Local Aruba Sights

Sure, Aruba has beautiful beaches.

And fabulous pools to play in.

But there’s also places like this where the locals pack in nightly after work.

And on Friday nights the place is so full that it’s standing room only.  Well, it’s always standing room only here.

But that doesn’t stop the locals from enjoying their cold Balashi beer, the local island brew.  I’m ot a beer fan so couldn’t tell you what it tastes like.  I’m more of a champagne or wine fan, yes.

But the guy working the counter loves beer, and apparently loves his job, and gave me a big Thumbs Up when he saw my camera come out.

There are also little “lottery” and gambling huts.  Not sure what they gamble on but they are everywhere.

And apparently gambling and beer go well together given the signs: It’s all about the beer.

And the irony of this: Where Greatness is Found

With the bars on the windows. 

Everyone’s definition of Greatness is different, though.  To each her own.

And here’s Local Greatness to me: the local Raisin Bread Pudding that I adore!

Cubed and freezer-chilled.  The best way to enjoy it for me.

From my last post about Career Fantasy & Doing What you Want, thank you for the amazing comments.  I was blown away with lovely, inspiring, and thoughtful comments from all of you in my inbox.

Some of you are doing what you want, some of you aren’t, and it was great to hear about what your fantasy is, and how that’s meshing with your current reality.

Keep the comments coming and I hope you have time to read over some of the great comments on the post.  Thank you everyone, including new readers and delurkers, for sharing.

One other thing I wanted to share is that I have a post up on Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s site today.   As I had mentioned before, it’s a new contributing gig that I have and am so excited about it.

It fits right in with everything I had mentioned earlier today: writing, photography, food, recipes.  Yes, all the elements.


1. When you travel, do you enjoy getting off the beaten path and venturing outside of typical “touristy” things to do?

I own my home here in Aruba and yes, I have ventured well off the beaten path here.  After coming here for a decade, there’s very little I haven’t seen, done, or tried, but I haven’t seen it all.  You never can.  I haven’t seen it all in San Diego, either.

But as beautiful as they are, there’s only so much beach time and chaise lounge laying that one can do, year in, year out, before you need to mix it up a bit!

Plus, seeing how the locals live, where they shop, what and where they eat, this is a wonderful thing about traveling for me.  The exploration and discovery about people, cultures, places, that are new.

Not to mention, I lived in Myrtle Beach for a few years and no offense to anyone who enjoys things like Alligator Alley, Nascar Cafes, or having shrimp flipped in the air tableside at hibachi-style restaurants, well, I had my fill of “touristy” things while I lived there and so enjoy doing things other than that when I travel.

2. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done on vacation or while traveling?

When I was in Costa Rica for a month, ten years ago, getting my first 200 hour yoga teacher training certification, I went zip-lining over the rainforest canopy.  That was pretty cool!

And all the snorkeling and Scuba diving that Scott and I have done together has been so beautiful to see, too!

P.S. Thanks for the entries on the Business Cards Giveaway.  Hope you enter because you never know when you need cards, even just for networking.

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