Savoring Aruba Photos

I took these photos earlier today. 


The Gates To Paradise, Unchained


We are all but a speck in this big world.

This big, vast, beautiful world.

Be Free from the Hooks & Chains

While you walk on the sometimes Rocky Road of life.

Let the Divi Trees Blow.  And throw caution to the Wind.

Smile and remember life is short.  

Enjoy it. Live it. Savor it. Make the most of it.

And from my last post, Vanilla Iced Coffee, I had no idea that was going to be such popular post.

It’s the simple things like iced coffee and making coffee ice cubes with leftover coffee that make a life a little better, right?

Sounds like many of your are big iced coffee fans.  Me too, clearly. I’m glad you enjoyed my Iced Coffee making tips.

And thank you for continuing to comment on my Blogging 101 post.  I’m happy my thoughts, ideas, and my opinions only, of course, are resonating with you.

Blogging 102 is my next post, so stay tuned!


1. What are you doing for the weekend?  Are you celebrating the holiday weekend and if so, do you have Monday off from work (or school)?

I plan to soak up more beach time, time with Skylar, and just really savor our last weekend in Aruba because soon enough I will be leaving paradise and going back home.

I love San Diego, it’s beautiful and I love living there, and it’s a beautiful place to call home, but it is “real life” and so I will be back to work, errands, chores, etc. so this weekend it’s all about R & R and savoring paradise!

2. What are you savoring right now, or this week, or anything you’re looking forward to savoring soon?

I have a few things on my radar screen that I am looking forward to savoring soon, and I’ll be filling you in on the details, soon.

Til then, how about savoring a Chocolate Covered Oreo Ball

3. Do you have a favorite picture from this post?

I appreciate feedback because it helps me grow, learn, improve.

Blogging 102 post will be the next post so stay tuned.

59 comments on “Savoring Aruba Photos”

  1. beautiful photos, averie! i so identify with what you photographed and commented upon…i like your “food for thought” comments, too.
    oh, your last weekend in aruba? that’s so sad! well, do enjoy every moment…
    out to a fun annual event tonight and then a wedding tomorrow eve and mom’s birthday on sunday plus work each day! busy weekend!
    have a great eve!

  2. I love the first picture. It’s gorgeous!

    This weekend I’m running at 10 miler.

  3. wow gorgeous photos!! reminds me of the time i live in grenada in the caribbean for 3 years!!! ahhh!! this weekend will include lots of studying and movies. :) i’ve been watching movies lately. i know you’re not a big fan but my whole fam and i love the movies and just watching it here at home. my brother recently bought a 60 inch tv with an incredible surround sound system. it’s amazing. :) have a great weekend!!!

  4. All you photos are beautiful! If I were to chose one of the beach/scenery photos I’d chose the first one. But I still think my favorite is of the iced coffee. It makes me want one right now :)

  5. Your photos are SO pretty!! I love the iced coffee one best ;)

  6. these are so beautiful!!the first one kind of reminds me of pirates of the carribean for some reason…weird

  7. Wow! The water there is exquisite…so blue. I’m savoring sunshine today and a weekend ahead of me to play with my dog and visit my folks. Lots of good salad makin’ going on here too!
    I think my favorite one is the cat under the tree. So simple and unexpected…

  8. i love this post ! they are all beautiful, but the first photo is definitely my favorite :)

  9. i’m savoring a 3 day weekend! i see grilling and lots of sunshine filled walks in my future. i have a special dinner reservation tomorrow that we had to make a month in advance so i hope it’s tasty!

  10. Gorgeous photos!!! I love the first one but I love the kitty more. He looks JUST like our kitty, Jack. I’ll post pics of him later. :)

  11. Beautiful photos, Averie! You have no idea how exciting it is for me to watch you learn about your camera and photography. Your passion really shows through and it is quite contagious ;) I love the first one as well as the last one. I can tell you’ve been studying your “rule of thirds!” The first is a prime example of that. I love how the stake grabs my attention first, but then the chain leads me off, all complimented by that lovely beach. Great colors and contrast!

    • The funny thing about the rule of thirds is that I understand it, i get it, but I dont “think” about it. I just take pics that I think look good…and sometimes they fall within the rule and sometimes…they dont. I guess rules can be broken.

      Like with food pics, sometimes it’s just not practical to do it. It’s better to just have it all centered, etc etc.

      And the FG and TS crop boxes are currently hating me. And I can’t get any of my good “full composition” shots to work properly, thus on a dry spell :(

      • I hear you there ;) But that’s a good thing – it means it’s becoming second nature to you! Yes, I agree that rules are meant to be broken and that photography shouldn’t have rules anyways; but I can tell you have the eye to see when it would be appealing to have something smack-dab in the center and when it’s nice not to. Food is a good example!
        And yes, darn those FG boxes! I’ve been trying to shoot looser lately to accommodate for them if I think I’ve got something to submit.

  12. I read your iced coffee post this morning and I couldn’t get it out of my head, so my boyfriend and I are currently sipping vanilla iced coffees from starbucks! Deeeelish!!!

    • you’re supposed to make your own!! you could buy an entire can of coffee from TJs and have coffee for a month with what you paid for 2 SB’s ice coffees. (That sounds so motherly of me, huh!

      But I’m glad I had you craving them :)

  13. I did enjoy! Thanks for sharing. :)

  14. nice post–very inspirational!!!

  15. The first photo is stunning! Looks like an “artist” photographer’s piece. Great composition! :)
    Love your blog, still addicted as always. Your growth is incredible.

  16. So beautiful… I love the ‘rocky road of life’ pic and the first cat pic.

    Savoring gardening, and we have a great memorial day gathering coming up for which we’re supposed to make our home comfort foods. Will post about for sure!

  17. I love the first photo, and even more so because of the title! All the photos look awesome though, beautiful job!

  18. The kitty cat!!! Love to travel as well, but the most depressing thing that I always find are the stray cats and dogs :( If I could take them all in I would. They probably live better than you and I, but still sad when they’re out in the hot sun begging…

    Love anything to do with the beach and as I was strolling down the pics I was looking for a Skylar pic to pop up. She is so adorable. I’m sure she will enjoy reading your blog and looking through the many years of her life when she grows older.

    Heading to the Jersey shore for the holiday weekend. It’s hot, hot, hot over here!! Looking forward to the beach myself :)

    Enjoy your last weekend.

  19. Gorgeous pics, very artistic.

    1. Not much and it’s nice! 3 days of no stress and hubby home. :-)
    2. Down time to relax, play in the kitchen and eat sadly because work has been so crazy this week.
    3. Probably the 2nd one, great color and powerful message.

  20. i LOVE the first picture with the big chain and ocean behind it. I think the intense lines and contrast of colors is very pleasing. Great job with the all the pictures! I will be savoring every minute with family member that are visiting to watch me run my first marathon this sunday! I will also be savoring whatever amazing meal I eat post race haha! have a great weekend!!

  21. What gorgeous photos! I’m officially jealous!

    I’m definitely a savor-er. I savor just about whatever I’m doing at the moment.

  22. Oooooooooooh I love the chain photo!! And all the rust ones!! Gorgeous gorgeous!!

    We have a fun party coming up this weekend, can’t wait! (although I can’t find anything to wear!!)

  23. Awesome pictures! I loved Aruba when I went and seeing your pics have made me want to (need to) go again…soon!! Your photography skills are really increasing exponentially. Well done!

  24. Awesome pictures! And great sentiments, too. Always good to have a reminder. Enjoy!

  25. God those pictures are gorgeoius. I need a vacation so badly! :)

    Unfortunately working all weekend, but looking forward to a quiet Monday. Enjoy the holiday!

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