Sandwiches & ‘Shrooms

I received this bread from Nature’s Pride as part of the Food Buzz Featured Publishers program

And I have been making Scott and Skylar sandwiches with it.

A sandwich just isn’t a sandwich without the tasty zip of Miracle Whip Vegenaise and Mustard.  I waited 10 years to find that mustard again!  Well worth the wait. It’s also packaged under different private labels and brands.

Since I wasn’t dining on traditional bread sandwiches over the weekend, I did eat a couple of these  peanut butter “sandwiches”

Who needs Gluten-containing bread when you’ve got zucchini?

And I made an impulse purchase at the grocery store for shitake mushrooms.

I am not normally an impulse buyer, but I am glad I did yesterday because these are so good!

I know there are countless ways to marinate them with olive oil, vinegar, spices, lemon juice and keep them raw or raw-ish but turn them into more of a seasoned and flavored “meaty” alternative.  And of course, you can sautee or cook them.  But I actually just sprinkled them on my salad as is.

And ate a few handfuls raw and plain. I love the chewy texture.  I guess I am good to go on plant-based iron, fiber, and selenium now, too.

There were also some new dessert bites I made that I ate.  Recipe to be posted soon.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still loving the No Bake White Chocolate & Mango Cookie Dough Bites, but I made something similar, but different.  And they rock.

From my last post on It’s Good to Have Friends, thanks for telling me about your friends and friendships and how much value you place on them.  It was fun to read about your priorities when it comes to friends, and how that is balanced with where you’re at in your current stage of life.

And I am so glad many of you have made amazing friends via the internet and blogosphere, too.  Three cheers to blogs and the internet bringing us all joy far beyond the food or healthy living tips, which can get a little redundant anyway. Glad we’ve all made some amazing. friends in the process.

Breakfast/Snack/Dessert: Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cake (Vegan, GF)

5 minutes and it’s ready!


1. Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

Yesterday I went on a nearly 4 mile run, which for me is a “long run” now.  I used to run 5 miles (or more) every day, for about 15 years, and used to run tons of races.  But running too much can be hard on my joints so now it’s more about yoga, walking, shorter running distances.  However, yesterday the weather was great, my run was flowing nicely, and I just kept running.  Today the weather turned nasty, windy, and cold.  Boo.

2. Do you like bread?

I think everyone likes bread!  However, it’s not something I miss being gluten-free.  (Trace gluten enters my world, but I would never sit down and just feast on bread)

And if someone offered me warm, hearty, multigrain, homemade fresh bread, I would have a hard time saying no.  Who wouldn’t!

3. Do you like mushrooms?

This is a love ’em or hate ’em food, I’m pretty sure.

My mother hates mushrooms so growing up, I was never exposed to them and assumed I hated them too.  Wrong!  I actually love the chewy and dense factor to them.  I don’t eat them all that frequently, but I love grilled portobellos or shitakes.

I am not a fan of mushrooms in recipes.  Like I wouldn’t really be keen on mushrooms in soup or in sauces or spreads.  And definitely not canned or salty mushrooms.  Must be fresh ‘shrooms.

I prefer them whole and alone or as the star ingredient of a dish, like a grilled portobello, if that makes sense.

Which is the opposite of me and bananas.  I like bananas in recipes, and am not so fond of them on their own and alone.  I have a whole post on Recipes Using Bananas (like the blueberry banana oat cake above).  I love cooking with bananas, though.

But we were talking about mushrooms.  Do you like them?

Have a great Sunday and I’ll be back later with a great no-bake dessert recipe!


43 comments on “Sandwiches & ‘Shrooms”

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  2. I really like the zucchini idea for mini sandwiches. I’ll have to try that at my next party.

  3. Answer 1. My grandpa died on monday so this week has been a little hectic. He lived up the street from me. Such a wonderful person. He went to every single one of my violin recitals and high school performances. Best thing i did this week was read his biography and looked through old family photos finding the best ones of him.
    Answer 2. I guess i like bread. I am not crazy about it but i couldn’t live without it!
    Answer 3. Sautteed mushrooms are the key to my heart! What you did with mushrooms above looks absolutely sinful! (in a good way ;) ) i really must try!
    Thank you for sharing! Love your blog!

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  5. I love your blog. I go gaga for it all the time. It makes me happy. You have simple food, that looks to good to pass up. You make me excited about food. I rave about your blog and tell my friends in Michigan to check out…. There just something contagious about it. I am so happy you are here…. thank you so much for sharing many wonderful tasty food and stories across the universe.. Namasta!!!!! Loving -kindess. ~ Jeannine

    • Jeannine thank you for the great comment! I love that you are raving to your MI friends and they are reading, too. Contagious energy…it’s a good thing :) Truly love getting comments like yours; makes me realize I may possibly be making a difference to others :)

  6. I made your rolls with rice paper and loved it! I added radish sprouts, which gave it an interesting slightly bitter taste. I made a version of your peanut sauce and it was terrific!
    I used to buy these from the health food store, but it is so easy to make. I did not think, before I saw your website, that I could make these. Thank you! I am now a devoted fan of your website and blog. Comments to your blog are very interesting, too.

  7. Ew, I absolutely can’t stand mushrooms! Definitely a hate for me. The taste and texture is awful and is too “meaty.” I remember being so frustrated once when someone made a vegetarian option for me and they were so proud and it was a big pile of mushrooms.

  8. I love bread, but I’m going to start baking all my own (trying gluten free recipes!) to prevent from eating all the nasty preservatives/ect. I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms.. but I am trying to eat more of them for the nutrients! Marinated portabellos are slowly becoming more palatable for me.. :)

  9. I wish I liked mushrooms, but I HATE them. Blech. It’s definitely a texture thing for me, and no matter how well they are cooked I just can’t get over it.

  10. Bread and mushrooms are two of my most favourite foods. They both make me really, really happy :-) I love fried mushrooms on toast!

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  12. I love bread!!! I can’t live without it.

  13. Love bread. love shrooms too! I’ll eat them raw. Mmmm..i’m odd ;)

  14. I love bread! I try to limit my weekly intake to no more that two or three times. Usually it is a slice of Ezekial with nut butter. I will use wraps or pitas as opposed to sandwiches but not very often.

    Love mushrooms. I will eat them any way you give them to me!

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