Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snow Balls

Humpity hump, Humpity Hump.  Happy Wednesday Friends!  I wanted to thank you, new and faithful commenters alike, for you positive response to my 4-Ingredient Homemade Hummus Recipe.  I hope you try it and maybe it’ll help you break your Sabra addictions.


What else have I been up to?  I whipped up a quick-n-chocolatey raw vegan dessert that requires nothing but a bowl, spoon, and the freezer.  Music to your tastebuds, I know.

Averie’s Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snow Balls
1.5 cups shredded coconut
3/4 c maple syrup (or agave to be technically raw)
3/4 c cocoa powder
Dash Vanilla Extract
Optional: 1/4 c coconut oil (I used it and encourage it!)
Optional: 1/4 c chia seeds (did not use it in today’s blend)

Mix all the ingredients together by hand

Vegan Chocolate Heaven in the house

Transfer to a container for the freezer.

If you want to make Snow Balls by hand, hence the name of the recipe, feel free to make golf-ball sized choco-balls and then freeze.  You’ll probably yield 15 balls or so.

I was not feeling super inspired to roll the mix into balls.  Instead, I just scooped things outta the container with an ice cream scooper as needed when I raided the freezer.

…And here’s where I have that ice cream scooper ready for the frozen Choco Coconut Snowball dig-out fest.

I dug out a ball.  (So much TWSS potential there….)

A Big Chunk Went Missing from the Container

Thick, rich, fudgey, sweet.  Fast-n-easy, no specialty appliances required, either. Pretty much everything you’d want in a dessert.  And let’s not forgot those health benefits of coconut and coconut oil.  Everything from an immune system boost to increased healing.  So you can keep on convincing yourself why it’s good for you to eat this little dessert.  I’m just what the Doctor Ordered.


After I raided the freezer, I raided my pantry and was looking through my nut butter stash…

…I made a bowl of oats for Scott, threw in some cinny & brown sugar, raisins, and topped them with a Sunbutter and Barney Butter Combo courtesy of a Barney Butter Sample I got.  For all inquiring minds, Barney Butter is Peanut-Free.  It’s Almond Butter and mighty yummy!

I also got some You Bars to Sample.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of these, they are suuuuper cool!  Why are they cool?  Because you get to build your own bar!  So you get to customize your own bar, shake or trail mix based on whatever ingredients float your boat!  What a great idea, why didn’t I think of that?

I like the Nutrional Stats but love that Dates are the first ingredient on this pre-made chocolate bar

As a special treat for you, You Bar is hooking my readers up with a 5% discount off your order!!! Simply enter the code “LoveVeggiesAndYoga” at checkout and you’re all set to save!   Thanks, You Bar!

Tip of the Day:  Remember the Me & Gogi I reviewed yesterday, well Wednesday, October 21st they are going to be on the Today Show at about 9am Eastern time and they are offering free shipping on all orders over $15 on Wednesday only.  I know some of you wrote to tell me you were gonna wait to order, well you may wanna get on that for the free $hipping action.


Things today were brought to you in VeganMofo spirit. 

Yoga today is Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III).  I love this pose because it really works your balance.  Best thing to do is pick a focal point or dristi and once you feel steady, start to slowly extend your arms and your leg.  Don’t be lookin’ around.  Keep your gaze steady as it will steady your balance.

Tip of the Day:  Missy’s GiveAway

The Candid RD’s GiveAway

Does anyone have a favorite Tea they want to tell me about?  I have been trying to get more into teas lately and although they just don’t fully cut it for me because I am just a coffee drinker at heart, there are so many great seasonal and holiday blends coming out this time of year, what are your faves?

Stay Tuned for another Chocolate Dessert recipe…  I don’t ever want to hear you’re sick of chocolate desserts!

Til then, enjoy a Snowball!…

70 comments on “Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snow Balls”

  1. Wow.

    I'm totally a coconut type person. I love shredded coconut (sweet and unsweet) and I can eat the coconut oil straight off the spoon – yep, I'm a little weird. LOL

    When I make time to make those raw cookie dough balls, I'm going to try yours for sure! I know I'll try 'em with coconut oil, too, but yours look YUM!!!

    As for Vegan, I could never be a "true Vegan" 'cause I really have no desire to live the rest of my life without a little honey once in a while or an organic, farm fresh egg (from my well cared for chickens) just once in a while.

    But that's me.

    Hmmm… That gets me to thinkin'…

    I wonder what is that "deal breaker" for Vegans. Do you miss honey or eggs or anything "non-Vegan" Averie? Or anyone else?

    I've actually been a 100% Raw Vegan in the past but couldn't keep it up.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there. :-D

    Great post, Averie – as always!!

    And I know what you mean… sometimes those "chemicals" smell soooooooooooooo good! ;-)


    • Michele: Raw Vegans eat the BEST food in the world. . and enjoy the BEST health. We ‘miss’ nothing. . . we ‘miss’ no food.

      You can keep it up if you desire to do so, one day at a time. It is well worth the simple effort. One day I began . . . . its now almost 30 years later. I’m so grateful and have NEVER looked back.

  2. You can't even wait until I'm done with my Raw Vegan Coconut Snowballs before you go and out do yourself, huh? Now I'm going to have to make these too, and it's all I'm ever going to want to eat! Maybe I can just re-work my diet to include 50-60% desserts, then we won't have a problem.
    Regardless, I know what I'm making next!!!
    Can't wait to try them, and luckily, I'm sure it won't be long before my snowballs have all disappeared!
    P.S. I love VS too. They have a strapless bra that I'm obsessed with. I want to get another, but they are $50! Luckily, I get their coupons in the mail, so sometimes you can get a good deal!
    Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  3. I agree on the coconut issue, the oil really does overpower everything!
    Wicked purchases from VS. How can they make those artificial sprays smell SO good??
    I was wondering if you've ever hurt yourself doing yoga? My lower back often hurts after yoga.

  4. I'm glad you got VS goodies :) You so deserve them!

    Do you think this would work with regular flour? Can't hurt to try I guess…

  5. Holy potatoes! I actually want to make these right now..
    but my room mate is sleeping, and it'd be rude to wake her with my magic bullet grinding away.

    dang . because I really want those raw cookie balls right now!
    I will make them with almonds…as I am sans cashews.
    oh well :)

    LOVE your body sprays.. I am a body spray-aholic as well.. well.. more so scented-body-lotion aholic.. I have tons! and always seem to collect more and more.
    I also use coconut oil for body butter :D

    My weekend plans were non to exciting.. but I did drink red wine and wear a black bobbed wig.

  6. Update – YES, it works with regular whole wheat flour. I just made flour+maple+water (just a few drops) and Bobby and my dad (!!) can't get enough of it. I'm eating them right now.

  7. Okay, it is official – you are the best raw dessert maker OF ALL TIME! Every single day it seems like you come up with yet another amazing, delicious raw treat that I JUST HAVE TO MAKE. Seriously, my list of "Averie Desserts" I have to make it at least a mile long!

    I have a lot of accomplishments I am proud of but becoming a vegan would definitely be at the top of the list! PhD student, awesome doggy/horsey/kitty momma, being an honest, genuine, no holds barred kind of woman tickles me too! Oh, and being the most ferocious ass kicking feminist ever! That always makes me smile.

    Lovely post, as always! Your blog has so quickly become one of my favorites.

  8. I love coconut so much, but your cookie balls look great, too. I have wanted to try these ever since Ange posted them.

    And I can't believe VS has out Christmas stuff already. I haven't been there in a few weeks. But I LOVE Christmas and can't wait to start listening to Christmas music!! :)

  9. Holy….those look amazing. I must make. Although, I don't have any chocolate chips on hand.

  10. It's funny how there are so many coincidences out there. To make sure I'd be able to complete all my posts for Vegan Mofo, I finished up all my projects and outlines for posts in advance. One of them calls for the same cashew/oat flour method. I think I have it designated to post on Thursday (there I go giving out my secrets).

    Speaking of secrets, I don't go to Victoria Secret much anymore, except for the bottoms and the sweats. They don't carry my size bra (especially now that I'm breastfeeding). I've always had trouble finding a big enough cup with a small enough band width. Instead, I usually wear DKNY or Elle MacPherson bras.

  11. Whoa…those look exactly like the transfatty buttery version I used to scoop out of a tub when I was little, but a million times better.
    Can't wait to try these!!!

  12. could i please eat those cookiedough balls off the screen!!

  13. oh haveee mercy cookie dough makes me weak in the knees. mmm mm looks SO good :)

    work that VS trip girl! I haven't been to VS in a few years either but it would be my go-to place if I had someone to shake what my mama gave me for hahaha

  14. Ha- I've never ever seen that pose. New one on me- thanks!

    I love the idea of the frozen home made chocolate chips. It all looks great. Good tip about the tennis ball rolling around.

    Have you decided you love your v-god more than your blend-tec?

    Have a great week!

  15. WOW Averie.. totally impressed by your pose this morning. AND ya for treating yourself to a lil VS goodies. I like shopping online better with them.. more options (tons of yoga gear) and you don't have to deal with the overwhelming scent of perfume. lol It's a fun treat though!! Good for you ;)

    PS. wish I wasn't stuck in school right now or Id be whipping up some raw cookie balls.. ahh. YUM

  16. I LOVE VS! I could buy the whole store. My fav bra is the BioFit. I have at least 4 colors.

  17. Averie! You are too much! I cannot handle these fan-freaking-tastic raw cookie dough balls! Chocolate chip cookie dough is my ultimate favorite thing. I hope my regular ol blender can handle making these, cuz Snackie needs a solid upcoming b-day treat!

    I adore the VS goodies! I rarely buy new bras, but I still like to peruse the store. The pink makes me high. And I am not hatin on their rolling out the Christmas scents! My fave time of the year!

    Uhh, I don't know if there's anything I'd really brag about here. My grades? haha.

    Hope you have a fabulous start to the week! xoxo

  18. Your treats look really good!

  19. I can't wait to make these raw chocolate chips cookies! You must have great self control for always making such delicious treats and not eating them all in one sitting :)

  20. Great recipe girl!

    I am not much of a bragger :)


    P.S. Question for you….Do you think you will remain raw for the rest of your life or is it a goal for you to?


  21. Oh, Averie, you are going to fall in LOOOOOVE with the dark chocolate powder, I’m betting. I use it all the time. And yup, you guessed it: I don’t go back to regular anymore. Convert for life ;).

    I know I’m weird, but I actually really love the taste of the A-grass chocolate powder. It’s so bitter and yet chocolatey at the same time… odd but yummy. I know others, like Heather, hate it, so I can’t tell ya how you’d like it in the ice cream except to say that if your tastebuds are like mine, you’ll love it too :) :). Yeah, it tastes different, but not worse than if I just used all cocoa.

    P.S. I just scheduled a post (for November) for homemade cookie dough lara-type bites/bars (Cookie Dough Babies), but I love YOUR idea for using actual oats to make bites that are even more cookie dough-like.

    P.P.S. Fudge Babies going in the mail. Can you send your addy again? I am a scatterbrain and misplaced it.

    Love ya!


  22. I REALLY need to make those raw cookie dough balls!

    Averie, sweet girl, I am so sorry that I have not uploaded the recipe for those cookies yet. I have had some (good) personal stuff come up that has recently just been sucking up my time! It's on the top of my "blog to do list" though. :)

    Have a wonderful week, friend!

  23. Ok, these are being made TONIGHT! I love raw cookie dough, so I imagine these will have a special place my heart/belly.

    As for the vicky's products, I tend to not fit into many of their garments. I feel like I look silly since I don't fill them up! :)

  24. I love your Highlights Reel, your Tip Of The Day, and your incredible yoga poses! And the recipes are pretty awesome too :) Thanks for sharing what goes on in Averie's Vegan Kitch!

    I just made a couple trays of your cookies and popped them in the Excalibur…I tweaked the recipe a lot (was already a great recipe but I can't help but tweak) and I scraped a vanilla bean in there too…all the kids are loitering around the dehydrator waiting for COOKIES! Thanks for the inspiration, we need some cookies on this Monday morning!

    Good for you for indulging in some girly-things :)

    Have a gorgeous day!

  25. heeeey girl hey! hope your monday is off to a great start. that is awesome you pampered yourself with some VS loot. you totally deserve it! i recently paid off my VS credit card so i am trying to stay far away from there :) but i love everything there!!

    your cookie dough looks fantastic. another yummy recipe for the cookbook, eh?!? oh p.s. thanks for the tip on making chocolate crumb crust. next time for sure!!

    bragging rights bragging rights oy vey it is too early to think.. i only got 4 hrs of sleep.. let me get back to you? :)

    talk to you later today i am sure! xoxo

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