San Diego Cityfest

Sunday afternoon I walked around Cityfest in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego.

That’s my neighborhood so I just walked out my door with my camera around my neck and got read to observe and experience a feast for the senses:

Live music

Jewelry vendors

Remember I said that feathers were all the rage here?

Feathered jewelry was everywhere

There were food samples

Plenty of Sausages

In more ways than one.

A diverse mix of people everywhere.  I love it!

Lots of fun with booze, bubbles, and beach balls at Babycakes

Upper right hand corner of the frame you can barely make out the bubbles that were being blown.

There was food made with love.

And boy, do I ever love baklava.

This was my favorite food shot from the day (below)

I took two shots of the baklava: one horizontal and one vertical shot and am pretty happy with the vertical one.  Reminds me of the hummus situation

There are times you just can’t belabor a shot.  You’re in a restaurant and people want to eat.  Or you’re in a crowd and on the fly and have to get the shot, one chance, and be done with it.  Unless you want to look like a total weirdo.  Which is fine too and I’ve been guilty of that.

I saw and smelled lovely hand-crafted soaps, oils, and lotions.

There were vendors with bread.

Vendors with a cause.

And yes, I bought this pink tshirt.

I couldn’t resist!  A $10 suggested donation.  Done.

People from all walks of life were walking around and soaking up the day.

Including this dog that was the size of a miniature pony

The photo doesn’t do the size of this little fellow justice: Huge

I love days like this! Walking around seeing the sights, being outdoors in lovely weather, people-watching, and just taking it all in.  Ahh, perfect.

The man that admitted me to the beer tent/21 and up section asked me if I was a reporter as he was putting my wristband on me.

Apparently I look “official” walking around with my huge camera around me neck.  I smiled and said, Yes.

I didn’t want beer.  I just wanted pictures.

So that’s my report on the day.

From my last post, I’m glad you enjoyed my full moon info and it was great reading the comments about whether you believe in full moon phenomenon and if you’ve noticed anything unique the past few days. 

Many of you said you’ve noticed all kinds of occurrences and some interesting, ahem, moods and emotioanl states.  I firmly believe that the natural world influences us in so many ways and that if we are in tune with it, we will notice various effects.  Just being mindful of these things is so fascinating.


1. Have you been to any festivals or fairs recently?

I love them and yes!

San Diego Pride Parade, August 2011

Taste of Adams Avenue, June 2011

Greek Festival, June 2011


2. Best thing you’ve eaten or done this weekend?

The festival was great.

So was being with Skylar

And eating a few Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls hit the spot after walking around all afternoon.

P.S. Winner of the $150 Giveaway announced on my next post.  Enter now if you haven’t yet!

Have a great week!

44 comments on “San Diego Cityfest”

  1. Great pictures, CityFest looks fun. Cute vegan shirts, I’d be all over them for $10 too! Funny on the reporter question, mine is a little more discrete with the cross-body strap that lets the lens hang down thigh length.

    1. Yes, the raw expo a few weekends ago and I was gonna go to a vegan festival Saturday, but ended up not.
    2. Created a few recipes and vent to Sugar Plum Vegan.

    • your other comment to me, regarding Photoshop, would love to hear your tips and tricks or how you learned. Every time I venture into it, I open it, think to myself, gosh LR is so much easier than this…and then close the program :) All this stuff is trial and error and practice and LR is just so much easier for me.

      And the tshirts were a steal I thought too :)

  2. I am obsessed with your pictures!! They’re gorgeous! I know nothing about photography so I am just constantly amazed. My next investment will be a REAL camera and then I need some photog lessons. But I just bought a treadmill, so that’ll have to wait. :)

  3. I love baklava! You got some great photo shots!!

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  6. I went to a music festival recently and my city fair. Both were great :-)

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