Ooh La La

A few things have made me say Ooh La La this weekend:

1. These ingredients

And the resulting dough and finished product was Ooh La La worthy.

I’m a tease.  No recipe.  Yet.

2. My friend who sells jewelry hooked me up with this bracelet.  Because I’ve already been asked, all the things she sells are one-of-a-kind.  Or let me rephrase that, she only has one of each item that she sells and so I don’t have a shopping source for this.

What I love about it is that it’s soft and flexible.

It’s pleather <–plastic leather and it’s super soft and comfortable with snap closures on the underside.

I hate rigid bracelets.  They hurt my wrists and the clinky-clanky jingling sounds stacks of metal bracelets make is like people who whistle: my ears beg both clinky bracelets and whistlers for mercy.  And silence.

But this bracelet is an ooh la la.  No clinking and it’s comfy.

And it’s sparkly.  <– The most important quality

3. The beautiful San Diego weather

Most people in town for Blog Her ’11 are surprised when it’s 74F, sunny, breezy, and at night downright chilly downtown because of the bays and marinas and ocean.  As Kath said, it feels like October here!

But it’s ooh la la because there’s sunshine, no humidity, no bugs.

4. I love popcorn and ooh la la over my near daily bowls of it.

Nooch + Stevia + Chocolate Chips

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5. And I’m ooh la la’ing and all excited because I love Patti the Millionaire Matchmaker and her new season starts in just one week.  For now, I will get my Kardashian fix Sunday night.

I love mindless TV shows and my DVRWhat can I say other than ooh la la!

6. And from my last post and my very Big Week

I am hoping that life may get a little calmer this week.  Maybe.


1. Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

2. What’s made you say Ooh La La lately?

See you later with a fabulous dessert recipe.  I don’t throw the F word around casually, either.

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  1. Hi Averie, love your creativity! I look to you for inspiration often, but have to tweak the recipes since not all of the goodies you use are anywhere to find here in Czech Republic :( If you do not mind sharing, I would love to know what your portions look like throughout the day. Thanks and keep baking!

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