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While I was away on vacation in Aruba, I received lots of items in the mail.

I recently reviewed some new Amazing Grass powder, Tropical Traditions Dishwasher powder, and more in my Powder post from Saturday.

I was fortunate enough to receive a Foodzie Tasting Box in the mail, complete with all kinds of great goodies in it!

Read the fine print, here

My favorites so far have been the Peeled Snacks dried pineapple and the Pluff iced tea

Scott loved the biscotti (I’m not a huge biscotti fan but he is) so those went straight to him and he loved them!

And Skylar gobbled up the seaweed snax.

She’s a four year old who digs seaweed.  I’ll take it.

She also digs the sea.

Remember her “big” boat ride?

The Foodzie Tasting boxes are great and here are links to my posts and reviews from the previous two Foodzie packages I received:

Woody’s Sea Salt (which I got more of that in this month’s box, too)

Horseradish Dill Mustard (so good! I’m still thinking about that stuff!)

Also in the mail waiting for me were some Zenergy Powerballs.

Gogi Berry and Almond (above)

Coconut (below)

They remind me a bit of the Bard Valley Date Rolls I recently reviewed.  Naturally sweet, chewy, a portable snack, and good!

A fun food trivia sheet from Zenergy (click to enlarge)

If you don’t happen to have any Zenergy Powerballs, but have medjool dates, you can make your own goodies like Raw Vegan Caramels (3 ingredients)

Filled with nut butter

More recipe ideas using dates here

I still have more products to review but that’s enough snacks from a box for today.

Time for a snack from my freezerYes, that’s where I keep all kinds of balls, bites, cookies, and goodies.  Never know what I’m going to want, or when, so keeping a stash with variety on hand is good.

Like a Special K Bar with Chocolate Frosting

Peanut buttery, dense, rich, chocolatey and after 5 minutes at room temp, they’re ready to inhale eat.

From my last post about my new iMac, thanks for the congratulations.  Yes, I was in major need (not “want”) of a new computer since mine pretty much crashed on me after four and a half years.  I am loving the new machine and it’s making my life so much easier, better, and more efficient in just one day of having it!  Lots of you are Mac fans, too, it sounds like.

And I’m glad most of you back up your machines or plan to start backing things up.


1. Have you tried any new foods or come across any awesome food finds lately?

Do tell!

2. What’s your favorite snack now that summer is here?

In the winter, I really don’t snack on as much fresh fruit.  I crave warmer foods and roasted foods.

But now that summer is here, I am loving fresh fruit.  I just bought the most divine white nectarines.  They are in season for just a few weeks per year and right now is that time.  So good!

And watermelon has been a fave snack lately, too.

Enjoy your evening!

46 comments on “Snack Boxes”

  1. I love Peeled snacks! They’re so good. They sell them at most Starbucks, I think. I got some as a snack one time and they’re a great way to get a taste of dried fruit without committing to an entire big bag!

  2. I just recently heard about these Foodzie boxes and I really want to try them, but I’m worried I may not be able to eat half of the stuff that comes. I’ll have to investigate a little more to see if there is any control over the contents. I love the Peeled brand though and I’m very thankful they started carrying it at Starbucks. Also, congrats on the new iMac – it’s beautiful!!

  3. No new food finds recently, but wow that watermelon looks delicious!!

  4. Sweet swag box! Looks of fun products. I’ve never been a big biscotti fan either, it’s just okay. But I’d be all over the pineapple.

    1. Lightlife Smokey Tempeh strips were a pleasant surprise, tasty and easy to work with.
    2. Watermelon is probably my fave summer snack.

  5. Thanks for the review Averie! Check out our website, like us on facebook, and please share our fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo:

  6. Looks like you 3 had a plethora of choices from all of the packages that arrived while you were in Aruba.

    Recent recipe: Angela’s Chilled Double Chocolate Torte (no bake).
    I made this on Sunday but we didn’t try it until last night. OMG! Amazing!

    Favourite summer snack: fresh juicy/watery fruit and fruit smoothies.

  7. I really need to make up some summer snacks for the freezer!!! I got all the ingredients…it just takes me getting in the kitchen and uncooking some date treats! I usually love my smoothies when it gets hot – I make 2-3 daily which means I need lots of frozen bananas ready in the freezer.


  8. I haven’t tried peeled snacks yet! I’ve heard they’re really, really good. It’s SO awesome that Skylar likes seaweed. It’s so rare for a child her age to enjoy such a vast array of foods. Keep it up!!

  9. It looks like you scored some good eats! How fun. I love trying new things. I will try WayFare Foods spreads this weekend since they gave me some samples this week. My fav summer snack is probably a sweet, juicy peach. I love those things!

  10. Wow all that stuff sounds awesome!

    I love watermelon right now and peaches here are just coming into season. Mangoes and pineapple are so good now too. My mom and I usually go peach and blueberry picking in a few weeks – it is so much work but a lot of fun.

  11. What a lucky momma to have a seaweed snackin’ four year old =) I would be elated if my soon-to-be-4 niece would just eat a vegetable. Her mom gives her the typical happy meal diet and it breaks my heart!

  12. A 4 year old that likes seaweed is impressive! Any fresh fruit is my fav for summer.

  13. Hey Averie! I work for a firm that manufactures Greens and Reds, and in marketing we’ve done product comparisons against Amazing Grass. They are definitely a good company but they are on the bitter side for taste (so they taste like, well kale, seaweed, barley, etc.) Good products though. Let me know if you want me to send you a sample box of our products, I think Skylar would love our Strawberry-kiwi and Chocolate flavors. :) Delicious Greens & Reds 8000 if you want to hit up the sites for some details.

  14. What a great idea – Food gifts that are actually unique and healthy! I’ve had to send gifts to guys in the past, and I’m always like a) flowers are too girly and b) I refuse to send candy bars, ha! So, I’ll have to keep this link on hand for those certain occasions!

  15. My favorite summer snack is fresh fruit, for sure!

    Does the seaweed snack taste anything like Trader Joe’s? We tried that and thought it was horrendous. I’d love to hear if a different brand is better.

  16. Loving the snacks Quick questions, how long do all goodies take to defrost? I find it takes 12 hours plus and I simply can’t wait that that long Have you any tips for quicker defrosting? Thanks

  17. you hit the jackpot im so jealous of your snacks!!

  18. Wow that Foodzie box looks tasty. I am going to have to check that website out. I love that Skylar is so open to trying new foods! She’s such a cutie.

    I’m pretty obsessed with oat groats lately. I cook them in the slow cooker overnight and top them with fresh fruits and chopped nuts or some nut butter.

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