Much Needed Meetup

I spent a wonderful, and much needed, couple hours with Marla on Tuesday afternoon.  

We met our usual.

We chatted, laughed, talked husbands, kids, blogs, blogging, cooking, photography, you name it, we covered the bases.  And it was wonderful and a much needed meetup.

Every time I part company from a Marla Meetup, I am left feeling happy, energized, re-centered, and refreshed.

Marla’s an amazing friend, woman, mother, confidante, blogger, photographer and I am so blessed to have her in my life!

It’s amazing what time with a good friend can do and really put a smile on my face!

After I left our meetup, I realized I needed to get gas for the drive home.

Sticker shock!  I think this goes down as the most I’ve ever spent on one tank of gas.  $73 bucks!  And I drive a car, not an SUV.  Thank goodness!

After making my way back home, it was time to think about food.

Salad with cucumbers, red cabbage, tomatoes, green beans, carrots (broccoli and edamame buried).

With homemade Creamy Honey Mustard Dressing

Lemon & Dill Roasted Potato Sticks

And Mango Ginger Maple Tofu

I had a half opened jar of mango sauce needing to be used before our trip so tofu was in order.

And I popped down a few No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (with Extra Protein Option)

No mixer or Vita required.  Just a bowl + spoon + 5 minutes = done!
From my last post and the Purple Rain Smoothie, I’m glad you liked that one.

And it sounds like there are some major Prince fans and 80s music fans in the house, too! Katie left a great 80s music playlist in the comments. Thanks girlie!  I may have to copy most of that one!


1. What was the last Much Needed thing you did?

A few of the last much needed things I’ve done:


yoga.  Always much needed for me.


made a pot of coffee

Marla was the last much needed person I saw.

2. How much is gas in your area?

Premium gasoline is in the $4.50+ to almost $5 range in San Diego.

I have to use premium, I don’t have a Prius, and so I suck it up.  Pun intended.

3. How’s your week going so far?  Anything exciting happening?

I have plenty of excitement from our trip and packing to baking for the bake sale to holding down the fort while Scott travels to my fulltime job.  Exciting indeed.  Maybe a little bit too exciting but there’s no way around it.

Thanks for all the entries for the CamelBak Groove Giveaway for 3 readers.  Keep ’em coming!

53 comments on “Much Needed Meetup”

  1. My much needed – is running. and sleep. I need 7-8 hours.. or you better watch out.. I am a grump!

    In CT – we are paying about 4.30 for regular… ihave a small 4 cylinder car so it costs me about 45 to fill up. Word on the street.. is gas should go down 50 cents by summer.

    Even then.. it is still a lot of money!

  2. what a fabulous meetup!!! haha venti do it up! and your starbucks is GORGEOUS hahaha i wish we had outside seating with starbucks umbrellas! they should put umbrellas in your drinks too :)

  3. In a few, I’ll get some much needed cookie dough :)

  4. I have been reading for a while now, but since I just finally started a blog I figured I would comment under a “real” name! LOVE your blog, averie!!
    i hear gas should be coming down by june!!!! here’s to hoping!
    my week has been phenomenal, spending time at home with my brothers before work starts back up for the summer. went on a gorgeous and challenging hike today. hope your week is great too!

  5. Aweeee meeting up with friends is always the best thing!! And girl you are SO tan. I am appalled at the gas prices too….it amazes me how just months ago we were outraged when they got up to 2.97, and now they’re up to four!

  6. I live in Central CA, our gas prices are pretty much the same as San Diego! Maaaybe a few cents cheaper.

  7. How fun! It’s so nice to have those friends that are there for you to hang out with and have a good time :)
    I bet you are getting excited for your vacation coming up! I am super jealous!!

  8. You look SO happy in that picture at starbucks. Wow.

    Thank God I live in New York and would never use/need a car (except when I am moving). New York probably has the best public transportation system in the country. It works all the time, day or night (although at night you might have to wait 15 minutes for a train), and only occasionally does a track break down. There are definitely some characters on the train though.

    It costs $2.50 for each ride, unless you have a monthly pass. So that’s $5.00 per round trip, but it isn’t so bad. I probably take four or five trips a week right now, so that’s 20 or 25 bucks.

  9. 1. I have something much needed coming up tomorrow, a haircut and color touch-up! Finally, after about 3-4 months.
    2. Oh boy, don’t get me started about gas prices! Gas is insanely expensive in Germany, somewhere around 6 – 6,50 $ per gallon! I have a fairly small car, but one filling still costs over 80$. Plus, I have to drive 150 miles per week, just to get to work and back home. And word is on the street that the prices will rise even more. Ugh!
    3. This week has been crazy! I started a new project on Monday, and it’s frying my brain cells pretty bad. Looking forward to the weekend!

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  11. Hey girl!! Our meet-up is the last time I have relaxed. I mean really….where do these days go?? LOVE you and our time together.
    I really need to divert my eyes from the numbers on the gas pump. Hideous indeed.
    Looking forward to our next live session :) xxoo

  12. Girl time & girl talk are great. An absolute must!

    Sticker shock is an understatement. We drive VW Golf and recently every time we fill up the gas tank we are shocked. No more speeding for me. The gas is too costly! $1.36 per litre for regular.

  13. Well today is my birthday, so that’s pretty exciting. Can’t believe I’m already 28!

    Too be honest, I have absolutely no idea how much gas is in my area. I always just pull in and tell them to be $20-30 in. I go to the one place I know is always cheaper than anywhere else, so I never even think about it!

  14. Last much needed “thing” was a relaxing mani/pedi. It’s been WAY too long and I love doing that with Sarah! Gas in my city is $140.9/litre…not sure how that translates into gallons, but it. is. a. LOT!!! Weeks’ been great so far…thanks! :)

  15. Our gas is about nearly $1.50/ liter … in other words it costs almost $60 to fill my small car … I remember when it was only $20!!!!

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