    • awww thanks for the kind words :)

      i do link back to old stuff b/c blogs are like soap operas; you have to have a little context to “get” what’s going on. i hate going to blogs and they write as if everyone has read every post. it’s like huh? you lost me there sista.

      And I have a trunkfull of Mac ‘sticks and glosses and god i am obsessed with them. ha!

  2. L is for Luminous!! I feel that as women we have this gift to be glowing and shining!!! Full of love and laugher! There are 2 more “L” Bombs for ya ;)

    You look like you had a FAB weekend :)


  3. Lens shopping is a ton of fun and it would be nice to have a more versatile lens. I currently have three and carrying them around is not fun, so I usually force myself to take just one on lighter trips.

    1. My macro lens is my most used currently for food shots and close up animal shots.
    2. Dinner at Yard House with hubby.
    3. Love and light.

  4. You really cant have to may lip glosses, ever!
    L is for lovely people in my love
    L is for lemons, I love love love lemon aid!

  5. woman, you need to come to new york so you can lose your head in b+h with me. it’s the most insane store ever.

    best thing i did…yesterday i went to a kickass yoga class and walked five miles up the west side of Manhattan along the Hudson river and enjoyed the amazing day because I could … and it was awesome. it was kind of hard for me to pick one “best thing”…i’m so obsessed with my life. ha. L is for LIFE!


  6. Dude the chocolate tootsies are NASTY. Anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong.

    L is for lethargic, which is what I am feeling right now.

  7. I’ve never used the 24-70 (or any of these lenses for that matter), but that’s the one I would want most. I debated between the 50mm and 100mm macros and went with the 50mm because rebels are cropped. I was afraid the 100mm would be way too close. I love my 50 mm macro with all my heart.

    • just emailed you back but good to know about your 50mm macro. I love love my 24-70mm. It’s awesome. I just want a creeper lens I think, as you put it :)

      I don’t necessarily want it all the time, but part of me does want to have it in my bag of tricks.

      so torn.

  8. L for Lauren! ;) and for love, I love my little girl more then words can express too! ;)

  9. I must say– even though I have not the slightest idea about lenses, I DO happen to know that your bag is adorable. :)

  10. L is for language…

    I’m learning Mandarin for when we go to Taiwan to meet our little girl!


  11. Can’t help you with the lenses, doll, but I’m sure you’ll get tons of great tips.

    Best thing I’ve eaten this weekend might just be one of your flourless peanut butter cookies. ‘Cept I made my dough with sunflower seed butter and haven’t yet baked it. I’m psyched to! I’m sure they’ll taste amazing.

    L is for “Letting go of the need to have a perfectly clean house.” Ha!

    Have a fabulous evening. :-)

  12. Best thing I’ve eaten this weekend: sauteed garden eggplant. Why are they sooo good?? Obsessed. Never saw it coming but I’m obsessed. I’ve been doing some good eating this weekend. Choco-bean(yep) banana microwave cake w/ peanut butter, veggie burger, asian buffet-veggies in yummy sauce and an awesome hot and spicy soup. Mmm. Leftover zucchini chocolate cake. Microwave wannabe apple pie. Sauteed cabbage. Never though I’d like that one either. and Popcorn. Nom nom nom.

  13. good luck with the lenses, averie! they all look the same to me, so i am of no use. just buy ’em all??!!
    l is for lululemon. i would wear lulu 24/7 if i could redo my entire wardrobe.
    l is for lifestyle: i love my lifestyle of walking 90% of where i need to go, living next door to my parents, working a job i find gratifying…it’s a matter of making choices and these work for me.
    happy sunday eve!
    i’d love to get all mac cosmetics, in a lifestyle makeover!

  14. those lenses make make me a little nervous! I know nothing about cameras, nothing!

    As for fun this weekend I finally got around to visiting Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant!

  15. I am no camera buff, so I’m no help here, girlfriend. Heck I learn from you!
    Also -I’m so glad you got some down time this weekend but I selfishly wish you were at HLS!! ;)

  16. L is for Laughter! Without laughter where would we possibly be?!

  17. oh tootsie pops….my lllloooove

  18. 2.) Working for 6 hours (between Saturday and Sunday) with world-famous ballroom coaches. Such an enriching experience.

    3.) L is for learning – everyday is a new learning experience for me as I continue to make progress and get healthier; and L is for luxurious leisure – big trip coming up this Tuesday for a week! So excited.

  19. I use a 35mm f/2 prime lens right now and I love its clarity. I know its nothing compared to some of the L series lenses, which I know you have (red stripe gives it away). Someday I will move my way up to those but for now I’m loving the slight wide angle lens. I feel like out of your choices: the macro may be less useful for photographing people, although I could be wrong… are macros versatile? What major differences have you read about between the 85 and the 135? My instinct would be the 85 with the lower aperture, but that’s just me!

    • glad to know you like the 35 f/2.0
      I was also looking at the 35 1.2 or maybe it was a 1.4 The L glass.

      Worried that it may be slightly too wide-ish…

      Macro and potraits..I thought the same thing you did but you can take that L glass off macro and use it for portraits. There’s a little switch. The thing I didnt like about it is it doesnt feel solid enough. My current lens is so heavy and the 85mm is so heavy i was worried about the macro just not feeling super solid. I also don’t know if i love the fact that it’s a macro lens and not a portrait lens, so to speak. Just the “terminology” scares me off a bit…so much to think about…

      • Interesting, I actually didn’t even know the L glass was a removable part of the lens! Pretty cool.
        I was just reading up on L series lenses and read this and thought of you (and me one day)… “In fact, this amazement is said to cause a disease know as “L-Disease”. Once caught, it is incurable. You will have to buy Canon L lenses in all of the focal lengths you use. AND you will be happy.”

      • it’s not removable
        L = luxury and is just the branding “name” they use, but it’s not a removable “part” per se

        if you look at pics of the macro lens or go touch one in person at a store,there’s a little switch where you can set the focusing from o to infinity, 3 meters to infinity, etc…pretty cool!

        and yes, it’s like driving a nice car. once you do..going back is just…hard

        i’d rather not buy new clothes for a year than trade in for non L glass. i’d gladly make the sacrifice. that’s how much i love my L :)

  20. L is for Little Bites! Sorry, I’m starting up a bakery and could not let that one go!

    L is for my name, my Love tattoo on my foot, to remind me to love who I am, what I do, and what’s around me, my kitten Leila… could go on but will spare you.

    Good luck with the Lenses :)

  21. L is always for love in my book. Lots of it in my life right now- for people, experiences and life in general :) Wish I could offer some lens help, but sadly my camera ability ends with figuring out the “P” setting on my DSLR!

  22. L is for Love and Licks from my tiny kitten, as well as my other 4 animals. Good thing the fish in my pond don’t have tongues, otherwise I’d have to count them too!

  23. L is for Lazy Sunday, a much-needed rest day spent doing things i Love – playing with the dog, hanging with my dad, spending time in the kitchen :-) Lots of love.

  24. Oh yes – L is definitely for lazy beach days – or pool days ;-)

    L is also for the love of sister time.

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