Moved In Photos & Celebrating

The movers got here bright and early and started loading our truck

All the carloads of things I brought over to the new place really helped

I was able to get things organized in advance

And not have that super chaotic and flustered feeling of not knowing where my stuff is.  And yes, from my last post, I admit, I hate it when people touch my stuffBut so do many of you, too, it sounds like!

After the truck was loaded…

…we drove all of one mile to the new place, and the movers started unloading.

I started directing them, they assembled the beds and furniture that they needed to be reassembled.   Here’s Skylar’s room:

Just having all her toys and books put away is huge.  Sigh of relief.

My master and master closet is all set. <—that was a project getting that organized.  Whew.

Except for the Cable/Internet situation.  That’s not all set.  Cables are too short even with a splitter.

And Cox didn’t do what they said there were going to which is make sure the internet is up and running, so I will be held hostage tomorrow all afternoon waiting for them.  Joy.Oh.Joy.  Currently blogging using Scott’s Verizon card.

And I need to buy brackets and mount them yet tonight for my curtains.

Always something.

Things are shaping up pretty well around the new pad and I love my new living room!

Living room looking into dining area

Dining area looking back at sofa

All this wood just screams yoga!

It’s been so much work, as moving always is, and I want to stay here for a long time to come.  No force outs.

And I hope soon I can have some more time in the kitchen to make some desserts!

Maybe a pan of White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting

Just the frosting alone on these makes me want to get busy in the kitch!


After a long day, a long week, a big project, or big event that is done and over with, what do you do to celebrate?

I’m going to celebrate by going to work.  Kidding.  But actually I do have to work tomorrow.  Between my weekend in Mexico City and getting ready for this move, I have taken a few days off and I need to work.

Maybe I’ll celebrate with something from here

Or celebrating with something easy to make like Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

Just kidding, I’ll be celebrating at ACE Hardware by buying curtain rod brackets, mounting brackets and curtains, then mounting a shower curtain, and a trip to the grocery store to stock the fridge with something other than wine.   Fun.

P.S. Thanks for the continued entries for the $25 Giveaway

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