Sold my Polar, Selling on Ebay or Craigslist

Yesterday I sold my heart rate monitor on Craigslist.  It was the Polar F6 that I posted about here

When I bought the Polar, it was because my Garmin didn’t fit me.  I had sent my Garmin back because the Chest Strap was too big, shifted around, and just didn’t fit me properly.  And Garmins aren’t cheap so I sent it back.  More on that here.

So, I got the Polar as a replacement to the Garmin.  But, I never used it.  Actually, I used it twice, if the truth be told.   The picture here was one of the two times I used it.

I thought I would like seeing my heart rate, distance, pace, and various info and stats, but truthfully, I don’t care that much.  More of my thoughts in the questions section, below.

Moving On…
Remember the vandalism to our house?

Well, the vandals apparently were, or are, out in full force with their red paint.  I found this near our house.

I like how the light is just hitting her face and everything else is shaded.  Even though she’s squinting, I like the lighting in this shot.  I have been using the stock lens on my camera lots more than the newer lens.
She standing on top of the vandal’s handy-work

From my last post, thanks for telling me about how you like to be productive and whether or not you like keeping to-do lists.  Most everyone seems to love their to-do lists!  And some of you write things like take shower, brush teeth, eat breakfast just so you can cross it off your list.  Love it.

Snack time was 
Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats
With additional Tips Here
I always have a batch of this in the freezer.  Sometimes I eat half, or all of it.  Or just a bite or two.  But it’s an easy freeze-able snack to keep on hand.

 Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats

Another snack I like to make is Cinnamon Sugar Peanut Buttery Chickpea “Peanuts” with Peanut Flour.   If you don’t have peanut flour, you can follow my Carmelized Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpea “Peanuts” recipe 

These are little peanut buttery sugar “caramel” crystals
 I wish I could just make these on their own sometimes.  Oh my.  So good.

Cinnamon Sugar Peanut Buttery Chickpea “Peanuts” with Peanut Flour 

1. Do you use a Heart Rate Monitor when you workout?
I had lived for 3+ decades without knowing my stats but after reading blogs and seeing how much everyone “loved” theirs, I figured, ok maybe I am missing out.  So I ordered one.

I tried a couple brands.  The Garmin didn’t fit properly and the although the Polar fit better, I would prefer to run without a chest strap or gadgets.

One of the reasons I do run is for the mental and stress reducing benefits.

And also for the feeling of being free.  With a watch on my arm and chest strap on, and the data being recorded, I didn’t feel a sense of freedom, either literally or figuratively.

If you love heart rate monitor and feel it helps you and you enjoy it, awesome!  Different strokes for different folks.   I don’t even run with an ipod.  So not really too surprising that I didn’t fall in love with a HRM.

Do you use a HRM? Why or why not?  Brands you love?

2. Last thing you have bought or sold on Ebay or Craiglist? 
I am a huge ebay and CL fan.  As well as thrift/secondhand/vintage stores.

I have posted before that I’ve bought everything from my Macbook on Craiglist to some of my clothes secondhand at Buffalo Exchange to having fun going vintage/thrift shopping.

So the last thing I sold on CL was my Polar F6
And the last thing I sold on Ebay were some clothes that were nice enough not to just donate.

3. For those of you who haven’t sold anything on Ebay or CL, what are you waiting for?  
You get to:
1. dejunk/declutter your stuff.  I love de-stashing and re-organizing.
2. help someone else out who will use the item more than you
3. you make money! 

See you later gang!

P.S. Item #3 on my 2011 Intentions ListIt’s well underway.  Stay tuned.

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