Refunds and Sunshine


Can you believe that it’s tax day?  April 15th is normally the big day, but for all the procrastinators, you actually have until April 18 this year to file.  I filed months ago and actually got a tiny refund check last week.

As I said before, I’d rather not get a big refund, nor do I want to owe.  Breaking even or a small refund is better because that means I had access to my money all year and was not waiting for my money to be refunded.  But everyone has a different take on this.

This week I have been so busy with work, life, Target errands, grocery shopping, and little DIY projects like making lightbounces.  Given everything I’ve been up to, I actually cooked a few things, too.

Like some Vegan Sloppy “Bean & Lentil” Joes

I find buns and gluten to be over-rated so I skip the bread and eat my sloppy joes sans buns, and with a fork.


And I made some Cinnamon Sugar & Ginger Roasted Potato Sticks

And the sun has been shining and the flowers are blooming, which makes me happy!

Thankfully, spring is in the air!  It makes me happy to see blue skies and palm trees gently blowing in the wind.

The flowers are blooming and the crickets are chirping.  Chirp, chirp.  All night long.

From my last post, Overnight Growth, it was interesting hearing whether you have memories to recount of childhood growth sports.

And I liked hearing the last things you purchased at Target.  We all concur that Target can be a money pit, that’s for sure.

Breakfast/Dessert/Snack: Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cake

If you have a microwave and 5 minutes you can make these.  Vegan and GF as a bonus, too.


1. Did you file your taxes?  Did you have to pay in or are you getting a refund?

2. How’s the weather where you are?

It’s supposed to be sunny, and in the high 70s/low 80s Friday and Saturday.  I can’t wait!  It was really nice here a few weeks ago but winter came back so I am looking forward to spring and summery weather!

However, San Diego is notorious for May Gray and June Gloom.  Meaning, it’s cloudy, overcast, chilly, windy, and nastier in June than in can be in February often times, so not really looking forward to that, at all.

3. What’s the last thing you made that was oh-so-good?

I made a tofu dish that was great.  Recipe to be posted in a couple days after I get all the pictures uploaded.  In the meantime, the rest of my Tofu Recipes are here.

48 comments on “Refunds and Sunshine”

  1. I just ate some turkey and goat cheese collard wraps that were definitely oh so good! Happy Sunday, Averie! xo

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  6. I did my taxes by myself for the first time this year!! I thought I was getting 1100 dollars back, but my mother-in-law looked them over and found that I missed something and I really got 2300 back!!!!!!!

  7. I started my taxes a couple days ago, but haven’t finished. It’s my first official time after having a “big girl job” LOL, so I’m kinda nervous! Especially because I run 2 businesses via contract labor & self-employment taxes seem more daunting! I have no idea what I’m doing besides a lot of googling and filling out forms, but I guess no taxes are easy easy *sigh* it’ll all be over soon :).

    Your sloppy joes look a lot like the way I make mine too. So yummy. My brother actually thought they had meat in them, since they’re still so hearty. Gotta love that.

  8. Oh I have to disagree with you on the taxes. lol. We’ve always had as much money taken out as possible because we love getting the big check every year. I know it’s money we could have had thru the year, but the big amounts allow us to make huge payments on our debts and get caught up for a couple of months on our regular bills. And yes, we already filed and got a fantastic refund (thanks to school credits!)
    As for the weather – we had one 80+ degree day, and it’ s been in the 30s -50s since. It’s Michigan, this isn’t abnormal.
    Last good thing I made was super basic – just some spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner last night. But it’s the first time I’ve had it in years, so it still counts right? :)

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  10. breaking almost even? YES! way to go on the money management, averie!
    honestly, today, you would think we were back in february. i was totally underdressed this a.m. when i was out! nice and sunny, yes, but bbbbrrrrr! bring back spring, please!
    have a great weekend – hope you have time to play with some photography stuff!

  11. Oh. My. Gosh. I just made the banana oat cake yesterday for breakfast, and ended up having a giant one for dinner. SOOOOOO good!

    The weather has been horrible here….we got a huge line of tornadic storms yesterday and it was pretty scary (why did we move the central plains again??). We are okay though. I’m looking forward to the sunshine and farmer’s markets this weekend!

    Hope you have a good one, and thanks again for the banana oat cake recipe!

  12. haha- I came over from another blogger to see this blueberry cake recipe (I needed a variation on my oatmeal + fiber cereal mash combo today!) and was disappointed that I couldn’t comment on that recipe to tell you, maybe I DO have a ‘extra large banana’. But now I’ve commented it on this post and you know that I’m the most immature 26 year old on the planet).

    Anyway, my comment about your sloppy joe recipe is… perhaps you could call them, “neat joes,” since they aren’t so sloppy when you eat them with a fork! I agree about the buns, also. overrated.


  13. Hurray for tax refunds – big or small :)

    Filed mine, but haven’t heard back yet. They aren’t due in Canada until the end of the month.

    Weather: cold but sunny today.

    Oh-so-good: home made sweet potato fries. Always a winner

  14. I filed my taxes in February… I own a rental property so normally get a decent refund. That is why I am so eager to file them!
    The weather in the beginning of the week was great! Sunny and warm – warmer than usual for April in WI. This weekend is supposed to be cold and windy. Yuck.
    I made a tofu and kale dish with veggies and put that into a ezekiel wrap with salsa and hot sauce and it was heaven – in a wrap :)

  15. She is really tall! Wow! She’s lucky. It sucks being the short kid. Haha.

    I want to live where you live. So pretty!

    I think I need I try those potato sticks. They look amazing!

  16. Just did them a couple of days ago. I always put it off because we always owe! My husband’s industry has been hit hard and for the last few years he’s been laid off and then rehired. While he’s on unemployment we make it so we get as much money as possible, which means we owe once taxes come. Hopefully that will change soon!

    The weather has been really cold and rainy lately. Living in Oregon tends to be rainy season, less rainy season, and rainier season ;)

  17. I’m sending out my taxes today, I’m awful.
    That blueberry bake looks phenomenal! The best thing I’ve made this week was lentil chili. SO good!

  18. My family just keeps on growing. Three new cousins in just six weeks. Soon we are going to be able to fill a small

  19. 1) Taxes are done. WOO HOO

    2) It’s supposed to be 80* here today :D and I am pretty excited to enjoy it. I hope we can get out to a patio this afternoon for a cocktail!

    3) The last tasty thing I made was
    It turned out so yummy! I’m thinking the home grown (& sweet – as in I can eat it whole – so weird!) lemons I used had something to do with it.

  20. I am not happy with the tax man right now. This is the first year I’ve had to pay.
    As with many of the comments above, I’m addicted to your oat cakes. So good!

  21. It snowed more than 2 feet yesterday :|
    I made an oat cake WITH oats yesterday for snack and it was delicious! I just love those so much. I just got my taxes back today and got a pretty big refund, yay! I like the big refunds, helps me stay on my feet throughout the year.

  22. ALL your meals look SUPER good! wow. I need to get cooking!
    I made some amazing pasta/spaghatti squash combo dish last night with homemade sauce and some amazing stir-fry to go along. :)

    Tax day. = :(

    love your sunny outdoor pics! it is looking good here in Santa Monica this weekend too. :)


  23. Averie your blueberry banana oat cake is fabulous, I am in love with it! I’ve been making it for 2 days straight and I can’t get enough. I even put it on my post for today, hopefully more bloggers will start making this :D

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