Saturday Morning Mexico City Breakfast

It’s a whirlwind here in Mexico City!

Speed editing, speed posting, just some highlights.

Breakfast today:

Traditional sweet breads

Eggs (not mine)

More eggs & refried beans (not mine)

Watermelon (mine!)

Cafe Mexicano (super strong coffee, almost espresso-like, about 2 ounces + about 4 ounces of sweet, warm milk)


I still love the vanilla iced coffees I make at home but this coffee did rock.  I had almost two.  Need to keep awake!  We are at a break-neck pace!

Being bloggers and photographers

Then we went to the market.  It was mind-blowing.  The sheer size, the pandemonium, the crowds.  And there was tons and tons of raw meat.  I have a renewed, deep, deep conviction in a plant-based diet after being there.

More market shots later, but now we are off to photograph and shoot all afternoon and late into the evening.  At least until 10 or 11pm!

Glad you enjoyed my Friday Night Mexico City pictures.  And yes, romance is a big theme here.

What’s going on for you this weekend?

P.S. Last reminder for the Two Cookbooks for Two Winners Giveaway

34 comments on “Saturday Morning Mexico City Breakfast”

  1. ahhh… I am SO excited for you! (I know, I KEEP saying that!!) :D can’t wait to see more! makes me want to do the one in Austin I was telling you about – same thing, goes LONG. looks SO fun.

    wedding festivities today for me and tomorrow hopefully meeting Lindsay and her husband – he’s racing here in Portland this weekend WEEE!


  2. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the rest! :)

    I <3 Mexican coffee….

  3. Love it! Such stunning pictures, especially the first one with the bread. You caught a beautiful, action packed moment. Well done!

    I don’t drink coffee because it makes me too jittery (and I only like it with lots of sugar so even decaf isn’t an option) but I looooove the way it looks, and the way it smells. The photo of that cup of coffee looks so beautiful!

  4. Those sweet breads look delicious, and I’m not a bread person…making me want to go to the bakery :)

  5. Oh, I am almost in tears with jealousy!! No really, I am thrilled you are having an awesome time and are documenting this experience for poor (feeling so left out) blogger/photographers like me! It looks like SO MUCH FUN. One of these days, I’m going to do this! I will! Keep posting! Tell Penny that this other Penni over here in Houston is still looking for stories!

  6. OooOOo what a fun time Averie! And i really really want those watermelon slices and coffee!!! May I???

  7. Beautiful pictures! And what an amazing experience! Glad to hear your having such an awesome time down there :)

  8. mmm i love all the fruits and veggies everywhere. I could eat nothing but them!

    I’m heading off to a good friends wedding in about a half hour!

  9. Cafe Mexicano looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see more pictures

  10. I’ll take the huevos rancheros, a side of watermelon, and the Cafe Mexicano, por favor!

  11. mmm look at those sweet breads! and oh the bananas! which have definitely been helping me get through my wisdom teeth post-operation :) Enjoy, and have fun, Averie!

  12. keep going with those coffees. if there’s ever a day to set a personal record for number of coffees consumed, this is it! enjoy the fabulous sights!

  13. That first shot of the pastries is pretty fantastico mamasita! ;)

    I love fast-paced adventures. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie… like twice a year, haha.

    Keep on enjoying being south of the border!!

  14. do you like cilantro? very heavily used there and i know some people think it tastes like soap! you know…after seeing meat hanging in market in india i nearly converted (i ate vegetarian the entire month i was there, only eggs no dairy…nearly a vegan) but it didn’t work for me. i felt sluggish, i guess my body needs animal protein?

  15. Beautiful pictures — mmm those sweet breads look amazing! And the sheer number of bananas is crazy — love it! :)

  16. I can only imagine…everything looks so vibrant!

  17. Yummm! I love Mexican breakfast. This weekend I am throwing a yoga/vegan potluck party at my house. Can’t wait to get together with all my girls and have fun.

  18. Wow! that’s got to be the most bananas I’ve seen in one place!! Glad to hear you are getting to see interesting and fun places there…:)

  19. I love the picture of all of the bananas!!! Awesome. Have fun!

  20. I can’t believe you’re blogging on this trip crazy lady! It looks INCREDIBLE!

  21. Looks like fun! Yuck- hanging meat. Makes it easy to be plant based in my opinion. Very busy weekend for us. Attended a vegan kids get together at a park today. Tomorrow going to a veg meet up at a local restaurant. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  22. Yum, yum! What a great opportunity Averie!

    Okay, I saw your moving post and the Mexico City header and was like, what?!? I stop posting and reading for a few months and Averie is moving to Mexico? Okay, okay, I figured it out, hee, hee. Glad to know you’re still in town and just down the street from where you were : ) I cannot go so long away from this time vampire, I get so out of touch!

    Enjoy your time at your photography weekend!!


  23. What a fun trip. Enjoy! Great shots.

  24. That watermelon looks out of this world good! And it has seeds! Crazy! I can’t believe those bananas either! So many! I can imagine how seeing so much raw meat could really turn you off, I feel the same way at farmers markets where I live. And you were right about the comment I made about the bananas looking like gross sweet potatoes! You were right! Sorry about that! Hope you are having an amazing time, and keeping awake! Can’t wait to read more about your adventure soon!
    <3 Ali

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