Saturday: Mexico City Markets & Meat

Note: This post does contain some images that may be disturbing to some.  Click off the page now if you’re not interested in seeing raw meat.  Also, please do not shoot me as the messenger, either.  I am simply telling a story as a photographer on assignment, so to speak.

My day started shooting my first photograph at about 6:30am, some of which are shown here in my last post, Breakfast.

And I didn’t take my final image until 11:22pm.

I took a taxi back to the room but the other ladies stayed out enjoying their mezcal.  I’m not a fan of it and actually haven’t drank at all this trip.  I am tired enough; alcohol is just going to put me to sleep!  But it’s traditional here in Mexico to enjoy mezcal.  Or enjoy lots of it.

  In between breakfast and mezcal, we  I am exhausted.  Both physically and emotionally.

We went to the open air markets and there was so much meat, everywhere.  This is the land of chop it off the bone, fry it, add cheese to it.

The pride this woman has making her blue corn tortillas is evident and beautiful.

And then she fills them with meat and cheese.

The joy this woman has frying potatoes emanates from her.

And these guys were so happy at 8am on a Saturday morning in the rain just hanging out on the back of a truck.

Carcasses and all.

As was this man.

If nothing else, this trip has reinforced my commitment to a plant based diet. 

I also cried a couple times today when photographing the meat, the carcasses, the dead birds.

But, as a photographer, I am telling a story.

I am showing how the overwhelming majority of people here seem to eat.


…to older.

I don’t choose meat for my own life path, I don’t judge others who do, but I do at times have a hard time seeing it raw, bloody, and in such abundance.

On that note, I’ll take a pineapple juice please!

I’ll have what these guys are having!

It’s been a very long, emotional, moving, and powerful day for me.

I will process and ruminate about this day for a very long time to come.

The winners of the Two Cookbooks for Two Winners are:

Kristina @ spabettie July 7, 2011 at 3:03 pm

all right, Averie, you are gonna laugh at this one, but something I make that is TOTALLY tasty and easy (and healthy) – all the variations of christin’s chickpea balls! :) I have made so many variations of them and they’re all good. ;) perhaps I’ll send you some as a housewarming…


Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free July 7, 2011 at 4:01 pm

I already facebook like you :D

Please email me your shipping addresses, ladies!


1. Have you ever had to do something that you don’t personally agree with but for the sake of something else, or for another reason or to tell a story or to demonstrate something to others, you endured it or dealt with it in some capacity?

I apologize to anyone who is offended by the photographs in this post.  I almost didn’t post some of them but I wanted to show you what I saw.  And trust me, I saw a whole lot more that would make your eyes pop out of your head.  Those images will never be posted. 

I imagine that teachers who have to teach about concepts like evolution or creationism, or health teachers who discuss topics like abortion or family planning, if what they are instructed to teach goes against their own personal views, I imagine this is extremely difficult for those teachers.

Or perhaps a vegan waiter in a non-vegan restaurant has ethical issues serving the food but needs his paychecks to support his own family and in this economy it’s not always so easy to just go find another job.

Or perhaps a lawyer who is a public defender and has to defend someone who is behind on their child support payments or who has committed a very serious crime, I am sure this is gut-wrenching for that attorney, but because all people have rights to legal representation in the U.S., someone must defend those persons.

As a photographer, I am telling a story.  A very hard story for me to tell.  But one that I feel is important to showcase rather than not tell it and pretend it doesn’t exist.

I love all my friends, the meat eaters and not.

This is no way is a judgment on anyone who eats meat, seafood, plants, eggs, dairy (and I have cooked with dairy and eggs in some of my baked goods and desserts the past six months such as White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting or Fudgy Nutella Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting).  We are all on our own paths.

I wanted to showcase some of the powerful images and photographs I made today.  Hard or not.

2. Where are you at with your own personal meat eating, seafood eating, dairy or egg eating?  And why?

3. On lighter matters, what’s been going on for you this weekend?

I have a 6am wakeup call to start it all over!  Whirlwind, indeed!

Never intended to write this type of post tonight but could not sleep until I shared some of what I experienced today. 

Please let’s all be respectful and kind in the comments.  Thank you in advance!

69 comments on “Saturday: Mexico City Markets & Meat”

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  2. So much rather see a picture of a dead carcass than a prepared meat meal. That latter is covering up the true source and other other is helping people make connections to where there food comes from. If they can still eat it knowing that, well, there is not much hope for them giving it up. I think you are an empathic person if you see it in that state and cannot eat it. Glad your previous feelings were confirmed. Sometimes it takes things like that to do it for us.

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  4. your pics are so awesome!! ok about the meat sitch…as you know i grew up in the philippines (an underdeveloped country like mexico), so i’ve seen pretty much anything as far as meat goes…how it’s killed for food (as we used to do with our chicken), i think being raised there allowed me to be “hard core” and not get grossed out with animal stuff, but also being raised here (second half of my life) allowed me to get educated about animal treatment and the industry here. the thing is, animals in my province in the philippines were not treated badly, they were fed properly, caged free, (and i don’t think we were aware of all the animal issues there, just the way people lived). with that said, i care for animals but i still eat meat (especially seafood!). just more aware of where my food comes from.

  5. These photos are BEAUTIFUL Averie! I wish I could have gone with you! Jealous to the max.

  6. Please don’t ever feel badly posting any pictures that you want! Like you say, we’re all on our own path and should never judge. Although I do eat some meat, I don’t like to see carcasses like that in my daily life, but it is a craft to some which should be respected. I think your pictures show what life is for people in that trade. Great job!!

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