New vs. Recycled Pictures

Over the weekend I made a fresh batch of No Bake White Chocolate Mango Cookie Dough Bites

99.9% of the time, if I re-make a dessert or any recipe, I don’t re-photograph the recipe.  I love my blog and blogging, but I have a life and therefore I recycle photos rather than take fresh pictures, upload them, edit them, and then upload to my blog.  It saves me so much time to simply recycle.

But, I felt these bites were worth re-photographing because they are just that good.  Plus I had fun taking new pictures.

Even if you’re not a white chocolate fan, the combo of white chocolate with the raw cookie dough with the mango is just music to the tastebuds.

For the record, both Foodgawker and Tastespotting rejected these photos.  They said they were “dull/unsharp”.  Really?

I was hoping they’d like the new photos, but they didnt. They didn’t like the original photos, either. With those sites, it’s all about the photo quality.  Your recipe can be totally craptastic, but if your pictures are what they are looking for, you’re in.  Which is a shame, I think, in many ways because stellar recipes will never see the light of day due to less than “perfect” photography.

Then again, there are so many hundreds of online recipe sites that are focused on recipes. What sets FG and TS apart is their focus on photography.   So I guess it’s all good.

Since one cannot live on white chocolate alone, how about cake?

This is a “healthy” cake, promise.  <–Hate defining things like that, but I did it anyway.

Microwave Banana Oat Cake (Vegan, GF, 5 minutes to make)

From my last post about the humdrum tasks of life, we all have them.  Thanks for sharing what your bore-snore tasks have been lately.  But hey, it feels good to get them done, right!  Productivity rocks.


1. If you’re a blogger, do you recycle your pictures? Why or why not?

2. For both bloggers and non-bloggers, do you notice or care if a blogger reuses pictures from time to time?

Honestly, I don’t think most people even notice.  Sometimes when a blogger points out in their post that they recycled a photo, even if I am a regular/daily reader of that blog, the majority of the time, I would have never noticed unless she said anything.

I am happy that she took a shortcut and saved some time, and spent the time doing other more, errr productive things, than re-uploading pictures to her blog.

I admit, maybe I recycle some of my pictures too much.  Do I care?  Not really. I don’t want to bore people but I also have new readers that may enjoy seeing a recipe link with a picture even if it’s been shown before.  Plus, I always have fresh pictures in each post so if I am using an old picture for food, who cares.

3. Bake Sales!

First, Blogging for a Change has items up for bid at Rally For Japan.  100% of the proceeds go to Japan victims.  Go Bid on some of the great items up for grabs.

Secondly, go Bbd on Katie’s Vegan Blog Bake Sale for Japan items.  Dozens of bloggers donated vegan goodies and the bid proceeds go to the people of Japan.

I am donating Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (and other goodies, too) to the winner!

The auction ends at 6p eastern time Thursday so just a few hours lefts!  Hurry!

Go Bid!

Enjoy your day!  I am off to the dentist because I go every 4 months for cleanings.  How’s that for a humdrum task.


57 comments on “New vs. Recycled Pictures”

  1. Foodgawker and tastespotting reject alot of my pictures lol. I am like…UUUH I guess I can’t take good pictures! :) Your’s are so beautiful, I don’t see them dull/unsharp at all!

  2. Sorry about the photos being rejected, they’re awesome! I haven’t tried submitting any yet, but I should. I’ll re-use photos too, I have what I call “stock” photos of the hemp seeds I use, protein powder, etc.

    1. Yes, maybe a couple times a week I do.
    2. Not really, why take a new pic of the same product?

  3. Ahh I know how you feel all of my photos have gotten rejected and I though at least a few were pretty good but I have a point and shoot so theyll probably never be good enough. If only I could afford a dslr! :(

  4. I seriously need to remember not to come to your blog when I am hungry! lol! I crave sweet yums now!!

    Thanks so much for the SWEET comment, I know we all get those comments, its part of blogging, but its all about brushing it off and handling it right! U do that well! Love u!!!!!

  5. I don’t recycle very often, but if I did, I don’t think readers would really mind. Unless you use the same pics everyday :)

  6. I would suggest that you start to sell those and I will be the first buyer :) Thanks so much!

  7. Your food looks delicouuuuusssss to me! Who cares if they accept your pictures or not you have tons of followers gawking right now already ;D

  8. I definitely would not call any of those photos dull. I think its like reviewers being assigned to manuscripts – a lot of ir probably depends on who looks at your submission. you could probably resubmit the same exact photos, and if a new person sees them, they could get accepted. Its a crap-shoot, as my advisor likes to say.

    I recycle some photos, but since not all my posts are about food, and I rarely make the same things twice, it doesn’t happen much. More often in a greatest hits type post, or a “chocolate” post. Or salad. Those I definitely recycle. I eat a huge one (at least) everyday. Don’t expect me to take a photo of it every time. And I would never expect others to.

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  11. Recycled photos are totally fine and make absolute sense…it’s just when it’s the same pic and recipe every day that blogs get boring.

  12. I think all of your photos are great! I have never been to either of the websites you mentioned, but they must be picky.

    I do tend to notice if photos are recycled, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’d much rather the bloggers I read have a life ;) I don’t recycle my photos only because I am usually posting new recipes I’ve tried and if I am remaking an old favorite it’s been awhile and I probably tweaked it in some way.

  13. I don’t usually reuse photos, but maybe if I had time to bake/cook more I would. I certainly don’t care if somebody does, though!

  14. I really don’t care if other people reuse and I don’t have an interesting enough life to reuse haha I mean I guess I post pictures that are old?

  15. I don’t mind if you reused photos of your recipes, yourself, or Skylar. I don’t expect you to take a new set of photos every time you make the same recipe. How labour intensive would that be?
    Think that you used some of your new plates and possibly a new scarf for this set of photos though. Nice!

  16. I love seeing your recycled photos! They are gorgeous and I could look at them all dang day. BTW, I loved your frankness with the reader on your last post when she asked if you could post new recipes. I gotta respect people like you, who “shoot straight” ;)

    • Yes, if a recipe arsenal 300+ deep isn’t “enough” for some people, not to mention the 10 or so new recipes I’ve blogged about in the past few weeks, from potatoes to cookie dough balls…I don’t know what is :) They may need to consult a recipe site, since I am a blog not a recipe site per se, and just 1 person!

      Thanks for your great comment :)

  17. I don’t reuse photos, usually because then I’d have to find them, and I will notice, and that would bother me.

  18. thanks for mentioning Blogging for a Change – you rock!

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