Mexico City: Romance & PDAs

Well this post is going to be considerably lighter and maybe a little spicier than my last post about the Mexico City Markets and MeatHowever, that one had plenty of sizzle in its own regard.  Thank you for your comments, thoughts, and feelings about what can be such a hot topic and thank you for keeping things very respectful on what can be such a passionate topic.

And thank you for the compliments on my photography.

It’s been such a whirlwind weekend here in Mexico City and I leave here bright and early, San Diego homebound.  It’s been an amazing trip in so many ways, and it was the perfect length.  We packed so much into Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday, and now I am ready to go home, kiss Skylar and Scott, and get ready to move into our new place on Wednesday!  What a whirlwind life for me right now!

Time for a little sizzle first:

Lime and chili spiced peanuts

Hot, Spicy, Delicious.

And was our waiter delicious, or what?!

I took one picture of him.  And look at the shot I got!  I’ve been married 10 years but I know a hottie when I see one!  Those eyes.  Wow.  I love you too, Scott!

Remember I mentioned that Penny said the theme for the weekend was finding and photographing the romance we would no doubt see in public areas in Mexico City?

Check all these couples out that I captured over the weekend:

I think all of the images are tender, beautiful, loving, and just show love in full force.

Many of you asked me if I ask for permission to photograph these couples?  The answer is yes. 

If I see a couple that seems like that just isn’t going to mind if I make their photograph, or if I get a receptive vibe from them, I ask them if it’s okay to take their picture.  If they say yes, great.  The shooting begins.  Usually it’s 3 to 10 frames, I’m done in 20-30 seconds, tops.

If they say no, I move on.  Ethically, I would not take and certainly would not post or publish the photos of a couple who was not receptive to it.

Some couples shield their faces or wave you off with their hands.  Clearly not receptive so I don’t even bother asking.  I respect people’s space and boundaries and most ethical photographers do as well and I don’t make photographs of them.

Now, it’s a bit different if I am photographing a man selling tomatoes.  I don’t usually ask for permission and they don’t usually care.  But again, it’s situationally dependent and if I think I am going to ruffle their feathers, I just move on.


1. What do you think about PDA’s (public displays of affection)?

I think that some PDAs are okay.  Hugs and kisses, but if it borders on the get a room stage, then, I think they should probably get a room.  Not that I really care, though.

I am too busy rushing around, doing my thing, and minding my own business to care.  Or really stop and stare anyway.  Whatever floats their boat is their thing.   Live and let live!

2. Are you into PDAs for yourself? Care about it with or for others? 

Scott and I are not PDA people.  Hand holding, a hug, maybe a peck but that’s it.  I really don’t like extra attention from random people and one way to become the center of attention is with PDAs and so I just don’t engage.

Plus, I believe there are some things, for me personally, that are just private moments and even if others don’t care, I do, so I’d rather keep some things private.

And again, don’t care what others do, but for me, nah, PDAs really aren’t my deal.  I gave that up by the time I was about 17…haha!

If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here’s my whirlwind from Friday, my travel, and Mexico City:

Have a great week and I’ll be back.  From the airport tomorrow, I’m sure.

57 comments on “Mexico City: Romance & PDAs”

  1. Love the waiter picture! A little sweet PDA is fine by me — but I don’t like it to be over the top to where it makes other people feel uncomfortable. Overall though, I don’t really care. :)

  2. I agree with you on the hugs & kisses in public. When it becomes a full makeout sesh it can be uncomforatble for everyone.

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  4. Great post! I don’t really have a problem with PDAs. I wish we had more of them here in the US. Since living in San Diego, I’ve encountered many fiery, emotional Latins. It almost seems ingrained in them (I usually avoid sweeping generalizations, but really… I’ve never met an unemotional latin). I’m quite envious!

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  6. I LOVE your pictures Averie! You did such an incredible job! And can I just say O.M.G. about your waiter? Even though I married a traditional American, I have a “thing” and always will for Mexican/Spanish men! He is a hottie for sure!!! :)

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