New Years Day, New Camera, New Pictures, New Hobbies

Hi Friends! Happy New Year!  How was your day today?  Mine was pretty much business as usual.  I have been taking care of Skylar, I worked out, cooked, did laundry and housework, and also am working.  Nothing like a holiday where I just lay around, have breakfast in bed, watch soap operas, and eat bon-bons, right?  Keep dreaming.

I did get outside for an hour and tinker around with my New Camera

Here are some of the photos I took walking around my neighborhood

 I think the next 3 shots get my personal vote as my artsy-meets-rustic-meets-nature shot of the day

 These branches are so cool in person!

The next 4 show the progression of bigger to smaller.  I shot the first three in AF (autofocus) and did Macro for the last shot.   Which between the wind and the macro setting, the camera was beeping, chirping, and having a helluva time focusing.  But it, or I, got the shot.

Just want to make sure you know my neighborhood is wishing all you Bitches Wonderful People a Happy New Year

Even the trees wear beads here.   
Wonder what the trees had to do to get those beads?  Any blowing?  Blowing in the wind, of course.
 Old Car shots go with the artsy vibe, right?

I shot this in macro from about 4 feet away
 I used the macro setting to capture the spikes and was standing about 4 feet away.  Unlike with my point-and-shoot where I have to get right up on things if I want to use the macro setting; as in inches away, not feet away.

For my very first attempt with my DSLR, or any DSLR,  I am happy that I even took pictures.  And that most of them turned out.  And think I just found a new hobby: photography!

From my last post about Ringing in 2011, it was great to hear how you all celebrated!   The stories ranged from I was in bed at 9pm to I was a hot mess and a party animal.  I loved them all.  Even more so since I don’t have any great stories to report.

Most of you also said you’re looking forward to getting back into a more regular flow of life and routine and are happy for the holidays to be over.

And thank you to everyone who commented and wished me a Happy New Year.  There were lots of blasts from the past and friends who I hadn’t heard from in ages leave comments, so thank you everyone!  And a very happy new year to all of you! 


 Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls
 Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls

1. Best Thing You’ve Ate or Done this weekend?
Playing with my new camera, not nursing a hangover, and just having a sense of joy today.  Maybe it’s the sunny weather, despite it being freezing to me, but I just feel happy today!

2. For those of you with DSLRs, what setting for image quality to you shoot your photos on?
I took the pictures on L (large) and they took a long time to upload into my iphoto.  It took about 5 minutes to upload 75 photos.  Normally it takes 20 seconds with my point and shoot.

And, when I uploaded them into Blogger, it also took longer than normal.  Not ridiculously longer, but longer.

And I don’t want/need huge image sizes on my blog because it slows down page load times for readers.  And no, I will not be taking time to run each and every image through some file reducing software, Flickr, etc.  I don’t have time for that!

For Rebel users, there is also L with what looks like downwards steps.  Maybe I should try that?  Or M or M with downward steps?  What image quality setting do you use for photos you know are going to be put on your blogs? (much different than if you were shooting someone’s wedding and you’re blowing it up into a 8×10)

I already need advice!  Thanks in advance!

3.  Can you tell these images are crisper, cleaner, just better?  And did this page take any longer for you to load than normal?  
I think they look way crisper and cleaner, and load time was not adversely effected, but I want you to tell me how they appear on your screens. 

4. Do you have any hobbies that you love?  Or that you sort of stumbled on and had no idea that you’d love it?  Any hobbies that are new to you that you’re already loving?

When I started blogging, I had no idea I’d stick with it.  Or that I’d like it.  Or love it.  Or meet a million cool new friends.  Or that it would help me become better in other aspects of my life, too.

Blogging has helped me become a better writer, a better and more creative cook, it’s opened my eyes to other people’s live, habits, personalities, their ideas, recipes, and so many more awesome things.  

And, it has helped me really enjoy taking pictures.  And now that I have my new camera, I think I am going to really grow to love and appreciate photography even more, and in new ways.  Both when I read other blogs and look at other people’s photos as well as taking my own photos and learning as I go. 

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