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61 comments on “NuNaturals Stevia GiveAway for 6 Readers!!!!!”

  1. GAW

    do we have the same MOM?


    sorry you are getting the guff…it is SO not necessary…it's food for cyring out loud…you are an adult and a MOM…. it's your choices…

    this comment is not going to be helpful…sorry… I am in the EXACT same boat.

    big hugs to ya

  2. Ack. It's never easy to receive criticism for our choices we make as adults. I guess your mom has opinions like most people do about high raw/vegan diets. Plus, mom's want what's best for their kids. NO parent wants to think that their kid isn't eating they way they were brought up to, or that they might be lacking something in their diet. I guess all that you can do is slowly introduce her to the lifestyle and show that you HAVE researched, you ARE covering nutritional bases and you are doing it because you find it works best for your body and mind. Because as hurtful as her comment may have been…parents just want their kids happy and healthy, you know?

    Question about Sun Warrior: have you tried mixing it with water? I use a whey protein right now and it just turns the water white. I'm looking for a non-soy powder that goes thick and creamy with just water!

    I don't do yoga, but the parsva bakasana looks almost identical to a breakdancing move (a babyfreeze). Totally agree with the arms being tables! Once I figured that out, was easy :)

    (I just got an email that you commented on my blog as I was writing this- blogger ESP!)

  3. Oh man, your silly mother. I know it's not nice to have your diet under attack, especially by a family member! My mom, while not overtly negative, definitely is uneasy about my vegan diet, I think. I would say to maybe try to appreciate your mother for who she is, besides what she may choose to think of whatever you may eat. I know I'm not that close to my mom, for a variety of reasons, so, if you're not close to yours to begin with this might be easier said than done. I think sometimes we need to just cut our losses – some people suck, and it's double crappy when they're our family, but hey, it doesn't make them any less sucky to have in our lives. Yes? Plus, all she would have to do is look at the your daughter to see that you are doing your family right by your diet! That girl is so cute! :)

    Also, I really want to try some of that cinnamon granola – I'm totally a fellow cinnamon addict – I only wish that granola weren't so pricey!

  4. I totally agree- that side crow pose is waayyy easier than straight ahead crow!

    Re. Mom's. My Mom always was uneasy when I got "too thin" as she and many others in my family said I was. It was hard fielding the comments about "eating rabbit food" etc. Because we did have a good relationship otherwise, I just sat her down and explained that the way I was eating WAS in fact healthy, and gave examples (here's where my protein comes from etc). She finally accepted it, and then I gained about 5 pounds which really made her happy! It's a tough situation- hope it can be smoothed out for you.

  5. I'm just catching up on your blog today and seems I missed out on some great stuff yesterday. Sorry to hear that your mom isn't supportive of your lifestyle. It so hard to communicate with family members when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. I'm the only person in my family who exercises on a regular basis. My mom has osteoporosis and my dad has heart disease and yet they won't even take a daily walk. I never discuss vegetarianism with them. When I was a kid they would have parties for me with burgers and hot dogs. I wasn't veg then, but I didn't eat red meat. I only say this to say that our parents are our parents and sometimes they really just don't get it.

    Could you write a post about how to build up to being able to get into a side crow? Side crow is elusive for me. ;)

  6. Cindy-Yeah, we probably have the same one. Judging from some of your posts and your stuff goin on, yeah we do, no doubt!

    Insideiamdancing-Thank you for your kind words. And we musta been havin blogger ESP no doubt! Your question about the Sun Warrior…I *only* use mine in water. I rarely mix it with nutmilks b/c honestly, it's just quick n easy that way and sometimes I just want water, not nutmilk. And it's totally fine. It goes thick and creamy but you have to blend, shake, stir well. I have one of those cups with the wire whisk inside from blenderbottle that is key to getting it to dissolve. I think you'd like it. I mean, of course blending it with cashew milk or something would be nice, just not an everyday thing, ya know :)

    Eve-Thanks for your comment. And yes, the cutting our losses b/c some people just suck part…you're right on the money girlfriend :)

  7. sorry to hear about mom's comment. sometimes i'd wish people would think or do research before they make hurtful comments. try not to take it personally, and if you have to, respond to her with some facts to back up your choice. But you know what–it's YOUR CHOICE and life, don't feel the need to defend yourself beyond a simple statement. Too much energy into it will bring you down. just my two cents, and how i've noticed the way I deal with things…

    that raw brownie? holy moly, get some over here!!! love the little tike's smoothies, too :)

    ps- got an email last night that they shipped out my zevia!

  8. I love the pink cups – it definitely adds to the smoothie experience :)

    That cinnamon crunch granola is so good! It reminds me of oatmeal cookies! Glad you're a fan!! If you get a dehydrator too, I'm going to be green with envy! Vitamix, spiralizer, then a dehydrator!? Those are all you need!

    Sorry about the email from your mom :( That would be hard to deal with. When people criticize me I naturally get defensive but when it comes to your diet/lifestyle you know what's best for you.

  9. Hey Averie! Loving the GF granola samples, how cool! Isn't it fun when people send things to try?

    As for the e-mail from your ma ma, I too have family members that ask the ol' protein and calcium question. My doctor gave me a good comeback for the protein one, "Have you ever heard of anyone with a protein deficiency"? Then I flex my guns : )

    As for the calcium, you get more absorbable calcium from all the green veggies than the SAD diet does from dairy! People don't argue with me about it anymore : D

  10. 1 – Shouldn't everyone worship the VitaMix as if it's a god??? Well, it IS a god, isn't it! ha ha. I LOVE that thing.
    2 – Your yoga remains an inspiration. In fact, I usually scroll down to look at your pose before I even read your post!
    3 – Ah, family! Luckily, my husband supports me in everything. The mom and grandmom on the other hand – a whole different story. I get "You exericise too much". "You don't eat enough". "You need a milkshake instead of a salad". (great advice, there, right?!?!). My response??? – "Well, when your body looks like mine, you'll have the right to tell me how to eat and live. Until then, MYOB!". In fact, my mom is overweight and has been my entire life. She's in no position to tell me what's right or wrong in terms of health, nutrition, and fitness. I am blunt with my responses – no doubt. These days, it's a conversation that I just refuse to have. Just shrug it off, Averie. Life is too short! Just inhale, and think "Namaste!". :-)

  11. Deb-Thanks for sharing your story, rabbit food all all. Oy.

    Jess & Shannon & FF-Thank you for your kind words and your comebacks and stories and yeah, sometimes people just don't get it, do they. And yep, it's my choice, my life. I just wish that others could be as happy for me and my fam as I am :)

    K-Thanks for the kind words and yeah, everything totally tastes better in pink cups :)

    Nancy-THANK YOU! for your comment. I pretty much wanna tell your step 3. to everyone. I am not saying I am a supermodel, but I feel like I am toned and healthy and look good and I'm happy with the way I look and it really shouldnt matter what I look like to other people; other people should be more concerned about what they look like and less concerned about me. MYOB is the truth! And people who live in glass houses really shouldnt throw stones…oh, how I agree :)

    As for your 1. yep, VitaGod you have Saved Me. and 2. Thank you for telling me I inspire you and that you scroll to the yoga pic first, that's great. Just go back and re-read all my dry sarcasm and dark food humor :) That's another point, if I was not on track for my body with my eating path, could I do half the yoga stuff I do? No. "Nuff said.

    Thanks everyone who has written so far, your comments are getting me thru the day and I love you guys for writing and be so supportive!!!!!

  12. I love that granola brand!! And all their other products as well :)

    So sorry about the family negativity :( You know I'm here!! xo

  13. eh, sorry about the sour note from your mom. i like that you say you can "lead by example" because i think that is important! people have given my mom and i crap fro the way we eat/workout but really when it comes down to it, don't we look and act healthy? ok then, negative folks, shut your mouths :P at first glance i thought that was corn on the cob in the vita! ay ay ay i need more sleep!

  14. Your little pumpkin is so cute. What a sweetheart! :)

    I'm really sorry about your mom's opinion on the way you eat. There's something about a mom's criticism coming across as a little harsher than anyone else's. At least that's what I feel like. I don't know your mom so I really wouldn't like to pass judgment, but perhaps your it's kind of like what Deb says – maybe she's worried about you and wonders if you're getting all your proper nutrients (since most people do NOT know much about vegetarianism or veganism) or (and please forgive me if this comes across harshly!) maybe she is jealous? I have a friend whose mom is constantly critical of the way my friend eats and most people know it's because her mother is overweight and can't get her own act together.

    Again – I'm not saying this to be mean and I don't know your mom and so I could be way off. Those are the only 2 things I can think of! All I know is that you seem very healthy and happy and don't have any medical issues (that I know of!) and that's what's important. You're right – it's easier said than done letting this stuff go…but you don't want to let it get to you if you can help it.


  15. I had to add this because when I read that Janetha thought you were throwing a corn in the cob into the Vita-mix I thought exactly the same thing! I was like, "Whoa…they ARE powerful machines!" LOL..

  16. The cinn-raisin granola was my favorite too – but like you, I usually make my own at home! I like to slow bake it though, so the cook time is more than an hour.

  17. I totally understand. It has take Lori and I's family awhile to understand how and why we eat, although my dad still doesn't get it. One of our older sisters used to give us hell but not she actually is starting to eat this way and feels better. I am sorry for the negativity you are getting, but know you are not alone. We love you! I believe you do just have to live your life, be a good example, and eventually people will turn around…well we can hope!!!

  18. Hayley and Janetha- I have no doubt that the Vitamix COULD reduce a corn-on-the-cob to a glass of mush in no time, don't you agree Averie? LOVE my vitamix!!

  19. Sweet lordy, lady, I'll drink your lil' girl's smoothie any day! That looks so yum. When I have kids, they're going to eat like queens, too!

    Sorry about your mom's comments. I get a lot of those, too (mostly regarding drinking milk)… that's a nasty downside of sharing your eats on the web. Blegh.

    Have a great night!

  20. Thanks to all the ladies spreadin' the lovin word this afternoon. I heart you all, OMG I am floored with everyone's love n support, thank you! It has helped more than I can even thank you for!!!!

    As for the VitaGod crushing up a whole ear of corn on the cob. Would be no problem IMO. As long as you cut the cob in half or thirds to start 'er off, you'd be set. Cob n all. The thing pulverizes anything. It's insane.

    xoxo to all my friends!

  21. Hey Chickachita – thanks for the shout out!

    I'm sad to hear about your Mum. I told my fams yesterday (over several phone calls) about my move away from meat and animal products and they were insanely supportive.

    I think once I'm spending time with them and they see what I'm eating they'll probably be quite curious. They are no doubt concerned about my health, but trust that I'm a clever girl and whatever mistakes I make I'll learn from.

    I know not all families are like this, and it makes me sad. I wish I could out source my fam from time to time to those who really need the support and love – cause we got heaps to share.

    Having trust and confidence in yourself is the biggest thing you can do. It's hard, but at the end of the day the only thing you know you're going to be left with for sure is yourself – so you gots to do whats right for you and damn the rest.

    Like you said, easier said than done, but you are an extremely dedicated and committed lady so I'm sure you'll figure it out :)

    Big hugs and plenty o love


  22. Ahhh, I'm sorry to hear that your family is giving you a hard time about your dietary choices. Regardless, however, you eat the way you do for YOU, not for anyone else. Hang in there!

    On a lighter note, that banana ice cream and your zucchini noodles look fabulous! But seriously, when do your meals not look amazing?

  23. I have the same issues in my family, although they have become much more accepting over the years.

    Now, I still have to answer the protein, calcium, iron, B-12, etc. questions from other people I come into contact with. I've done enough research to come up with the answers, but then I'm tempted to ask them about their fruit and veggie consumption or lack there of.

  24. Just stumbled upon your blog and am excited to read along. :)

  25. Hi Averie – Wow, that is a tough situation with your mom! As difficult as it may be, sometimes the best response is a little bit of compassion. Even though your mom's comment comes across as judgmental and mean, I'm sure (deep down) it comes from a good place in her heart. Your mom clearly cares about you and wants to make sure you're healthy. The vast majority of people are totally ignorant about nutrition and assume that being vegan is dangerous. Maybe you could start sending her links every so often to articles in mainstream pubs (such as Time Magazine's recent cover story "The Real Cost of Cheap Food") so she can hear from objective third-parties how beneficial vegetarianism is. Give it some time and eventually you will *show* her by example what a happy, healthy and balanced person you are.

    And, who knows – maybe this will serve as a lesson in compassion & patience for one day in the future when your own daughter chooses a path you don't necessarily understand or agree with?! ;)

    Stay strong!

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