Monday, Funday

I hope you had a nice Monday because I did!

I started off my day with local Aruban coffee

Then I went for a quick run while Scott was at the house talking to his business associates.  It was such a hot and sweaty run, which felt great.

But it also felt great to jump in this with Skylar afterward:

When I’m out running, I run past the high rise hotels here in Aruba and admire their flowers.

After running, I came inside and stretched with a little yoga and core work for about 15 minutes…

…and then it was time to go to the pool with Skylar.

We munched on lots of fresh fruit today.

I bought half of a fairly large watermelon for less than $2 US Dollars.

I haven’t had watermelon since last summer and it hit the spot!

So juicy and refreshing.  And it was a really “good” watermelon.  Sometimes you just get lucky.

Thanks for all of the comments you left on my last post, Desserts & Healthy Living.

It was interesting to hear your take on moderation, and if you believe you can eat desserts (or eat whatever your “comfort” food is) and still be healthy and balanced.

Most of you said yes, you can, and to live a life without desserts is a life not worth living.  Paraphrasing there, but the comments were reassuring and nice to read!

A life without chocolate just wouldn’t be fun for me!  See my Chocolate Recipes post for everything I’ve ever made and blogged about with chocolate in it.

Including White & Dark PB Cups with Chocolate Peanut Butter Filling


1. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

The beach yesterday

The apple glazed vegetable & edamame stir fry were two weekend highlights for me.

2. How was your Monday?  Was it a FunDay Monday or not really?

I know most people who work or are in school don’t really get too excited about Mondays.  I know I don’t usually but I’m on vacay so I can’t complain!

3. Do you like watermelon?

I forgot how much I love it.  A really good watermelon is a gift from nature I’d say.

My idea of perfect watermelon is not too mushy or “mealy”.

The flesh of the fruit has to be firm but not so firm that it’s hard.

And obviously it has to be juicy and sweet!

Ironically I don’t like other melons much such as honeydew and I hate cantaloupe.  Ick! But watermelon has always been a favorite!

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  2. I bet running there is AWESOME! Loveee! And I am jealous of your access to cheaper fruit! I need to pick some up for dinner tonight- I’m thinking watermelon or cantaloupe…or maybe berries. My monday was good! Lots of catching up around the house (after traveling), work, taught at the gym and Josh and I put together our strollers!

  3. I love, love, love watermelon! Although I don’t think I ended up having any last year because it got so expensive. I am definitely saving room in the budget this year because I just can’t live without watermelon!

    I had to get a blood draw done yesterday and it was not a fun Monday! After two medical assistants poked me and dug around in my arm with no luck they sent me to the lab. There she had just as much trouble and now I have a nice bruise on my arm. Darn uncooperative veins.

  4. My Monday was pretty great because it was a holiday in Canada :-) I didn’t have to work, but I did do some homework for school.

    Mmmmmm, you have me craving watermelon!!! I love the stuff!

  5. Watermelon is such a great refresher on a hot / humid day. I can’t wait until they are in season here.

    Monday was a holiday here in Canada. Although, I did work at the paintball field. It was our employee “play day”. So I was the ref and all of the employees got to play paintball all day. Good time had by all, and the weather held out until we finished. Perfect!

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