Off the Beach in Aruba

A few days ago I posted some pictures of what Aruba looks like when you step off the beach…

…And take a peek at some of the local establishments.

More of those “local pictures” here.

And today there’s more Off the Beach photos.

Don’t know which comes first: Playing the Lottery or the International Money Transfer.  Definitely a “Chicken or the Egg” question depending on how you look at it.

Modern Optical


Green Hut Snack was a new-to-me find!

Didn’t go in today but I made a note of it for the future.

They’re probably serving up some great juices and smoothies…

…If I don’t want to make my own Peach Banana Colada Smoothie

…of a Taste of the Tropics Smoothie

And there’s the Sunny Supermarket

Selling cold beer, soda, gum, and Cadbury chocolate even when it’s not sunny.  At least they have their priorities straight with what they sell.

And the Kuku-Konuku buses.  They drive around the island honking their horn, playing Jimmy Buffet style music, and drunk people are on the bus screaming.

Think of them sort of like Mardi Gras on a bus: beads, drunk people, loud music, screaming, and did I mention drunk people.

And when I say they honk their horns and play music, I mean they honk, honk, and honk some more!

Moving along to another snack shack with, you guessed it, Beer!

And last but not least, a fun pirate ship for the tourists.

Zooming right in to the left of the boat reveals this.

Are we having fun yet?

I love my lens.   That’s all I can say.

Thank you for all the compliments on my Vanilla Avocado Banana Ice CreamI wasn’t sure how that one was going to be received but everyone received it well, thank goodness!

I hope you make it since no ice cream maker is required and I promise, even if you “don’t like avocados”, that’s ok.  You’ll still like the ice cream.  Promise. And I’m picky with my desserts.


1. Have you been having a good Memorial Day (if you’re celebrating it)?  What have you been up to?

We hung out at the pool a bit…

And caught up on my emails and housework (yes, even here there’s housework and laundry), and we’re going to go out for a little stroll now.

But first, I’d love to munch on this.  I have a craving for it!

Vegan Peanut Butter Chex Mix, aka “Puppy Chow”

2. Have you seen, read, or heard anything that’s made you laugh or chuckle lately?

I see all kinds of things that make me laugh:

really drunk people here are always fun to chuckle at (yes at, not with)

people who are trying to do things that clearly they shouldn’t be like running in the midday sun when it’s 90F and humid and they are used to treadmill running in their air-conditioned gym

people complaining about the “slow service” here.  Yep, it’s slow.  It’s Aruba.  Get over it, and laugh.  You’re on vacation!

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to everyone who has or is serving our country!

51 comments on “Off the Beach in Aruba”

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  2. Aruba looks LOVELY!!
    A bit much sun, but lovely!

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  4. Nice pictures. Love the food. I enjoy seeing pictures of other people’s travel. Feel like I have been there. Learn a lot from different cultures. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Hehe – that would probably be me on that guys back going for a swing – LOL!

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  7. Enjoyed this post with more sights of Aruba.
    You & Skylar look like you are fully enjoying your visit. You particularly look very happy & relaxed.

    Slow service – I always get a chuckle out of tourists not adjusting to “Island Time”. Personally I enjoy the slower pace, and find it a pain to have to ramp back up when I leave.

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  9. Pic of that lady made me laugh alot… Nice Shot :)
    Even the pics of those buses is cool..

  10. Pic of dat lady made me laugh like anything…. Nice Shot :)

  11. LOL, those buses are cracking me up!! I’d love to watch them go by. Probably would hate being on them, I’m sooo over that stage of life, but watching from the curb? Hilarious. I have an image of drunk muppets, haha.

    So weird, I was thinking about puppy chow today! I’ve never had it or made it but Dustin has been asking for it for awhile. I bought the chex once and ended up eating it plain before I could make it, lol. Oops!

    • “I have an image of drunk muppets, haha.”–

      OMG YES!!!
      They hang over the windows of the bus, they’re all drunk and happy, and they shout at the passerby. They’re harmless happy drunks, just like muppets!! I will call them muppets from now on..PERFECT! :)

      puppy chow. So easy. Make it. Heaven on a stick. Takes 10 mins to make. Horrible to photograph, the best to eat.
      Comfort foods, i.e. amazing tasting food, usually is!

  12. Haha…fun post. Reminds me of when I was in Costa Rica. Fruits and chocolates and funny drinks…and I remember how the relationship with time f**ked me up completely at first, then I just went A-HAAA and went with it – what a relief. Doesn’t work for me at home, though :-)

  13. Love how those stores look – cery central american like. I love all that stuff. It just reminds me of culture-less America is for the most part. And makes me want to move to the beach. I think I could do it and be lazy all day everyday. ;)

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