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It’s Wednesday today.  Good.  That means we’re one day closer to Friday and the weekend.

I’ve been a busy bee.  I have lots of irons in the fire and projects I’m working on.

My theory is keep throwing things on the wall.  Eventually something will stick.

So til then, I just keep plugging away and keeping busy, mostly with photography-related projects and endeavors.

And yes, one day I hope to include photography as a career path, in some way.  Just like yoga is a life path, I am never “away” from it.  It is always with me, both on and off the mat.

I view photography as similar; it’s always with me.  My mind is always seeing and creating pictures, stories, images.  Even if I am not actually holding a camera.

In all my spare time when I’m not working or being a mommy or doing blog-related things or cooking or working out or running errands or recipe developing or wiping pizza sauce off chins I pick up my camera.

But other times I just look for the beauty in the world so that when I do have my camera in hand, I am ready to capture it.

Diane talked about this.

But photography is my passion and I really love it.  One day maybe I could make a career of it.  We shall see how it all plays out.

In the meantime, the show of life must go on.

Including eating and enjoying peaches and nectarines.  Soon juicy, fresh peaches will be a fleeting late summer memory.  Sniff.

And I made Mango Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables

Combine everything in one pot. 

Don’t stress or obsess over what you have on hand and what goes in.  Very flexible recipe.

And in 20 minutes, you’re done. 

With planned leftovers.  Cook once, eat twice; that’s my mantra.

I told you I’m addicted to this chutney!

I cook with it every chance I get like the Mango Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables recipe

Or just eat it with a spoon.  <– I’ll admit to that

Sweet + heat, no salt, no garlic or onions.  Perfect.

I also got my iHerb shipment of stevia and probiotics yesterday.

I’m addicted to those items as well.

Use code AVE630 on your order to save $5 off their already way-cheaper-than-retail-prices.  I save so much money with iHerb.  I’m into Thift Store shopping, remember?  Anything to save some cashola.

Thanks for the compliments on my latest creation, the Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

They were fun to make.  And more fun to eat.  And they were accepted here and here.

Making it on those sites validates and helps me have confidence that maybe my photography is okay.  Decent, for now.  But I want to get better!

I’ve talked about being judged before and how when it’s good, it’s great.  And when it’s harsh, it can be really harsh.  Not just in photography but with anything in life.


1. What projects have you been working on lately?

As I said, I’ve got lots of irons in the fire.  But I always have been that way.

I like staying busy and pursuing different things and I have really varied interests from yoga to photography, lactation educator to real estate.  You name it, I’ve likely dabbled in it.

2. When you are working on things, do you tell people what you’re doing as you’re doing it, or do you just surprise people and tell them when it’s finished?  Whom do you tell things to?

I do a bit of both.

Some things I share with others because I like to have their feedback as I’m going along, or because they are close friends or family, and it would feel strange not telling them what’s going on or what I’m up to.

However, with other things, I find it’s better to just tell people when it’s done. 

Talking about what you’re going to do, or what you’d like to do, sometimes causes people to be like yeah, sure, uh-huh, right.  And they’re thinking to themselves, she’s never going to pull that off.  And then if you don’t pull it off, you have egg on your face, and it’s kind of one of those told-you-so situations.  Which is why I keep some things close to the vest and just tell people when it’s done or happening.

Not to mention, some things, through no fault of one’s own, just don’t materialize or you change your mind and so why involve everyone in the blow-by-blow turn of events until you know for sure it’s a sure-thing.  I’ve learned this the hard way and it’s one of those life lessons that has come with age for me to be a bit selective about what to reveal, to whom, and when.

And as I’ve said before about blogging and for all the bloggers out there, you don’t owe the world an explanation on your blog, that’s for sure.

P.S. Thanks for your entries on the Say NO to Auto Giveaway and I’ve really enjoyed reading what it is with your camera, photography, or with shooting manually that you enjoy and also what has you stumped.  Keep your giveaway entries and thoughts coming.

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