Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Trail Mix Vegan Muffins

I love trail mix. I love it so much that it’s not something I should buy or make.

But making muffins that are trail-mix inspired is totally fine.

They’re some of easiest and least fussy muffins to make. No mixer, one bowl, and literally a two minute batter.

The batch makes 9 modest-sized muffins, perfect for your cravings, but you’re not swimming in muffins for days.

The muffins happen to be vegan, but they definitely don’t taste like health food. They’re satisfying, filling, and comforting.

Frequently vegan muffin and quickbread recipes get around the egg issue by either using nut butter or bananas. I’ve also snuck in pumpkin and avocado. Anything dense, fatty, or creamy generally works to bind batter and mimic eggs.

However, in this recipe, I relied solely on the thickening power of oats to bind the batter. It worked like a charm and the resulting muffins have tons of texture and lots of chewiness from the oats.

You must use old-fashioned whole-rolled oats, not quick cook or instant. That latter is finer and behaves more like flour, which would render the muffins way too dry and dense.

The recipe is very adaptable based on what you like in your trail mix or have in your pantry. As written, the recipe is vegan, nut-free (no peanut butter), soy-free, and banana-free. I never knew how many people disliked bananas (and raisins) until I started blogging.

I used my favorite raisin medley blend from Trader Joe’s. If you prefer other dried fruit like craisins, dried cherries, dried mango, or apricots, use 1/3 cup of whatever you like.

Don’t like dried fruit and prefer nuts? Add 1/3 cup of your favorite chopped or sliced nuts like almonds, cashews, or walnuts.

I used mini chocolate chips because their small size helps them stay suspended in the batter and not sink to the bottom. I’m sure regular-sized baking chips will work. Use any chips you enjoy from butterscotch to white chocolate or peanut butter chips, noting that not all chips are vegan if that’s a consideration.

I used coconut oil and love baking with it for muffinscakesbreadcookies and more. I used Nutiva Coconut Oil from iHerb.com. Code AVE630 at checkout saves you $10 off your order. I love iHerb for everything like probioticsbulk cinnamonpumpkin pie spiceliquid vanilla stevia dropsbulk white stevia powdermedicinal fancy-grade honeychia seedsface cleansernutritional yeast, and mini chocolate chips.

I cannot taste the coconut oil, but if you’re concerned, sub with vegetable or canola oil.

The muffins are hearty, sweet enough without being too sweet, and have ample texture from the raisins and oats. They’re chewy and not overly dense, a nice surprise given there’s no eggs.

If you happen to run out of eggs and butter, and have a muffin or trail mix craving, enjoy.

Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Trail Mix Vegan Muffins

They’re some of easiest and least fussy muffins to make. No mixer, one bowl, and so fast. They’re hearty, sweet enough without being too sweet, and full of tons of chewy texture in every bite from the raisins and oats. The muffins happen to be vegan, but they definitely don’t taste like health food. If you happen to run out of eggs and butter, and have a muffin or trail mix craving, enjoy. Substitute 1/3 cup of your favorite dried fruit instead of raisins, or use 1/3 cup chopped nuts. I used mini chocolate chips because they stay suspended in batter better, but regular chips will likely be fine. I used coconut oil and you can’t taste it, but sub with another oil if preferred. Not all ingredients are vegan so read labels and make appropriate choices for your needs.

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1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup light brown sugar, packed
2/3 cup old-fashioned whole-rolled oats (do not use quick-cook or instant)
1 tablespoon cinnamon, or to taste
2 teaspoons baking powder
pinch salt, optional and to taste
1/3 cup raisins (I used a raisin medley; substitute with your favorite dried fruit OR with 1/3 cup of chopped nuts)
1/3 cup mini chocolate chips plus more for sprinkling tops (substitute with regular-sized chocolate chips or white chocolate, peanut butter chips, etc.)
1/2 cup milk (rice, soy, almond, cashew, cow, etc.)
1/3 cup liquid-state coconut oil (substitute with canola or vegetable oil)
2 teaspoons vanilla extract


  1. Preheat oven to 350F. Spray a Non-Stick 12-Cup Regular Muffin Pan with floured cooking spray or grease and flour the pan in 9 of the cavities (I don’t prefer the cosmetic look of paper liners); set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, add the first 6 ingredients (through optional salt), and whisk to combine.
  3. Add the raisins, 1/3 cup mini chocolate chips, and whisk to combine.
  4. Add the milk, coconut oil, vanilla, and with a rubber spatula, fold until just combined; don’t overmix.
  5. Using a large cookie scoop or 1/4-cup measure, evenly distribute the batter into 9 of the cavities of the pan (don’t use all 12, muffins will be too skimpy).
  6. Top each muffin top with a generous pinch of chocolate chips.
  7. Bake for about 20 to 24 minutes, or until muffins are set, and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, or with a few moist crumbs dangling, but no batter. Don’t overbake because muffins will be prone to drying out.  Allow muffins to cool in pan for about 10 to 15 minutes before removing and placing on a rack to cool completely. Muffins will keep airtight at room temperature for up to 5 days, or in the freezer for up to 6 months.
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