Noisy & House Pictures

Since you all seemed to like the last round of pictures of my new pad, here’s a few more.

The kitchen with knife blocks and dehydrator in place

Ironic that my most used and favorite kitchen items are next to my least usedGo figure.

And I made a home for The Beast My Vita-Mix

iPhones are only so good.  Even after Lighroom. But you get the drift even if the photography is weak.

The beast has a home.

Can’t wait to make some No Bake White Chocolate & Mango Cookie Dough Bites with it after I am officially moved in (Wednesday July 13 is move day).  30 hours after I am back on American soil.

Alternate views

I am loving the light.  This is going to make photography so much more fun!  Probably not as fun as Photography in Mexico with Penny is going to be though.

The view from my balcony

Gotta love San Diego.  This is why I live here.  Period.

And the other direction

We are near a hospital so I already know we will get siren and ambulance noise. 

We currently live about one mile from the hospital and will be moving even closer to it and I know there will be noise.

The windows in the house are really good though. Double-paned and thick.

I can tell they did not skimp on the windows which is something I asked before signing the lease.  I stood in the kitchen and living room not breathing, not uttering a word, or moving a muscle just to see how much noise there was.  The noise levels passed muster and I signed the lease.

In terms of eats, I’ve been working on lots of fresh veggies, salads and fruit.

It’s in the high 80s here at the coast.  Hot by San Diego standards.  Just in time for packing and moving.  It’s been a sweatfest.

So juiciness has been in order.

And I found of few Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter and Oat Snack Bars in the freezer.  Love small miracles and finds like that.

It pays to freeze things.  You never know what you’ll find later on.  They only take 3 minutes to make regardless, but it’s nice to find good surprises!


1. Have you ever lived in a noisy place?

I’ve lived in plenty:

Near the L tracks downtown Chicago in multiple different apartments I heard the rickity, clickity of the trains.  All day, all night.  Joy oh joy. 

One of our previous places in San Diego was in a neighborhood called Banker’s Hill.  We were on a hill about 2 miles from, or “above” the airport on top of a huge hill, and the planes would literally come rushing overhead every 5 minutes.   And when I say rushing overhead, they were so.low.  I could make out passengers faces!

Note: make sure you are never in the flight path of airplanes and a nearby airport.  Sounds like a funny thing to mention, but until you live in a flight path, you would never think about it.

2. Do you prefer silence, white noise, noise, or a mixture?

I like things pin.drop.quiet when I am at home.

I don’t even like white noise.  I like it quiet.   I don’t keep the tv on, don’t keep music on, I just like peace and quiet!

That’s ironic because I do love living in the city and I love the pace, vibe, and energy of the city, but when I go into my house, my safe place and refuge, my humble abode, and I close the door, I want it really quiet.

When I’m out, noise happens and I don’t mind it.  Usually.  I don’t enjoy really loud motorcycle engines that have been tweaked to be noisy and I don’t love sirens, but whatever.  I deal.

Some people can only sleep with a white noise machine (and it helped me with Skylar and getting her to sleep through the night when she was younger and not waking up every time she heard a siren or a plane) but I don’t use a white noise machine for myself.

I also don’t run with music.  Both for safety reasons (please read this post and be safe!!! if you workout with earbuds in) and because I do just love..the quietness and mental peace that silence brings!

Thanks for the 2 Cookbooks for 2 Winner Giveaway entries.

And I’ll see you….from Mexico!

50 comments on “Noisy & House Pictures”

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  3. Luved ur space ,I am ur new follower

  4. I once lived in a home in which I could hear trains the odd night. I learned to love the sound! I think I adapt very well to noises when I am sleeping.

    I absolutely LOVE that flooring in your new place – it is so fabulous! It also looks very spacious.

    I prefer some background noise most of the time.

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  6. Love the floors and the window wall with the balcony- such a bonus in an apartment!
    I like it quiet too, the quieter the better. Love going to cities and love the buzz of them, but I think I’ll always prefer living in the quiet countryside.

  7. I have lived in apartments for…wow almost eight years now and they have to be one of the loudest places I have ever lived! People are NOT quiet in apartments and I always seem to be in ones that weren’t made very well. So the sound definitely travels. Thankfully we live on the top floor right now. I need to be able to sleep and when there are people partying into the wee hours of the morning, it’s just not always possible!

    I’m one of those people who always needs some sort of noise, but it can’t be irritating. I need to be able to control whether or not I keep hearing something. Yeah, SOMEONE has control issues ;)

  8. You live in Hillcrest now? I just moved from there to downtown. I love it there–so colorful, :).

  9. I love quiet place but for some reason I moved to this place right next to a railroad track…go figure :P Good thing the trains only run during day time and very rare at night time.

  10. OH I totally know where that is, you live pretty close to me! And you’re actually near 2 major hospitals with huge ERs – UCSD and Mercy. Cute place! :)

  11. The colors of your woodwork and countertops are gorgeous! Not to mention the views! I’m so happy for you that the lighting will be good for photos in the same room where your table will be. I need to work on getting a table at all! We don’t have one right now.

    I mostly like silence, but I have my days while cooking or cleaning that I enjoy to have some music on. I live in a very noisy city, in the summertime my fan really helps me drown some of it out!

  12. Great house pics, beautiful flooring and the kitchen is look good.

    1. Not really, I’ve never lived on a busy road and even the apartment I lived in for awhile was tucked in a wooded area.
    2. Mixture I guess, I could adapt to living in a noisy area, it’s just getting used to new surroundings.

  13. Love the looks of it! Definitely worth the sirens. ;)

  14. I live in beautiful San Diego as well but I live right near the highway. They are currently doing construction on it at 2am. It’s awful. I have fans and music playing at night. It seems to semi-fix the noise issue. I also used to live on Ingraham St in Pacific Beach. I pretended the cars were waves. It helped! Beautiful place!

  15. I love the floors!!! Looks like a great place!!! And it’s beautiful outside.

  16. Love those floors Averie!

    I have lived in MANY different cities where the noise levels have all been different. I grew up On Cape Cod (very very quiet) but since have called Boston home (though I have bounced around a lot). I don’t mind city noise. In fact, I kind of like it! It is sort of like white noise…subways and all. I also lived in Tucson, Arizona for a year. SO quiet and peaceful. Very meditative. What I DON”T like are rude loud people right at weird hours…. now that is just annoying haha

  17. when Jason and I lived downtown we were less than 1/2 mile from a major hospital, and we’d hear sirens and the helicopter landing all the time – after a while you don’t really “hear” it – we got used to it anyway. when we first moved to our current place on 2 acres (yep, after appendix fiasco!) it was kinda eerie quiet. :)

    have a FABULOUS weekend!!

  18. I don’t think I’d ever use my Vita-Mix if it wasn’t on the counter. I HATE putting appliances away because they almost never see the light of day again. Yeah, I’m THAT lazy in the kitchen, lol. I avoid things because it will take sooo long to just get it out, use it, clean it, etc. My dream is to have a house with two kitchens and multiple islands, LOL. Keep dreaming, right? :)

    That lighting looks awesome!! You can’t beat natural light. I can’t wait to see the gorgeous photos you produce from that.

    Guess what?! I bought a fresh mango! What do I do with it? :D Do you have a fresh mango post anywhere?

    • peel it and eat it! if it’s fresh and perfect, you just want to savor it fully!

      save the frozen for smoothies or ice cream making
      and the dried for mango cookie dough bites

      but fresh, just eat it..mmmm good
      airport comment replying :)

  19. The loudest place I ever lived was my last apt with B. It was on a busy corner in ‘downtown’ (if you can call it that) Irvine. We were right on the corner where the shopping center was… it was not unusual to wake up to the soud of two sports cars racing eachother around the corner at 2am. I once saw a lambo racing a porsche and the lambo’s right tires hit the curb after speeding around the corner to avoid crashing into eachother. Another time, a cement truck tipped over on the turn… that was LOUD. …and it damaged the street ?!

    When I’m home I like mello music on. We’ve always got our ‘chill’ station going on Pandora. I don’t like screaming kiddo’s or loud mowers, but a little light music makes me happy.

  20. For as much as I complain about living in the sticks, I can’t stand city noise! I lived in a smallish city right out of college with garbage trucks and ambulance galore. I’m the lightest sleeper there is so it wasn’t a fun experience. I enjoy my crickets and frogs now :)

  21. Love the pad! It’s gorgeous!

  22. I love the new place!!!!!!!! I moved back in January(in the midwest) also not the greatest moving time but it had to be done! I used to live next door to our airport. AND every other weekend the Blue Angels did training drills beginning at 7am, so NOT awesome. I did get used to it after three years but I did not get used to the neighbors on all sides(above, below, around, etc) yelling at the top of their lungs resulting in more calls to 911 than I have fingers and toes. I sleep like the dead too! I’ve lived near universities and it wasn’t that loud but I do love my peace and quiet, no noise, just calm. LOVE LOVE LOVE that!! I hope you have fun in Mexico!!!!!

  23. Your new place is gorgeous! Love the beautiful backsplash in the kitchen…and the natural light coming in is perfect! I’m a pin-drop-quiet girl when I’m working. :)

  24. I’m visiting San Diego this week! It is absolutely incredible, every time I am here I say WHY DO I NOT LIVE HERE!!! I’m seriously considering it. I am going to look into travel nursing =]

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