Lots of Kombucha

TGIF!  Even though it was a short week for many of us and my week was going by really fast, the fact that Scott ended up on having to stay on his business trip longer than planned and I was at home on solo childcare longer than planned, all of a sudden time started passing more slowly  stopped for me.  Funny how it works that way, huh!  Anyway, it’s been a productive day.

Look at all that Kombucha!
 Sorry for those of you who can’t get kombucha.  I’ve got plenty.  You just have to swing over to San Diego and I can hook you up with my brew!
They are all 32 Oz Jars Filled with Organic, Homemade Kombucha.  I knew my Vegenasie addiction would serve me well one day.  All the Glass Jars I’ve Saved are perfect for my ‘Booch!

For anyone who’s tried to brew their own ‘Booch, you will know how exciting it is to see Bubbles which means it’s Fizzy!  Not super fizzy, but enough.

And into the Fridge They Go and in just 6 more days, I will have this much, and more, again!
If you missed my Kombucha Recap post, Click Here to See how You can Make Your Own
I used 3 oz of kombucha + 1 oz of pineapple juice from This Farmer’s Market Locally Grown Pineapple = Happy Times!

From Yesterday’s Post…
Thanks to everyone who chimed in about what fitness gadgets you use, like a Garmin or Polar, or if you’re a non-gadget person.  I am really enjoying my New Garmin!

It’s just another tool in the toolbox, so to speak, that can help me have some extra insight into distance, pace, and calories burned so I can replenish properly.

And thank for your tips about the Chest Strap.  I lodged it right at the base of my sports bra band and pulled the sports bra just over the top of the chest strap a bit to help anchor it.  I don’t want that sucker slipping down!  That seemed to help with the placement and slippage issue.

Many of you recounted tales of licking your chest strap or moistening it so the sensors register better.  Learn something new every day.

And I am so excited about my upcoming Tattoo Appointment and it was great to hear how many of you were excited for me, too.  I also love when I post about tattoos that many of you come out of hiding and tell me you have tattoos or send me links to your recent ink art.   I love to see everyone’s ink!  Leave me links in the comments section if you have any ink you’re wanting to show off!

Snacks: Kale Chips that you can make in the Oven or a Dehydrator

Kale Chips

“Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip with Raw Veggies…

“Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip
and my Homemade Mary’s Crackers: Raw Vegan GF Crackers
 Raw Vegan GF Crackers

1.  Plans for the weekend?
Sunday I have a birthday party for a 5 year old that Skylar and I are going to and probably the farmer’s market in the morning.   Saturday = get some alone time in!  Scott is coming home tonight and after a week alone on parenting duty, a few glorious hours alone will do me wonders!

2. Have you ever cheated on your hair stylist?  Perhaps you think the grass is greener with someone else and it wasn’t and you had to return back to the original stylist?
I’ve done that once.  Eating some crow for sure.

Or, how do you determine when it’s time to make a switch to a new stylist?   And how do you handle it?  Do you just vanish off the map and never show your face or call again?

Since I’ve moved so much over the years, that’s been an “easy out” and for people I just see once and don’t really care for, I just never call back (why would I?) but it’s “breaking up” with the longer term stylists that’s hard.   Heck, breaking up with any service provider from a Doctor to a Massage Therapist to a Cleaning Lady to a Hair Stylist is hard!  How do you handle it?

3. I have told a few people this in various comments, like Katie, Tasha, Evan, Danielle, but I am probably the only vegan who’s never made my own beans from scratch.   Yes, that’s right.  I am scared of them!  Probably because there are so many ways to make them.  Kind of like chocolate chip cookies.  Everyone has a recipe and all roads generally lead to the same destination, but it overwhelms me!

Soak them overnight.  Or not.
Bring them to a quick boil and then shut the heat off.  Or not.
Let them sit after the flash boil for many hours and then simmer.  Or not and do it all at once.
Simmer them for an hour or two.  Or all day.
Red, black, garbanzo.   Vastly different cooking times.
Covered.  Or uncovered.
Regular kettle.  Or Slow Cooker/Crockpot or Pressure Cooker.
I also have a fear of simmering kettles and vats of water for hours and hours.  Being trapped and having to watch the kettle so it doesn’t simmer and flood hot cooking liquid everywhere.

This is why I don’t make my own beans!  I am overwhelmed at the variations!  If anyone has a great recipe/method using the KISS method (Keep It Simple, Sweetie), I am all ears!

What foods are you scared of making?

4. Is there anything you’ve tackled recently that got you over a cooking fear of failure?

Me = my Vegan GF Pancakes
Making pancakes without animal products OR gluten that are edible is a challenge.  The recipe was even published so I am happy about these!

Stay Tuned For Thrifty Bananas & Weekend Adventures…

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  1. Sooo I have stumbled upon your web page and am in Heaven. I have two small girls, ages 3 and 1 so I am loving every sweet treat you have! I am a Vegan going on my 8th year, and I am an extremely PICKY Vegan so to say! <3 I will only choose certain Blogs or chef's that I absolutely LOVE to follow. I have to say you have me envious of all your talent. I am also extremely grateful you have posted this all, with kids on fast forward every day it helps so much to put together well balanced food sources to keep them eating the way I do as well. So just wanted to say thank! <3

    P.S. Skyler Lotus is the Cutest! and her name is the best

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