New House Photos

I shot these photos of my new place with my iPhone.  I did run them through Lightroom 3 in order to try to crisp them up and enhance them a bit.  Some are better than others but I wanted to show you my new digs, iPhone pics and all.

The outdoor, open-air courtyard

Overlooking the parking area

The planted palm tree in front of my front door

The view from where my sofa will likely go, looking into the kitchen (looking slightly to the left)

Looking out off the balcony windows (looking slightly to the right)

I am so excited about this light!  Those are north-facing windows and although they are not “perfect” for lighting and photography, it’s a drastic improvement over my current house.

My dining room table will go at the far end of the room, where you can barely see an outlet cover.  And I know I will get decent lighting and can maybe for the first time in over two years actually photograph food on.the.table.  <–novel concept.

In none of my previous residences has the lighting + table + photography situation ever worked out and I am always carting food off to random places to be photographed which is a royal P.I.T.A.

The kitchen (with my back to the block of windows looking into the kitchen)

More zoomed in

The cupboards.  I don’t know if this looks small to you, but I can assure you, it is.

It’s by far the smallest kitchen with the least amount of functional storage I’ve ever had, but it looks pretty, right?   And pretty matters.  And it’s my new home.  And I will make the kitchen a home.

I will start by making some Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls in it I think!

It makes me so happy  to have found a place for my dishes, my baking supplies, and the items in kitchen that I use all the time.  <–that’s a link to my favorite kitchen items + favorite appliances post

And here’s the staples I keep in my pantry  <–with that list, you can make just about anything

I am feeling  much better being that I got some of the things that are important to me moved in.  Pre-moving with carloads is the way to go, if possible.   On our last move from Phoenix to San Diego, that wasn’t possible.  Thank god for silver linings with this move.  Like good lighting and pre-moving!

Thanks for the awesome comments from my last post about my Mexico City Trip!  I am so excited.  I can’t even tell you.

I’m glad my part about mental attitude resonated with you.  Staying positive and upbeat is a great anecdote to dealing with craziness for me.

Let’s have some chocolate, ok?  That’s another way to deal with craziness!

Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

I could use some of these.  Now.


1. What’s the first thing you like to bring over and move in or what’s the first thing you like to unpack?

For me, it’s my kitchen items.  Dishes, utensils, appliances, storage containers, baking ingredients, dry goods, etc.

I want to know where all my stuff is, find a place for it, and really think about how I want to set up my kitchen so that it’s functional. 

I have made the mistake in the past of rushing to just unpack and not really thinking through exactly where I want my items and then I end up re-doing things and moving things around.  Big time and energy waste!

After the kitchen, I move on to the bathroom and organizing all my lotions, potions, makeup, and hair productsA girl has to know where her Mac makeup is, right?

2. Do you like to pack things neatly, orderly, and  methodically, or are you just throw it in the box and it will all get unpacked anyway on the other end person?

I definitely am the former!

This move is unique though because in the midst of packing my house and moving, I’ve been packing my suitcase, camera gear, carry-on and so forth for my Mexico trip.

I’moing down the mental checklist with each and every item in my closet, bathroom, bedroom, camera gear, you name it and determining: what goes into a box, what stays out, what to keep at current place, what can I bring over to the other place, it’s been a huge juggling act!  I’ve accidentally packed things like my travel size toiletries and I don’t want to unpack boxes to fish them out. Whoops!  Rite Aid here I come.

P.S. Thanks for the Two Cookbooks for Two Winners Giveaway entries.  Keep ’em coming!


57 comments on “New House Photos”

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  2. The new place looks beautiful! I especially love the dark floors….very nice indeed!

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  4. Oh wow! Love that wall of windows! And I see you were able to make enough room in your cupboard for all that Stevia! What a stash…impressive!

  5. The kitchen and bathroom are definitely first. I need to be able to eat and clean myself to function!

  6. PRETTY!! Love the new place Averie! When we moved here, I stayed up til 2am bc I could not sleep with my kitchen in boxes all over the place. B thought I was nuts. But he loved being able to make breakfast and coffee the next day ;)

  7. I like to set up the TV first. Especially if I’m alone. I need some background sound or music to aid me as I move everything else in.

  8. Love the pictures! Even though you say the kitchen is small, it seems like you are finding places for all of your important kitchen items. Can’t wait to see how it looks once all of your furniture is in place. Good luck with the move.
    I am such an organizer and planner that I would have to label everything and pack it neatly, so I could find exactly what I needed. I have not moved in 8 years and since that time I have had two kids so I would need about 6 months notice to get everything packed if we moved to a new house. Btw, I even make lists and pack my own food to take on vacation. We just got back from a week at the beach and I had four boxes of food that I took with us. My husband thinks I am crazy…

  9. Wow Averie! It sounds like you have truly had a crazy week or so.
    Your new place looks beautiful, the wood floor is so nice, it looks new and I bet it will be easy to keep clean.

    I’m completely a neat and orderly person when it comes to unpacking. The first things are kitchen supplies (french press and tea pot!) and my one good chef’s knife, and a radio. (I’m moving next weekend so I’m in a similar mind frame right now…) Here’s to new places full of opportunity and happy new memories! :)

  10. your new place is looking lovely, but the kitchen is indeed very small!!
    I would definitely start unpacking the kitchen things, first. In fact, I have always done it that way. Next comes the bedroom (for clothes) and then the bathroom (make up and other essentials).

  11. Your new place is lovely! The dark wood on your floors and cupboards is so classy. Also, what a perfectly sunny patio for a few plants!

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  13. I love the flooring in your new place!

    The first thing I do is take all my clothes from my closet (still on the hangers) and lay them down in my car, and drive them over to hang right back up in my new closet. I never pack clothes.

  14. love the backsplash of the kitchen!!

    p.s. i don’t read a lot of blogs (usually just yours and the fitnessista’s), but i’ve recently been other blogs…and i must commend you that you have the best pictures ever! i appreciate that you take time to make your photos look beautiful! i totally understand now when you say add beautiful photos when blogging… :) so thanks for doing that! x

    • “and i must commend you that you have the best pictures ever! i appreciate that you take time to make your photos look beautiful!”–

      Thank you so much for saying that!! :)

      Truly soooo sweet of you to say that (and notice!). AFter you start reading blogs for awhile, yes you begin to notice the pics and the differences a bit more between sites…ha!

  15. great looking kitchen! the hardwood floors are lovely…..i am sure you are excited about cooking here!

  16. New place is nice. Of course anywhere in your area is nice!!
    Yeah, the kitchen leaves some space issues to be desired, but ya can’t be next to the ocean, the mountains, the sunshine AND have everything!! Well, unless you swim in money & then you would be swimmin’ in gulit too!

    Happy Homemaking!

  17. It looks beautiful! I’m glad to see it’s all working out… and especially love the giant inventory of Stevia :)

  18. I’m with ya on the kitchen. I’d say kitchen and my bedroom and then the rest can slowly be unpacked. I need a calm area to sleep and of course to cook!
    btw- I love everything about my current kitchen EXCEPT the lighting. It’s east facing and only gets sun until about 9-10am. I do most of my cooking in the late afternoon early evening so I cart food items around the house too. Luckily, we don’t use our “formal” living room so its become my makeshift photo area, but it’s on the other side of the house from the kitchen. Only *slightly* annoying.

  19. A. I love the balcony.
    B. The lighting is going to be amazing.
    C. Your stevia stash is awesome.

  20. I spy a shit ton of stevia- no wonder your anxiety is somewhat tempered. I’d be more relaxed knowing I have a kitchen full of stevia!

    Congrats on the gorgeous place (love the view and the hardwood floors!!) and on the trip of a lifetime!! So excited for you- what an adventure!

  21. Those are really good pics for being taken with your iPhone!!! Your new pad is awesome, I love it. But yeah, the kitchen is a little small for me. I’d annex part of the living room with a new cabinet/shelf for storage. I did that in this house; two shelves in the dining room, one in the kitchen for dishes and one in the living room with cubbies for baskets where I keep my flours, seeds, etc. And I still need more room, haha. I swear, I’d make 90% of the house a part of the kitchen if I could. :twisted:

    I first like to move things I use the most: Kitchen stuff, pillows, blankets, toilet paper. :D

  22. I’m a nut…

    I put pictures on the walls first :)

    Brooke Annessa

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