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Oh, how I love pineapple.  And whole pineapples were on sale for 49 cents a pound at the grocery store.  Meaning this lovely lady was under 2 bucks.

Juicy, sweet, fresh pineapple ranks right up there as one of life’s great simple pleasures.

Between Skylar and I, we polished off most of that container.  That would be nearly a whole pineapple that we split. At least we’re good to go on Vitamin C.

If you’ve never cleaned your own pineapple, I have a pineapple-cleaning tutorial.  It’s so easy to do and you’ll save so much money rather than buying pre-cut pineapple, which is always a little susceptible anyway.  Air + cut surfaces + bacteria = funky.

We also tried some Navitas Naturals Organic Raw White Mulberries

The mulberries were so tasty!  Never had mulberries? Well, they’re chewy and sweet, similar to how raisins would be, except a little more crunchy.

If you like dried fruit, you should try them and I still need to try the maqui powder.

I bet it would be good in a Purple Rain Smoothie

And I’ve used the Cacao Power lip balm in the past and it smells so good.

Wearing chocolate (cacao) + cacao butter on your lips =  sort of dangerous.  But it’s sure fun.

And reminds me I need to eat something with chocolate + coconut oil in it like

Raw Vegan Chocolate Macaoons (you can make them in the oven, too)

Macaroons and making them to scare me.  I thought they were so complicated to make from everything I had read in the ‘sphere.  For me and how I make them, one bowl + spoon and a half hour later in the oven, and you’ve got macaroons.  Easy.

And reminds me I need to eat something with chocolate + coconut oil in it like

The lip balm also reminds me to hit my freezer stash of chocolate + coconut in the form of No Bake Coconut & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

From my last post, Bamboo & Lending a Helping Hand, sounds like some of you have been lucky enough to try a few bamboo items.  I love my new clothes.  They are so soft and comfy and yes, fold-over waistbands just make life so much better.  Especially after a half of a pineapple.

And I’m so glad that we can all remember to take a minute and help each other out, too.  I have been blessed to “meet” so  many wonderful people by way of blogging and I am reminded of this time and time again when good things happen!


1. Have you ever tried mulberries?

I actually hadn’t until about six months ago and they’re not something I buy often because they are pricey, but they’re a great little splurge.

2. What have you been enjoying that’s naturally sweetened (or maybe just sweetened with a little bit of help)?

Pineapple, plums, nectarines, water melon, grapes….fruit in the summer is just delish for me.

And I’ll count these Raw Vegan Caramels filled with nut butter as naturally sweetened because they only contain 3 ingredients, and one of them is dates.

Last reminder for the NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway that ends tomorrow

Still time to enter the Taste of Adams Avenue Giveaway

56 comments on “Naturally Sweet”

  1. That is the cheapest pineapple ever!!!!! WOW! That would cost $4.99 at my grocery store, and there are never great sales.

    I love mulberries!

  2. I love grilled pineapple — and because we enjoy meat, we usually eat it with grilled pork tenderloin. So tasty. I don’t think I’ve tried mulberries, though. Lately, blackberries and nectarines have been going in my yogurt and cereal. So good right now!

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  5. Agreed on pineapples, love them tossed with fresh mint leaves and watermelon. Interesting on the mulberries.

    1. Not yet, guess I should.
    2. Dates and tons of other fruits.

  6. I love pineapple! I will look at your tutorial again :)

  7. Pineapples are so refreshing on warm summer days. I’ve been known to almost finish one of myself.

    Mulberries are great. Mind you I’m a fan of all berries :)

    Naturally sweet: how about you and your blog. I’ve been digesting that lately. ;)

  8. Your raw vegan caramels are definitely one of my favorite naturally sweetened things. Followed by watermelon in the summer, and pink lady apples any time!

    I have actually never even heard of mulberries. How silly am I?

  9. I’ve never tried a mulberry but I sure love pineapple!!

  10. i know you directed me to your list of dough balls, but i did not see one for gingerbread dough balls…my hankering for gingerbread was so strong, so i made them per a regular gingerbread recipe but completely your style………odd that my body would crave molasses—iron deficiency?

  11. I love fresh fruit in the summer, makes me so happy. I have a big bowl of pineapple at my desk right now.

  12. I recently made a raw pecan pie where the crust was made out of dates, walnuts and coconuts processed together and the middle was a mixture of water, pecans and maple syrup. Delicious and the dates really add a lot of natural sweetness in themselves

  13. mmmmm I always get SUPER excited when pineapple goes on sale. There is NOTHING like fresh, juicy pineapple. Ive never had a muleberry. I’d definitely try them though- I’m a huge dried fruit fan. I hope you have a fantastic weekend

  14. You are so lucky to have pineapple under 2 bucks:) It’s 2.50 here and they don’t look nearly as good as the one in your picture!

    I love dried mulberries. I have not had the white but I do like the black. I put them in cookies and yogurt when I have them. You’re right though…a little pricey, but a fun indulgence.
    Hope you and Skyler have a great day!

  15. I mostly love pineapple but sometimes I find it too acidic.

    Your raw vegan caramels… wow, I haven’t had them in ages! How I love them!

    But can’t say I’m a fan of mulberries, they’re so strange!

    Recently naturally sweet food that I’ve been enjoying… does dark chocolate count? Hang on, I’m sure I can think of something more natural…Apples! and bananas! I have to be careful not overload by system with them as it rebels, so after a long break I had some this week. Standard but love ’em. xxx

  16. my only contact with mulberries has been singing “here we go round the mulberry bush” with my nieces! :)
    great price on the pineapple – i’m not a fan but i wish we could get a super great price on watermelon, for example!
    the lip balm – fantastic! last weekend i got an all-natural body lotion, “cocoa butter & coffee,” and it’s insane – i can’t stop smelling my arm! :)
    have a great day!

  17. Oh you’ve made me crave for pineapple!! :-D

  18. Love pineapple and could probably have finished off that tub by myself… it’s so addictive as your eating it! :) Never tried mulberries though…

  19. I too love pineapple & I am not quite sure if I have had mulberries, though I know I would love ’em ’cause I love all berries. Skylar, cutie pie :)

  20. Hi Averie,
    Loved this post (I love pineapple – frozen – feels like eating sorbet).
    I do however need to say that I think there is confusion between the macaroons which are coconut based confections and the “macarons” which are almond based French cookies that are indeed finicky to make (see here and here )

    • Helene, thank you so much for saying hi today!

      And yes, what you make is indeed INCREDIBLY finnicky!

      You are the macaron queen and I feel almost foolish posting my version and calling it the same name as yours. Among the “healthy living blogger” scene what is known as macaroons has been elevated to such a high standard any have all this pomp and circumstance but they are really easy to make.

      What you make IS a high standard and deserves all the pomp and circumstance and then some :)

      It’s serendipity that you came by today. I ordered your book from Amazon last night. It should be here early next week. I CANT WAIT!

  21. I tried some mulberries, and for what they taste like (raisins), I’m not really willing to pay more for them. BUT, pineapple on the other hand. I can polish one off in two days flat. ANd then the inside of my mouth hates me, but the pain is so worth it.

    When I lived in Hawaii…oh my god. HEAVEN.

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