Mango & Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables

Need a one-pot meal that comes together in under 15 minutes, will feed your family, makes planned leftovers, costs pennies per serving, and happens to be vegan and GF?

This recipe should do the trick.


Mango & Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables


1 c dry rice (I used Uncle Ben’s brown rice)

1 can beans (I used garbanzos or try pinto, red, black, navy)

1 to 2 cups mixed veggies (I used 1.5 cups of diced carrots, broccoli, and Brussels’s sprouts)

1/3 c Mango Chutney/Salsa (or use jelly, i.e. mango, apricot, peach; or try a sweet-ish fruit-based salsa or chutney)

1 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar (or regular, rice wine)

1 Tbsp Seasoning Blend (I used Mrs. Dash Caribbean blend)

2 Tbsp Honey (to keep this vegan, omit or use agave)

2 Tbsp EVOO (optional)


Cook the rice as directed on the box (with water and optional butter) until about 85% done.  (For me, this took about 8 minutes)

Add everything else, stir, cover and simmer for another few minutes until liquid is absorbed or your vegetables are done to your liking.  (For me, this was about 4 more minutes)


Here’s a Visual Guide

Rice is about 90% done.  Then, add everything else.

Stir and cook a few more minutes


The big chunks of mango (above) are “surprise” bites that I love

The veggies were not overcooked and had a bit of texture and crunch.  I detest over-cooked vegetables.  Blech!

The flavor was wonderful.  A little bit of heat from the red pepper in the mango salsa, the balsamic gave it some tang and balanced the sweetness from the mango and honey.  And the chickpeas added protein and made it a one-pot success.

And it was also successful because it made planned leftovers.   Love your leftovers. I do.

Like today’s recipe?  Also try my Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos, Veggies, and Peanut Butter.  It works, I promise.

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I’m glad you like my last post about bodysprays!  Seems like lots of you are fans and thanks for filling me in on your go-to scents.

And everyone had different days of the week that they are busiest.  Mondays are my busy day, for sure!

Here’s a one pot snack.  Or a one little bowl snack.

Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate


1. What’s your fave one-pot meal?

Mine are any of the bakes (Salsa Baked Beans & Veggies, Cheezy Veggie Bake) or rice dishes like this one.

And I never buy ingredients just for a recipe like this.  It’s called shopping in my own kitchen and use things up that are taking up space or getting old.

2. Do you like leftovers?

I know some people hate them and would prefer to eat something “new” every meal but leftovers are a huge time saver and money saver, too.

Cook once, eat twice = saves time

Cook in bulk once rather than starting from scratch with completely new ingredients for a completely new meal = saves money

I am a fulltime working mom, a blogger, I try to keep my grocery budget at a minimum, and I try not to live in my kitchen just to feed my family.   Therefore, leftovers are my best friend.   For all you young beautiful people, if you don’t like leftovers now, you may change your tune when you have a family, kids, house, fulltime job, and want to “get off the hook” for meal prep.  Leftovers will save you.

3.  Anything exciting happen in your day today?

I am expecting a package in the mail I am excited about.

Enjoy your day!

81 comments on “Mango & Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables”

  1. I must say you have some of the msot creative rice dishes I have ever seen! each one is so packed with flavor and color!

    I LOVE leftovers esp one pot meals! I loved the morracan chicken dish I made or currently i am on a turkey meatloaf kick that can be a one dish meal!!

    obviously I also love a good veggie or turkey chili too!

  2. Looks awesome ones again!! :) A great quick healthy meal!

  3. I made the amazing beans and veggie bake dish (sunday)…it was awesome…thanks.

  4. This sounds just PERFECT. The mango, the heat, the crunchy veggies… I can totally taste it!! I am the leftovers QUEEN. I love them! There really isn’t anything I won’t eat leftover, and I usually prefer leftovers cold :)

  5. my fave one pot meal is mung bean stew (filipino dish) and also lentil curry that i make. they are both soo soo delicioso!!

    i’m excited to go to my power yoga today…i am grateful for being able to practice yoga with this particular teacher azra. :)

  6. That looks delicious! Such a great idea. I love one-pot meals – I make chili at least once a week and just throw everything in my pantry/fridge in there and it comes out great. Plus I have a huge batch for lunches. I totally LOVE leftovers – they definitely save time and money.

    And today is my birthday so it’s already super exciting! My boyfriend sent me flowers at work :)

  7. 1. I ♥ one pot meals but hardly cook, so my repitoire is limited. I made your veggie bake last night and it’s prepped in the fridge to cook tonight, so I’m crossing my fingers that its a winner.
    2. I love leftovers as long as it was yummy the first time around! Especially roasted squash if I can keep myself from scarfing it down at one sitting.
    3. Today is the first day in forever that I brought 100% healthy choices to eat at work. All thanks to you! I’m having hummus salad with lunch and steaming some brussel sprouts to go with it (thanks for saying how you did that by the way!)

  8. I love all of your recipes! I am a new blog reader and am really enjoying all of your great ideas.

  9. This looks so perfect!!! I don’t think my kids or husband would go for it, but this will be perfect for some lunches for me :) Thanks!!!

  10. I eat a lot of leftovers for lunch. I love one pot meals–not sure I could pick a favorite!

  11. This looks really good, what an interesting combination of flavors!
    I adore leftovers; they’re extra meals for no extra work, and a lot of dishes (soups, chilis, sauces, etc.) taste way better after sitting for a day or two.

  12. If I eat mango, will summer miraculously sprout in the mountains :)?
    I’m a big left-over eater right now – I’m at work until 7 or 8, then far too exhausted to cook a meal for myself. So, on weekends when the boy visits, I cook up a bunch of one-pot meals and freeze away. I like to think I’m channeling a 1950’s housewife with my newfound tupperware dependency. Bring on the feathered bedroom slippers!
    Looking forward to heading home and watching the next installment in the extremely dorky British miniseries I’m currently loving (so melodramatic)/hating (sorry, Africa). A little neocolonialism in the evening….

  13. I ♥ leftover’s! They are every budget household’s savior! Tonight I’m making curried veggies and beans (beans are left over from last night) over quinoa, I’ll be making enough for lunch tomorrow also.

    So you’re getting a package, hope it comes early! I ordered a ski coat and I’m really hoping to get it before this weekend.

    I also wanted to say that your photo’s look like they’re improving with the new camera, not that they were bad before because they were awesome but the colors look very vibrant :)

  14. This rice dish is definitely one I would LOVE – I’m all about anything that throws a sweet element in a typically-savory dish!
    I used to be in the i-hate-leftovers club, but i’ve grown to depend on them. since i work every other day, it’s SO handy to make a big dinner on a day-off so then I have lunch AND dinner for the following work day. I leave early and don’t get home until later, so this way I’ve got lunch already packed and I can eat right when I get home :)
    Also – I ditto Christina!! Your photos are looking awesome!!

  15. Wow, just read crazy sexy diet and she has the same suggestion to throw veggies into rice to semi cook them but not too much. good idea. never had mango with veggies like that.

    I am into leftover dips and things but I get tired of leftover soups and meals after about a day. chris could eat it for weeks, and has before. boring i say!

  16. Leftovers are hit or miss for me, but my boyfriend loves them! So we never waste food in this house!

  17. I LOVE leftovers!!! I guess that’s a good thing since it helps me stay budget friendly. My fav onepot meal is any type of soup/stew with tons of beans and veggies! In fact, I may make something like that tonight.

    Yesss something very exciting happened today! I turned in my 2nd biostatistics test this morning, whew! So glad to have that baby out of the way. Celebrating tonight by catching up on all of my fav bloggyblogs (obviously, i’m starting a little early at work, shhh!)

  18. Still addicted and loving your Caribbean rice dish, yum yum. I’m going to try your mango rice dish for dinner tomorrow. It looks wonderful. Hope your package arrives in the mail, love getting packages in the mail. I usually treat myself to books and treats from Amazon once a month.

  19. Love your blog! I found it through Erica (Itzy). Your visual guide photo was cute too! I must try your gf mac and cheese, looks great. I agree, leftovers are just essential and I feel like it saves so much time and money too!

  20. I love one pot meals! Those chocolates look just like the ones I make. I call them my coconut oil fudge, except I use honey in mine as opposed to agave.

    I had an exciting day today with my son, I have been working on the post for it. And I love leftovers. That little tid bit was mentioned in the post for later this evening as well :)

  21. awesome mix of healthy foods! I love left overs…but they usually don’t last long! I love getting seconds and will sometimes give myself less on a plate so I can grab more…something so satisfying about it…but because of that, left overs are rare.

  22. Oh this looks great! My favorite 1 pot meal is literally throwing a ton of ingredients into a bowl and calling it a salad. Easy and it works for me. ;)

  23. Yum, this recipe looks great. Very creative using balsamic with mango! And the Gluten Free Mac n Cheeze looks awesome too, gotta try that sometime.

    1. Do I have to pick just one? Anything with beans, tempeh and loads of veggies. My curry banana stir fry rates pretty high though. :-)
    2. Yes, I eat them for lunch a lot – cheap and healthy.
    3. Lots of wind, we’re getting 45 mph gusts which make for some interesting driving conditions.

  24. I love leftovers! I usually make a HUGE batch of something at the beginning of the week and then eat the same thing for days after! Not very glamorous but it works for me! When I have more time, I cook more. I always have a salad before my meals too so I just make sure I’m always stocked up on greens!

  25. I read this this morning and made it for dinner tonight! Delicious :) i used the veggies i had on hand and quinoa instead of brown rice b/c i was out of brown rice! Fav one pot meal probably chili in the winter (i live near philly and it’s cold here! ) have to say your blog is a daily read for me and i love making your recipes!
    fellow working mother of a 4 year old boy :)

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