My Recipe Published: It’s The Hers Magazine Recipe of the Month! & Hot Topic Friday

Hi Bloggie Friends!  How has your Friday been?  It’s my anniversary and so this is going to be a shorter but plenty exciting post so that I can spend time with Scott and Skylar.

Thanks to everyone who left comments with the sweetest anniversary well-wishes for us.   I’m glad you liked my story of how we met and got married, and my Tips for Staying Married or in a Committed Long Term Relationship

Regarding the question of Is Monogamy Natural?  I wanted to clarify that a bit.  What I asked was this:

Do you think monogamy is natural?  Is it a natural state for you?  Is it a natural state for any of us?  
This is such a loaded question because although I have been in a committed partnership for 10 years, I don’t believe that monogamy is necessarily natural.  It’s what we “do” as a society, and many people do it successfully, and although I have done it for 10 years, and I do think that Scott and I will always be together, I don’t necessarily think that all people are destined to be monogamous and with the same person forever.

And no, that doesn’t mean that cheating if you’re in a committed relationship is acceptable.  I don’t condone cheating, ever.  But I think some people are more destined to spend 5 years with someone, 3 alone, then 7 years with a partner, 6 alone, type of thing.  Serial monogamy perhaps is more “natural” for some people and as long as all parties know what they’re in for, that can work for them.

As with food, exercise, and everything else, our relationships are filled with nuances and intangible qualities and such interesting dynamics.  What works for you?  

I wanted to clarify…do you think it’s our natural state to be with one person, in a committed, monogamous relationship forever?  I think that some people are able to do this, whereas others cannot or it’s incredibly difficult.  That doesn’t mean that while you’re in a relationship that cheating is acceptable.  No Way! 

Instead, I believe that some people are simply wired to be in committed relationships for a few years or even a decade, but then, they need to move on.  Each person in the relationship changes and the dynamics change and they are no longer right for each other.  Serial monogamy.  A series of monogamous relationships, but not a singular lifetime partner.  Isn’t this where the term the Seven Year Itch came from?

It was great reading your thoughts on this in the comments and I wanted to clarify a few of my own thoughts a bit.

Moving On…
It was brought to my attention by a blog reader through a comment she left for me that my Recipe for
No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars  were featured as Hers Magazine’s May Recipe of the Month!!!!!!!!!!!

 Link to My Original Recipe

 My Recipe appears Here on the Hers site

Forum Recipe of the Month – May 2010

May 3, 2010

M&F Her’s is kicking off it’s new recipe contest with Vegan No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars

I am extremely flattered and proud that they chose my recipe!!! 

I mentioned Hers Magazine a couple weeks back because I noticed they airbrushed the model’s tattoo off her cover photo but left it on for the interior spread

In case you missed my post on Abs: FAQs, my Tough Love thoughts, and my Diet and Exercise Tips for Abs, Click Here

I wonder why no one from Hers contacted me that they were going to use my recipe, reprinted in entirety on their site? 

One thing that has been troubling me is this paragraph:

“The following recipe was submitted by our forum member GFRAAST who is based in Austria!
Her submission is kicking off a new contest we have started for our forum members. Each month we will choose one of their recipes to post online!! We want to encourage you to try the recipe for yourselves and send us your feedback!! At the end of the year, we will ask our readers which recipe was the most POPULAR one submitted, and the forum member with the winning recipe will win a nutrition related prize!”

The person named “GFRAAST” copied and pasted my recipe and if it’s chosen as the winner, I as the Creator of the Recipe should get a prize, not the person who figured out how to copy and paste!

If you go to their site, yes, my recipe is linked back to my site with a tiny, itty bitty link.  If it wasn’t I would have been really upset.  I wrote quite extensively about what’s proper etiquette for linking back to others, in This Post.  The overwhelming majority of people said: You must link back, Don’t Reprint a Recipe in It’s Entirety, just Link It and that way if your readers want the recipe, they must come to the original author’s site to get it. 

However, the Hers Magazine situation begs the question, is everything on the internet from food blogs and recipes to music to graphics to pictures to anyone’s creative, original, intellectual property, fair game for others to copy, paste, take and then do whatever they wish with it?

Hers Magazine is a multi-million dollar company and they are building their site and can generate advertising revenue by taking free content from their readers’ submissions,  but that content has been taken from people like me, who get nothing. 

So, like I said, I am extremely flattered.  It’s quite an honor to have this be my Third Published Recipe!

The first was Here in This Post
My original recipe for my Vegan Gluten-Free Pancakes is Here and there’s step-by-step photo instructions.

My recipe on theTropical Traditions Site
  Wheat Free Coconut Pancakes recipe photo

And My Next Published Recipe was from This Post:

My No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Coconut Oil Protein Bars That’s On The Tropical Traditions Site
No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Coconut Oil Protein Bars recipe photo

But at what point do Copyright Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Reprinting without Permission, not to mention good old fashioned ethics and courtesy, come into play?  Is everything on the internet, like it or not, just Fair Game? 

I can argue both sides to this: 
You put it out there so yes, it can be taken, used, and there’s simply no recourse once it’s on the internet.  


This is a violation of Copyright at the Worst, and at the least, shady and unethical to copy, paste and submit something to try to win a prize based on a submission that wasn’t your own.  

What Do You Think?  Give me Your thoughts on This!  And I don’t mean to sound bitter, I am really grateful and it’s really exciting, I just wish they had let me know in advance and that if there’s a prize given out because my recipe wins something, I want in on the prize, too!  Who wouldn’t…haha!

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1. What are your weekend plans?
I have something fun and exciting planned that I will blog about on Monday! 

2. Anything you want to add on the Is Monogamy Natural Topic?  Serial monogamous relationships but not one person forever?  How do you feel about that?  Is that natural?  That’s what the animal kingdom does.

3. What Do You Think about Things on the Internet Being Fair Game?
I am really grateful and it’s really exciting, I just wish they had let me know in advance and that if there’s a prize given out because my recipe wins something, I want in on the prize, too!  That said, it does make me take a step back about how much intellectual property and content I should post.  If there ever was a book deal in my future, why would I want to publish my “property” for free?  That said, the internet is about sharing, too. 

4.  Where does “sharing” and theft/stealing/copyright infringement intersect?  Not just with recipes, but isn’t this at the heart of downloading music from the internet without paying for it?   What do you think about it all?

5. In school, work, the blogosphere, or any other venue, have you ever had someone “take” an idea of yours and pass it off as their own?  Were you ever given proper credit?
I’m sure in school we’ve all had this happen, but I would love to hear your experiences. 

How are those for Hot Topics?  hah!  In case you missed one of my last Hot Topic Friday’s, it was about Nude Yoga

Now I’m off to take care of Skylar who’s come down with a cold.  Anniversary plans?  What were those….Motherhood = 24/7, holidays or not! 

I hope you all have a Fabulous Friday Night and Weekend!!!!!!!

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