Playlists & Music, What Do You Listen To?

Hi Friends!  TGIF!  I cannot even begin to tell you about the craziness of the last two weeks of my life.  So I won’t bother to start now.  Let’s just say I have worked tons, survived on very little sleep, and am in major need of a weekend!  And a break.  Ahh, soon enough though.

Even though I was really busy, I did make a playlist for my ipod.  I am always curious what other people listen to so figured I’d share this one of mine.  The other day you all told me I should share it so here it is.  

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It’s a good dancey, peppy, pumped up kind of playlist for workouts Sometimes certain lyrics on certain songs make me laugh which takes my mind off my workout.  Not everyone’s genre of music but I am a jack of all trades with the types of music I listen to.

And I am pretty proud of myself that I just downloaded a screenshot widget for my MAC, figured out how to capture the screenshot, saved to desktop, and dropped the picture into the Blogger Post.  Only took me 15 minutes to figure out but now I know how to do screenshots and have a handy widgetLearn something new every day in life, I tell ya!

From yesterday’s post about what you bring on trips, I liked reading about what you stash in your bags.  Some of you admit to bringing nearly everything but the kitchen sink with you when you travel and others are more minimalistsI try to be a minimalist, but use common sense and a just in case stash as mentioned.

And Christmas Music, lots of fans in the house.  Hey, rock out to Deck the Halls, baby!

Everyone try to stay warm!  I know it’s chilly for most of us these days.  Try some Savory Pumpkin, Potato, and Carrot Soup
Or take whatever veggies, canned beans, squash or pumpkin type puree you have (even salsa works) and toss it in a pot with some water and boil it for 45 minutes.  It will work out.

Savory Pumpkin, Potato, and Carrot Soup

Dessert: Vegan GF Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies with Peanut Flour

 Vegan GF Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies with Peanut Flour 

1. Do you know how to do screenshots?
As I said, new to me!

2.  Playlists.  What are you listening to now?  Any favorite tracks?
Usher OMG makes me get into a happy mood so I put it first on my playlist.

3. Do you have an all-time fave playlist, a go-to?  Or are you always mixing it up to keep it fresh? 
I used to download and burn lots more songs and playlists than I have lately and my last playlist was anything but “fresh”.  It was a good 6 months stale, actually.  I’m glad I have some new tracks now.

4. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
This sounds cliche, but I listen to all types of music and can appreciate most types.  Not a huge country or classical fan, but I can deal.  I love everything from 80s rock (so does Katie who also sent me the most amazing holiday gift..thank you, friend!) and can also get into rap, hiphop, blues, punk, indie, house to classic rock.

My itunes library is about 3000 tracks deep.  Yes.   That would be the compilation of some of my CD collection that I downloaded into my itunes library and then all the itunes tracks I’ve purchased.  So yeah, I have diverse taste in music.

I hope to be hearing a little Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville soon.  There’s always a woman to blame, right?

Have a good one gang.  I need to run errands and get a  20 minute at-home workout in.  Bye!

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