I was at Target a couple days ago and saw these Pina Colada Marshmallows from Kraft Jet-Puffed

My heart skipped a beat. Marshmallows and pina colada in one? These were tailor-made for me and instantly went into my cart.

Target has some great finds. Sure, I need that new sports bra color, those new seasonal M & Ms that if I don’t buy them now I’ll never be able to get them again, that new body wash scent. Too many great finds for my wallet to handle. You can relate, I’m sure.

I just made Pina Colada Cookies and wish I would have had the pina colada marshmallows to include. Just means I’ll have to make another batch of cookies. Oh darn.

I haven’t even opened the marshmallows yet and am storing them in a sealed Ziplock in my pantry until I figure out what I’m doing with them.

Even in the sealed bag, the strong coconutty, tropical pina scent is ridiculously intense. They are the marshmallow equivalent of Drakkar cologne. Remember that stuff? Strong, potent, intense, you can smell it from a mile away and probably shouldn’t like it but you do. At least when you’re in ninth grade.

I also picked up these little vanilla marshmallow bits. I have a few recipes I’m going to put these into and they’re are also great by the handful in hot chocolate.

I’m a big fan of the sweet white puffballs in just about any form.

I made Peanut Butter Cocoa Krispies Smores Bars for a friendly little competition.

A friend and fellow San Diegan won, but I still had fun including most every item from my baking pantry into the recipe.

Other marshmallow recipes:

Deep Dish Double Chocolate Golden Grahams Smores Bars (Vegan & GF options)

White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Marshmallow Stuffed Rice Krispie Bars (No Bake)

Marshmallow Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Pillowtop Bars (GF with Vegan options)

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bars with Vegan Chocolate Frosting (No Bake)

Double Chocolate Caramel Corn & Cocoa Rice Krispies Candy Bars (No-Bake with Vegan & GF options)

Twinkies (3 ingredients, no added oil or butter)

Do you like marshmallows?

Yes, I love them.

Do you have a favorite marshmallow recipe? Brand? Ever made homemade marshmallows?

Links welcome

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60 comments on “Marshmallows”

  1. Pina colada marshmallows have Averie all over them!! And OMG, yes, Drakkar is amazing. I am not crazy about perfumes, they give me a headache if overused, but I love the way men’s colognes smell, especially Drakkar.

  2. what a fun find! target is a time and money suck for me. Luckily there are none in the state I live in right now though hah!

  3. Love that you find the craziest, coolest food flavors like that. I’ve never made marshmallows. I used to love to squish them up as a kid (they get super gooey) and then eat them. I guess they became the consistency of the jarred stuff.

  4. Well… now I wish I had all of those things to eat for my lunch instead of these Brussels… (which are quite delightful, but sweets just sound better now).

    Just the other day I was wondering where they sold those baby marshmallows that are usually in hot chocolate packets. Now I have no excuse to go find some, since I know they are out there. Those PIna Colada mallows are ridiculous, I’m sure. Probably sooooo goood!

    Hope you’re well!

    • those baby marshmallows that are usually in hot chocolate packets. <-- YES these are the ones. Something wonderful about their crunchiness and nostalgic qualities :) Ive been on a massive brussels kick the past month. In between marshmallows :)

  5. marshmallows = little puffy clouds of heaven. i need to try the new pina colada ones for a tropical twist! here an idea Averie…. s’mores w/ white chocolate, pina colada marshmallows, + graham crackers. Holy Yum!

  6. I haven’t seen these marshmallow, but you can bet I am making a trip to target after work!

  7. I’m not a HUGE marshmallow fan, but I bet those pina coloada ones could change that!! ;)

  8. Those are all some delicious looking recipes – both the food and your always amazing photos. :) Love the Mallow Bits!

  9. Ummm…I think I need to make a Target run, like right now. Those sound awesome! I love anything coconutty. Like you, I can’t go into Target without buying all kinds of random things (so many pretty colors of sports bras!!) I went in for detergent 2 days ago and came out $100 poorer. Ouch.

  10. Love marshmallows, my cat loves to chase the mini ones round the house and then eat them. I saw “Jumbo” marshmallows in the store last week that were like 2″ X 3″ !! I’ve always wanted to try making them at home. Pina Colada is one of my favorite flavors so I’ve got to try these!

  11. What will they come up with next?! I love fun flavors like this!

  12. What in the world! I will be on the hunt for these next time I go out shopping…

  13. I’m not a huge marshmallow fan but I’m glad you were able to find this neat treat. To bad you have to make another batch of goodies :-)

  14. Um, I LOVE marshmallows. I made homemade regular marshmallows and toasted coconut on my blog a few weeks ago:

  15. I saw those and thought of you! I love marshmallows. I always feel like such a kid, but if there is a bag of them around, I’ll just snack on them straight up. The mini ones are especially great. Tiny little puffy balls of sugar!!!

    I’ve never made my own, because honestly, it just seems like too much of a process when I can just buy a bag for 99 cents. Sure the ingredients aren’t all pronouncable, but I don’t eat them that often, so I’m okay with it.

  16. Many thanks for the Cas Cal fermented beverages – they arrived in a cute, insulated lunch box. Love the light, fruity taste!

  17. Those marshmallows would be great in bars or cookies– and I know you’ll come up with a marvelous recipe to use them in!!! I remember my mom making marshmallow once– they were gigantic. The mention of Drakkar takes me back to my early college days. One of my favorite professors wore it but didn’t put it on with a heavy hand…so he did smell good!

  18. I was in a store today and saw Campfire marshmallows. This was a first for me. They were easily 4x the size of regular ‘mallows. I squealed. Really loud. People looked. I didnt care. I want those damn marshmallows!

  19. I am not a huge fan of marshmallows, but I do like them in things.

  20. My mouth has been watering with all the new marshmellow flavors. I actually snacked on a few tonight when I made the Golden Graham S’mores bars. I tried the gingerbread around the holidays and they wre great in hot chocolate! I haven’t seen pina collata yet, but how fun!

    This blogger recipe is a new favorite…who doesnt love S’mores???

  21. I need to make those Peanut Butter Cocoa Krispies Smores Bars…like now! Well, maybe not now now but tomorrow for sure: they look amazing!

  22. Haha- Cologne that you like when you’re 9 :) I remeber loving the look of my mom’s perfume bottles at that age. They seemed so magical!

    I’d have to say toasted over an open fire is my favourite way to enjoy marshmallows!

  23. What a fun marshmallow post, crazy find at Target! I’ve only had them a few times since going vegan – vegan marshmallows aren’t cheap, but delicious.

  24. I NEED to find these marshmallows. Must head to Target today !! I love all things coconut/pina colada (;

  25. I have only ever made marshmallow fluff, but I am trying to find some time to make my own marshmallows! I love them…. especially now that it’s summer (sort of) and s’mores are on the brain. I can only imagine how delicious the pina colada ones are…mmm….
    BTW my dad still wears Drakkar Noir. I think he has been wearing it since the 80’s and probably will forever lol.

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