I alluded in a recent post to things that you wouldn’t believe and that you just couldn’t even make up, and that life has thrown me some curveballs recently.

Well, here’s the situation…

We moved into our current place in early June 2010.  Here was my first post from San Diego on June 1o, 2010.  I was so excited to be back in San Diego after 9 horrible months in Phoenix.

Our current lease was up June 1, 2011.

We got a phone all and then a letter from our landlord last week saying that he has to sell our townhouse and that we have 30 days to be out.

I am sure the legalities of this are questionable and I am sure that we technically have “rights” but in reality I don’t have time, money, or energy to tangle and fight and get involved in any legal situations when in reality what’s probably happening is that our landlord is probably not making his mortgage payments.

And in reality I wouldn’t be surprised if any day there’s a notice of trustee’s sale given and taped on our front door and 72 hours later our house in reality  is auctioned off at city hall.

I’d rather not be living here waiting around for that and debating the fine points of the law and what our “rights are”.  I’d rather just be gone.

So moving it is.

The major issues with moving have been:

The lack of suitable 3 bedroom properties in the area of San Diego I want to live in.  As in, almost none.  I stalked Craigslist like it was my job for a four day period and just missed three different properties.   I was in tears most of last week.

Thank God, at 4pm Friday going into the 4th of July long holiday weekend, I found a place.  It wasn’t even supposed to be “mine”; but someone else failed to come back and give their security deposit so it became mine.  Thank.God. 

However, coming up with the 1st months rent on the new place + 1 months rent as security deposit + paying rent on the current place + the security deposit on the current place that is still tied up = very large sums of money needed.   That wasn’t planned for.  At.All. 

Thank God I have a savings plan and am debt free.  <–That was one of the best new year’s intentions/resolutions/goals, ever.  It just saved us, big time.   I mean who can come up with all that cash out of no where if you don’t have some savings?!  Seriously stressful!

So, from the time I found out we had to move to finding a place it was 6 days.

And we are moving into a new place one week from today, Wednesday. 

The entire 4th of July weekend where I alluded to how hard I was working I was actually donating, decluttering, trashing, and packing.

My “Holiday” Weekend.  Some holiday, eh?

Scott took Skylar to lots of parks and the zoo and got lost with her, and I stayed home and for 3 days, lived, breathed, and packed.

This was our garage: Empty boxes that I had accumulated the past year (they came in handy!) and random crap that needed to be donated.

Everything from computer boxes to stroller boxes was all just waiting for me to deal with.

And here was one car load of donations.

We made five stuffed carloads full of donations to the thrift store.

No time for the luxury of selling things on Craiglist or time for a yard sale, and not enough storage space in the new place to bring it all with (nor do I want to,) so I donated so much.

5 huge car loads of stuff.  Ba-bye.

But I single-handedly have done 98% of all the packing for all our other moves, too, so I am a pro.  I wish I wasn’t a moving pro.  I’d rather be a pro at anything else but moving!

I’d rather just do it and know it’s been done right.  And that way on the other side, I can unpack easily because I know how it was all packed and what was put where.

I hate the way that moving makes me feel so out of sorts, so disorganized, clutter everywhere, nothing is in it’s place.

The process of moving is 1oo% the antithesis of the way I am wired and in which I operate the best and in which I thrive: calm, order, neat, clean, everything in its place.

When you’re moving, nothing is neat, clean, orderly.  It’s just a hurricane!

And the work.  The sheer physical work of moving.  From finding boxes to making them up to packing them, sorting and donating what I don’t want, up and down stairs 50 times a day, lifting things, awkward angles and crawling in cabinets and digging out forgotten-about kitchen appliances to standing on step ladders trying to get things down off high shelves and get it ready to be moved.  It’s all so much work!

I have moved so.many.times.  I did not want to move!  I love our current place and would have stayed here indefinitely.

But, I really love the place we’re moving into!

It’s 1.1 miles from our current place, so not far at all.  The vibe of the city is a bit different there, as can happen in urban areas, where mere blocks can change the essence and aura and vibe, but it was the only thing available and so I had to jump on it.  And I do really like it but there are a few things like not having our own private garage and being in an elevator building with a child that I don’t love but hey, the granite countertops and hardwood floors and 2009 construction should make up for that.

The other major issue with moving is the timing.  There is never a good time to move.  But truly, this move could not have come at a worse time.

Just putting the rest of my life on hold (missing work, missing 4th of July holiday events, etc.) while I scramble and pack is one thing, but there’s part two to this story of why the timing is atrocious….

…To Be Continued.


1. Do you like where you live?

I love it as I’ve posted about.

Even with the cost of living, San Diego is 100% my forever home.

And my home in Aruba, too, will be my other forever place and home.  Yes, I own in Aruba, rent in San Diego.  Go figure.

2. Have you moved much in your life?

I have moved tons and I don’t want to move again!

Previous moves:

Childhood moves within the Minneapolis area

Went to college in Minneapolis and St. Paul area and must have had at least 10 different dorms and apartments

Moved to Chicago after college and lived in at least 6 different places in the city and burbs

Moved to NC

Moved to SC

Moved to San Diego and lived in 4 places

Moved to Phoenix

Moved back to San Diego 9 months after being in Phoenix (wasn’t my cup of tea) and am in current place, about to move into the next one.  So six different addresses in San Diego.

I am sick of moving!  I want to put down roots.  The market is too volatile here in San Diego to even think about buying, but the downside of renting is being at the mercy of landlords.  They all tell you when you sign your lease that they have no intentions of selling.  Til they tell you a year later, hey by the way,   am selling and you need to move.

So, that’s why life has been crazy for me!

I didn’t want to blog about it until I even found a place and had a signed lease and keys in my possession.  That happened Tuesday morning.

Moving truck comes in 1 week.

But in the meantime, I actually took over two, huge, stuffed carloads of stuff to the new place and spent 8 hours schlepping, sweating, and unpacking.  The unpacking felt great!

I’m off to pack some more.

And There’s Part 2 to this too…

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  2. Wonderful essay, received the pleasure of reading

  3. Hi, Averie, I’m working my way through my reader; sorry this comment is late to the party.

    In California, if your lease was up on June 1, either you or your landlord could terminate with 30 days notice, because unless you sign another lease it reverts to a month-to-month. It is sh***y but true. I only know this because in my last place my landlord defaulted on the mortgage & I saw a lawyer about it. The lawyer said what I could hope for is someone from the bank–the “cash for keys” person–to knock on my door. He said that it was perfectly legal, if that person did show up, to take the $$$, hand them my keys, and leave with my stuff. We moved before this happened, though. Our new situation is so much better & I hope yours is also!

    • yes this is exactly the type of situation that i could imagine happening with me…basically a very long, annoying set of circumstances, and in the final analysis, as a tenant I am pretty much screwed but spend all kinds of energy/time dealing with it. It was just better for us to vacate. Which is tomorrow morning! Sorry you were on the wrong end of the stick but glad your new situ is better!

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