Off the Beach in Aruba

A few days ago I posted some pictures of what Aruba looks like when you step off the beach…

…And take a peek at some of the local establishments.

More of those “local pictures” here.

And today there’s more Off the Beach photos.

Don’t know which comes first: Playing the Lottery or the International Money Transfer.  Definitely a “Chicken or the Egg” question depending on how you look at it.

Modern Optical


Green Hut Snack was a new-to-me find!

Didn’t go in today but I made a note of it for the future.

They’re probably serving up some great juices and smoothies…

…If I don’t want to make my own Peach Banana Colada Smoothie

…of a Taste of the Tropics Smoothie

And there’s the Sunny Supermarket

Selling cold beer, soda, gum, and Cadbury chocolate even when it’s not sunny.  At least they have their priorities straight with what they sell.

And the Kuku-Konuku buses.  They drive around the island honking their horn, playing Jimmy Buffet style music, and drunk people are on the bus screaming.

Think of them sort of like Mardi Gras on a bus: beads, drunk people, loud music, screaming, and did I mention drunk people.

And when I say they honk their horns and play music, I mean they honk, honk, and honk some more!

Moving along to another snack shack with, you guessed it, Beer!

And last but not least, a fun pirate ship for the tourists.

Zooming right in to the left of the boat reveals this.

Are we having fun yet?

I love my lens.   That’s all I can say.

Thank you for all the compliments on my Vanilla Avocado Banana Ice CreamI wasn’t sure how that one was going to be received but everyone received it well, thank goodness!

I hope you make it since no ice cream maker is required and I promise, even if you “don’t like avocados”, that’s ok.  You’ll still like the ice cream.  Promise. And I’m picky with my desserts.


1. Have you been having a good Memorial Day (if you’re celebrating it)?  What have you been up to?

We hung out at the pool a bit…

And caught up on my emails and housework (yes, even here there’s housework and laundry), and we’re going to go out for a little stroll now.

But first, I’d love to munch on this.  I have a craving for it!

Vegan Peanut Butter Chex Mix, aka “Puppy Chow”

2. Have you seen, read, or heard anything that’s made you laugh or chuckle lately?

I see all kinds of things that make me laugh:

really drunk people here are always fun to chuckle at (yes at, not with)

people who are trying to do things that clearly they shouldn’t be like running in the midday sun when it’s 90F and humid and they are used to treadmill running in their air-conditioned gym

people complaining about the “slow service” here.  Yep, it’s slow.  It’s Aruba.  Get over it, and laugh.  You’re on vacation!

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to everyone who has or is serving our country!

51 comments on “Off the Beach in Aruba”

  1. we rent a car.
    with a 4 yr old and 90F weather, walking is fine. but not long for long distances.
    “Do you get your groceries at one of these stores you photographed?” – no.

  2. Great post! Glad you had a good Memorial Day weekend! We did too, I ran into lots of old friends, got a few of them interested in hula hooping with me (!), and laughed a lot (which felt great!).

    Beautiful pics–I love the behind the scenes tour of Aruba!

    Question: How do you get around? Rental car, bus (yikes), or by foot? Is the island small enough to go by foot or bicycle? Do you get your groceries at one of these stores you photographed? Just curious…. ;)

  3. Looks like you are having an awesome time in Aruba! My Hubby and sister and I ran in the Bolder Boulder 10K today in Boulder, CO. One of my favorite races as it is so much fun! We also ate at an amazing vegan/gluten free restaurant in Denver…yum!

    I chuckled today and the Marshmallow Launcher station on the 10K race today and was able to catch one as it was chucked at me!

  4. Aruba look like a fun place with lots of color and character!!! We make banana ice cream too never thought to use avocado with it though!!!!

  5. Great pics, how fun and I love having fun with my telephoto lens too!

    1. Yes, we picked up part of the new office furniture from Ikea and had fun playing in the kitchen. Weather was a little windy and cold for the lake here.
    2. Been watching a lot of Chelsea Lately and Tosh.O with are always funny.

  6. beautiful pics Averie! I was drooling over your avocado banana ice cream earlier, I definitely bookmarked that recipe!!

  7. 1. I got up early to get in a gym session, showered, and then arrived at my boyfriend Rob’s house to tan by his poolside and have dinner with his family.

    2. Have you seen, read, or heard anything that’s made you laugh or chuckle lately?

    I agree with you that drunk people are funny!

    Happy Memorial Day to you too!

  8. This is completely inappropriate but I WISH I could fill out a swimsuit like you! You are gorgeous!

  9. i feeeeeeel like you should just move to aruba and be fabulous there haha AND i just checked out your banana cado ice cream and it is FOR SURE on my ice cream maker uses as soon as i find the damn frozen inside part! hahaha

  10. hahaha, your last two pictures made me laugh! Well, of the…piggyback ride.
    the rest of them are quite lovely, though. aruba looks like such a neat place to explore. and i love your bus pictures!

  11. I am dying to try your avocado banana ice cream, my god!! I always love how smiley and relaxed you look in your Aruba pictures… you’re gorgeous, girl! xo

  12. I’ve got $5 on that guy not being hold that lady on the rope swing! That’s a big lady and he doesn’t look like he’s got the upper body strength. :) Aruba looks so beautiful!

  13. thanks for showing photos from off the beaten path in aruba, averie. nice to see NON-touristy/the usual sights! sunny supermarket – too funny.
    we did the jolly pirate sunset cruise one year! it was super fun…even without drinking. the kuku-konuku bus ALWAYS makes me laugh – never done that one as it’s funny enough just to watch everyone on board!
    “Yep, it’s slow. It’s Aruba. Get over it, and laugh” – > THANK YOU. that’s a pet peeve – people who go ON VACATION and expect life to be the same as at home.
    enjoy your holiday eve!

  14. Happy Day!

    Thanks for all the guided tour: I love it. The lens definitely is an awesome asset. but it doesn’t make the choices or take the pics: that’s all you. I feel like I have so much clearer an impression of the place now. I think that I would find a lot to relate to there, and a lot to be alienated from too.

    I got some tidy-up work done today too (funny how holidays can be good for that)–well, just a start anyway–and the cabin is full of middle-eastern cooking smells for our ‘traditional foods’ gathering later today.


  15. The banana ice cream reminded me of something I saw on HSN this morning. After seeing it made on many blogs.|cust_picks

    the lady kept saying that this isn’t something you could get by just using a blender..etc..

  16. My memorial day has been fantastic! My mom and I took my niece and nephew down to Lincoln Park Zoo – it was gorgeous outside!

  17. That picture (you know which one) is hysterical. Drunk people are great content :)

  18. Thank you SO much, again, Averie, for another delicious recipe for those of us who doesn’t like avocados…. (shameful blush!) The vanilla-avocado-banana-ice-cream looks fantastic! Just a newbie question-how soft/hard is a perfect avocado? If there is any easy way to describe it… Thanks again – and for all the lovely (and funny!!!) photoes – make us all envy you :)

    • banana like principle..the softer they are, the more ripe (and more sweet) they are…you want them soft, not so soft that they are rotting and you can stick your finger thru the skin (watch out in the store) but not like a baseball either. they should have “give” like a ripe peach would.

      enjoy :)

  19. Wow! So much beauty in things so simple! Enjoy every moment!

    Brooke Annessa

  20. HA! That is so hilarious….feel kinda bad, but… hilarious…..

    AND-I want to own that ice cream truck :P

  21. haa – great photos. and I am totally with ya on the drunk people – those bus tour things (full of drunk people) have never appealed to me. even in college, when I was one ;)

  22. Who are these heathens that don’t like avocados? I eat at least 4 or 5 a week–money be damned–and thought your ice cream looked delicious ;)

    My Memorial Day was rather low-key, which was the plan. I did a little flower shopping for my garden, a bit of writing and reading and watched the ball game. Even though it’s 90 degrees (and was 60 two days ago,) I can’t complain. Well, I’m not in Aruba, so I guess I can…

  23. Yikes — whatever is going on with that pirate ship actually looks like fun! I was hoping you had more pictures of the lady losing her grip on the guy and splashing into the water. I guess I’ll just have to imagine it!

    Today has been a good day — I got tons of otherwise neglected housework done, we had lunch with my parents and I’m baking an apple crisp — it sounds really good so I thought I’d whip one up. Oh and the AC is blasting and it feels great to be inside (it was way muggy and humid today, yuck)

  24. HAHAHA your zoom lens is the best :D

    My Memorial Day has been fun! Parents, Suave Slav, other family members… all over for a get-together.

  25. Somehow, a beaten, run-down bench can even look beautiful in Aruba. Everything looks beautiful in Aruba! Even that lady doesn’t look nearly as frightening as she would look in, say, Jersey.

    Enjoy your days! I’m totally jealous!

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