One Day Ahead & Mugs

Why is it only Thursday and not Friday?  I’ve been one day ahead of myself all week this week.  Hate it when that happens.

I think it was because Scott was traveling all week and he got home in the wee hours Thursday morning but normally when he travels he comes home on Friday so in my mind, it was supposed to be Friday today.

So although I’m glad to have him home, I really would have been glad if it were Friday, too.

It finally got warm here!

Well 82F and a touch of humidity in the air

The weather in coastal SoCal is not as “hot” as everyone thinksThat big blue body of water known as the ocean really moderates the temps.

I’ve only had my A/C on once, for an hour, so far this summer.

And later today I will be using my seat heater in my new ride, I’m sure.

I downloaded these free presets for Lightroom and used it on this image

I also added some edge effects from those that come standard with the Lighroom software

Are you picking up on the hot and steamy weather vibe today that’s going on here today from the image?

I use Lightroom for all my photo editing.  Worth every penny and then some.  If you at all think you want it, get it.  You’ll love it.

It’s so hot and steamy that my Vanilla Iced Coffee tasted extra good.  With refills of course.

I love all my reusable water bottles

And reusable coffee mugs

So it’s not like I need more but am digging the lens ones.

I am also digging Vanilla Chocolate Chip Softserve and Dairy-Free Sundaes

No Lightroom on these vintage photos.  Whoa.  But the taste makes up for it.

From my previous post Photography Assignment: Pioneer Park

Thank you for the lovely, touching, and heartfelt comments you left.

I was really moved by the experience and it was my hope to convey both with my photos and in my words in the post just how moved I was by the experience.  Thank you for the feedback you left because it helps keep me inspired.

1. Do you ever get ahead of yourself by one day of the week?  Or behind by a day?

It’s not so bad when you’re behind by a day, i.e. you think it’s only Wednesday but it’s already Thurdsay <– love that

It’s a cruel and evil trick when you think the reverse, i.e. you think it’s already Friday but it’s only Thursday <– don’t love that

I wonder why this happens?  Whatever the cause, I hope to prevent it.

2. Do you use reusable mugs or drink holders for your water, coffee, or other beverages?  Favorite brands/kinds?

I always bring my big pink Klean Kanteen with me where ever I go.  Water in plastic bottles that you purchase is normally just tap water that’s been bottled; it’s overpriced, it tastes like plastic, and it’s wasteful for the environment.  I always bring my own.

Same with coffee.  I rarely go out for coffee.  With my speed chugger capabilities with coffee, if I relied on Starbucks or coffee that I purchased when out, I’d be in the poorhouse!   Therefore, even when I’m at home I drink my coffee in my big green mug (I get more that way!)

I also have to have my coffee mugs be plastic because I reheat them in the microwave because I like really hot coffee and metal and the microwave don’t mix.   Plus, the dishwasher is a beautiful thing and plastic holds up in it.

So although there are tons of adorable reusable mugs out there, many have metal so they are instant no-go’s for me.  Darn. 

P.S. Thanks for the entries on the Sweet Treats Giveaway.  Keep the sugar rush entries coming!

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  1. 1. Yes, I frequently am off a day, sometimes even two!

    2. You actually included a picture of my almost-favorite travel mug. The green one from Starbucks. I love it with one exception…the base is just a touch too large for the cupholder in my car. Sigh… I love my Nalgene water bottles and found really cool spout/spill-less drinking insert thingies that go in the mouth of the large bottles.

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