MixerMaid KitchenAid Attachment Giveaway

MixerMaid holds the three basic KitchenAid® Mixer attachments: Paddle, dough hook, and wire whisk.

It solves the problem of damage to KitchenAid mixer attachments due to lack of storage and ends the frustration of fumbling with misplaced or messy attachments.

MixerMaid hangs under or inside a cabinet or pantry, using an included mounting bracket. It can be used while hanging, or can easily be removed from the bracket to sit on the countertop.

As a kitchen organizer, it not only offers convenient storage, but also helps to keep mixer attachments clean and free from damage that can happen when they’re tossed around.

There are video demos and more product shots here

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43 comments on “MixerMaid KitchenAid Attachment Giveaway”

  1. This just gave me a great gift idea for my mom..I didn’t know about these until now!

  2. I use clear plastic trays and bins from the organizing store to keep things in my kitchen in order!

  3. I’m not very organized but I do try to keep everything where it belongs

  4. organization is not my strong point My daughter organizes and i screw it up!

  5. I keep dry ingredients that I don’t have a ton of like powdered sugar and whole wheat flour in mason jars with chalkboard paint on the top of the lid.

  6. I am a very organized person so I try to keep my cupboards organized by shelf with alike things all in the same area!

  7. I use cannisters, jars, and plastic bins to organize in my kitchen.

  8. Organized? What is that?

  9. Love these attachments!

  10. I keep my spices in alphabetical order and also date them so I know how long they have been in the cupboard.

  11. My kitchen is super small so putting things away when I’m done and constant cleaning is the best trick I have right now!

  12. This would free up some valuable cabinet space.

  13. When I am in the kitchen, I try to clean as I go so that I can keep up with the mess I make! It makes it so much easier in the end.

  14. Best idea ever!
    My kitchenaid stuff is all over the place!

  15. For all you fans of the MixerMaid, today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our redesigned mobile-friendly website. Come check it out at http://mixermaid.com/. Same great product, same incredibly low price!

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