San Diego Pride Pictures 2011

I asked in my last post if you’d be interested in seeing more pictures from the Pride Parade and Festival and everyone said yes, so here are some of the images I captured.

I saw so much love, happiness, fun, laughter, silliness, and drinks the size of your head.

People dancing, singing, and moving to the beat with every bar and restaurant packed to the gills with all walks of life.

Not caring what the world thinks of your lifestyle, outfit, fishnet, tattoos, while sporting great eyelashes were just some of the themes of the day and weekend.

And really, in my neighborhood, it’s like this, more or less, every day.

It was fun hearing if you’ve been to any Pride Parades or Pride Events in your area from my last post.

Here are my:

2010 pride pictures

2009 pride pictures

I captured all these images on the fly (similar to shooting lovers in the park in Mexico City last weekend), with my camera around my neck, my running shoes on, and a big smile was on my face the whole time seeing so much fun, love, and pride!


1. What has made you smile and happy this weekend?

2. Is anything in your life a bit ‘unusual’, different, not the same as “everyone else” or are any life choices you make different than the mainstream or differnt that others you know?  How do you handle it?

Gosh my life is one big “different than”. 

Some things that come to mind posts I’ve done about these types of traits and topics include:

Tattoos and piercings

My dietary path

My parenting choices

Not conforming to the mainstream

Not believing in food rules

Not caring if desserts are “healthy”

Eating desserts and not ‘healthifying’ them

And there are so many other things, too!

I have learned to just do my thing, hold my head up high, make the choices that are right for me, and try not to care what the world thinks.

They’re not walking a mile in my shoes, parenting my child, putting a roof over my head, living in my skin and body; nor are they my judge and jury.  So, I just do my thing.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but the older I get, the easier it becomes to stay true to my ideals, dreams, goals, and the life path that I choose to carve for myself even if it’s not Suzy Cookie Cutter’s life path.

But really, we all are different that the next person.  And I try to embrace that in myself and respect that in others.  Being at Pride festivals and parades is a reminder of how diverse we all are.  And that’s fabulous!

Have a great Sunday and keep the Summer in a Box Giveaway entries coming!

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  1. I really enjoyed looking at these photos! Those people look so happy and free! I once watched a Pride Parade while being on vacation in Spain- so much fun!
    I love how you chose to dont care what others think of you Averie! I hope Ill get there sometime too! I dont understand why I even bother worry what others thinks of me :P

  2. Hahaha – so much fun & joy & pride in ONE post. Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. AWESOME pics! Looks like a great time, and so colorful! The woman with the Christmas tree ornament sized necklace = priceless.

    And awwwww @ the little doggies!!! So cute, but their outfits aren’t colorful enough! ;)

  4. I wish I were there! Looks like everyone is having so much fun. I love it all. I couldn’t pick a favorite. LOVE this post!!!

  5. It’s so great to see people so comfortable with who they are, and not be afraid to show it.

    I avoid reckonsiling my differences with the mainstream by not being outward with my choices, opinions, and plans. I’m trying to expose to the world who I am little by little…and you, and these lovely peeps are great encouragement. :)

  6. Our decision to adopt has caused OH SO MUCH controversy in our family! While we know choosing adoption is not mainstream, we certainly didn’t think it would result in so many hurtful things being said to us and about our choice.

    But we’re both pretty stubborn :) And not to mention we’re 100% completely committed to bringing home our daughter…

    Life is too short to let others dictate your happiness <3

    Brooke Annessa

  7. I love your pics! It makes me miss all my friends in NYC.

    As for happy thoughts: I taught a children’s yoga class on Saturday. We went around in a circle and each shared one happy moment from the week. So much fun…answers ranged from drawing cats to playing outside.

    Lifestyle choices: I stopped eating meat in March. Friends and family keep asking me where I get my protein. I keep explaining all the wonderful and delicious ways to get everything we need from plants. I’m reading the China Study right now. I told my boyfriend I’m going a week without cheese (it was day three and he wanted to share something cheesy at a restaurant). I just had to laugh when he took it as a personal attack. On a happy note: plenty of friends and relatives are interested in trying yoga with me!

  8. Oh my God, where do I get those blue eyelashes??!!

    In answer to question number 1- this weekend simplicity made me smile. waking up without an alarm clock, and waking up next to the love of my life. eating chocolate cake with coffee, and not feeling guilty. practicing yoga in the park because it felt good. cooking dinner and having the man I love WANT to wash the dishes.

    Life is good, and it seems your days have been filled with beautiful excitement.

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  10. Ummmm, can I move to your neighborhood? Looks like FUN! Your photos really capture that spirit.

    I’ve made some unconventional choices for sure, and I take grief for them every now and again. But I’m pretty much like you–comfortable with myself and my choices, so I keep on keeping on.

  11. Everyone in these photos just looks so HAPPY! What a great job capturing that feeling. Lots of things made me happy this weekend, I think I’ll be doing a post on them tomorrow!

    And I definitely consider myself unusual. Some people call me strange, I say I’m just comfortable with who I am and what I believe in, and I’m really proud of that. It’s taken a lot of time and effort to get to this point, and I’m so much happier now that I’m here!

  12. Wow… looks like you couldn’t have asked for better weather!

    I love the “born this way” picture… and the pups in the basket, of course. :)

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  14. Fabulous pictures!!! :D
    Love all the outfits, they definitely made me smile! :D

  15. BEAUTIFUL Pictures, Averie!! These are the shots I was waiting for, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. I looooove those little puppies (full of pride, I’m sure!)

    I think that my general attitude regarding sexuality and sexual fluidity/openness makes me different (and some folks a little uncomfortable). I also think that my almost obsessive love of craft beers has been a big surprise to my family, a rum and coke kinda bunch… but it’s kept me excited and interested!

  16. You took some beautiful photos!! This year was my all-time favorite pride! It was such a blast!! I am verrrrry different but I prefer it that way. :) Did you go to see Margaret Cho perform in Balboa Park? She was hilarious!

  17. I don’t follow a lot of food rules either, and I could care less if my desserts or even meals are “healthy”. Moderation is healthy, not restriction.

  18. GREAT photos, Averie!

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