Organizing, De-Cluttering, Donating

How’s your weekend going everyone?  Mine is going well, and I’ve been really productive around the house.

I organized this mess.

No ordering.  Cereal, rice cakes, nut butters, bars, chocolate bars, Scott’s snack food, Skylar’s car snacks, my magazines, just a mess and no order to anything.  And I am not a messy person and it was driving me nuts.  So I did something about it.

All the bars are in one bag 

Chocolate bars in one bag 

All the little boxes of tea in one big box 

All my nut butters, dried fruits, and nuts are in order

I blame the small amount of storage space for most of the disorganization and visual clutter assault.  I hate clutter!  And just shutting the cabinets and pretending things weren’t a mess wasn’t an option any longer!

From my earlier post today, thanks for telling me what you enjoy stocking up on and buying in bulk.  And there are tons of other Anthro fans, too.  We should do a group shopping day!   Who’s buying?

And thanks everyone for the great facial cleanser recommendationsYay, I got some good ones in the comments, thank you!

As an aside, and I mentioned this the other day, but the commenting system I use, Intense Debate, has been having lots of hiccups the past few days.  Many other bloggers who use this system are also experiencing comments going into moderation or spam, that really aren’t.  If it appears your comment just “disappears”, that means it went into spam, and I am fishing them out of my spam folder all day long, so rest assured, I will get your comment on my next trip into the spam folder.

Snack is a bag of Brad’s Kale Chips I found in my re-organizing efforts.  They were buried wayyy in the back of the cupboard.

They’re good but they do have garlic and onion in them so that makes them not ideal for me.  Regular readers know I don’t like garlic or onion. 

I like my own recipe better.   And yes, you can make these in the oven.

 Raw Vegan Kale Chips
 Raw Vegan Kale Chips

And I like to dip my chips in “Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip

 “Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip

Both the Kale Chips and the Dip are Made with Nooch.   I have a whole Nooch Recipes Post with about 15 recipes you can make using nooch

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1. Best Thing You’ve Done or Ate so far this weekend?
Re-organizing, de-cluttering, and de-junking is always a great feeling for me.

2. Do you like to stay organized?  How do you deal with clutter?
I am actually super neat and organized.  From the looks of my cupboard, you’d never know it, but really I am super neat and tidy. 

I have posted before about de-clutttering and donating things that we don’t need.  If we haven’t used that item in 6-12 months, we donate it. 

3.  Do you Donate Things?
I do!

That sweater that I paid $125 for 6 years ago but have worn once, yes, it hurts to donate it because I keep thinking of all that money I spent on it, but it’s not doing me any good and may do someone else some good, so I pass it along.  

I do try to sell things on ebay or Craiglist that I think I can get more than $20 for, but under that, it’s not worth my energy and effort, so I donate things.

And once you have kids, if you don’t start donating things, from baby blankets to toys to books to baby swings and high chairs to little shoes, that stuff will multiply and run you out of house and home.  Finding someone who can use it and passing it along is what I’ve always done.

What do you like to donate?

Enjoy your Saturday night and see you in the morning!

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