I picked up one of these KitchenAid Flex Edge Beaters from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Kitchen aid flex edge beaters

They retail for 39.99 which isn’t cheap (who knew that’s the going rate for a beater) but I used an expired 20% off coupon so that helped.

Hoard those BB & B coupons like gold and redeem them despite the printed expiration dateMost stores will allow you to cash them in but it is up to the store’s discretion.  At probably over 20 BB & B stores in about 10 states, I’ve never been denied.  I have been told by a few readers their store is a stickler for rules and won’t redeem expired ones, but that neighboring stores allow it.

I strapped the new beater onto the new stand mixer

Grey kitchen aid stand mixer

And got busy beating.


Loved it.

Granted I’ve only had my KitchenAid for two weeks and had limited experience with the factory-standard paddle beater but the flexible edge beater scraped the bowl very nicely while I was testing out a new cookie recipe.

Try a bite of this on for size.

Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies with M&Ms

I can’t even begin to tell you quite how good the cookies were (similar to these in a way), but that’s another post.  I have 200 cookie pictures one or two cookie pictures to edit before the post will be ready.  That’s why Lightroom and I are BFFs and you can download free Lightroom, too.

The cookie dough was thick and the beater scraped the bowl really well.

Kitchen aid flex edge beaters

I’ve read about the Beater Blade which has two gray flexible scraping parts.

Beater Blade

Compared with the KitchenAid that I purchased, which just has the gray rubber on one side.

Kitchen aid flex edge beater

I’m sure that it’s beneficial to have rubber on both sides, but I was impatient and didn’t want to wait to order it and am happy with my one-sided purchase.

However, I just saw this pink one and pretty much have to have it.

Pink Kitchen aid flex edge beater

Two pink sides is better than one gray side, right?

While I edit pictures, I will be slurping a pre-made Banana Cream Pudding Pie Smoothie from the batch I made earlier that’s in the freezer.

Banana Cream Pudding Pie Smoothie

The caramel, the banana pudding mix in the smoothie, the butterscotch and white chocolate chips should hopefully take my mind off the fact that I really don’t need to eat any more cookies even though I’m staring at pictures of them thinking IwantmorecookiesIwantmorecookies.

Have you purchased any fun kitchen tools or gadgets lately?

Or any other fun purchases you’re enjoying?

One other thing I had in my hand while I was at BB & B but did not buy it was a popover pan because I’ve seen some fun popover recipes I’d like to try.

Chicago Metallic 6 cup popover pan

The main reason I didn’t buy it is that it’s huge, heavy, and thinking about where to store this beast is why I didn’t purchase it.

My kitchen has no storage.  You’re “across” the width of the kitchen in precisely 1 step, about 3 feet wide, and what storage there is, I’ve maxed out with appliances.


Those cupboards are lined with sugar, sprinkles, and kitchen power tools.  So I put the popover pan on standby, for now.

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