Spam City

I’m not talking about this Spam

I’m talking about this spam: 2090 spam comments.

That is from today alone.  OMG.

The reason I close comments on posts that are older than 7 days is because it drastically cuts down on my spam, and I have various WordPress plug-ins in place that are supposed to block spam, but the hackers and spammers sure got my number the past 24 hours.

Probably 500 of those comments slipped through into my email and I’ve been getting notifications on them all.  <—Email hell much?

I sat down with a bowl, actually a few bowls, of buttered popcorn + stevia and went to work cleaning and clearing the spam.

I added various IP addresses, URLs, certain words and phrases to my Comment Blacklist section, in the Settings Tab under “Discussion” in your Dashboard.  The Comment Blacklist is a very helpful tool for any WP bloggers.

And in other matters, I was pooped on three times by birds in one day today.  Oh, the joy.  Hopefully I’m good to go and safe for a decade or so now.  The birds hopefully have it all out of their system (pun intended) as far as I’m concerned.  I have a bird phobia for this very reason!

The best part of the day was my awesome, hot and sweaty, and fast run this morning, followed up with some yoga. 

Skylar loves to join in for yoga.

From my last post about Weekend Mornings & Less Sensitive, it was fun to read what you like to do to start off your weekend, or any, morning.

And for those with food allergies, intolerances, or challenges, as I mentioned, I have become less sensitive to gluten over time, but as I mentioned, only because I feel I have healed my gut.  Food sensitivies are such a challenge and require so much trial and error and experimentation.


1. If you have a blog, do you get spam?

Any tips, tricks, plugins (with a link would be great) or suggestions for how to reduce spam would be awesome!

Or if you have email-reducing spam techniques, would love to hear those, too!

Edited & Updated to Add:

I went to and Signed Up with them and got my free API key.

I entered the API Key into the Askimet plug-in that I installed from my WordPress dashboard and I have had zero spam get through that I am getting email notifications on since then!

Yay for Askimet and the plugin!

2. Ever been pooped on?

Yes, by tons of birds, my cats and dogs when we had pets, and Skylar when she was a baby.  I think every mother goes through that, though.

So on that joyous note, it’s time to think about something easy for dessert:

Special K Bars with Chocolate Frosting sound great to me right now.

No bake, easy, and rich.  Perfect.

3. Tell me about your weekend!  What’s been going on?

53 comments on “Spam City”

  1. I just use Akismet and it works really fine for me preventing those spammy comments. Never been pooped on before ;D. I guess I’m quite lucky

  2. I think that once I got pooped on by a bird, and didn’t even notice!
    My weekend? Bought Nike Freerun +2s!

  3. Spamming is one evil that we all bloggers face and have to counter. Some say having a comment policy can help, some prefer tools, but its only human eyes that can trace spam, so I prefer having someone who could do the job for me.

  4. I also get spams, hate those!!! but can’t find any better way to deal with it. If you find a solution, please share! :)

  5. The first time I ever got pooped on by a bird was on a second grade class trip – I’ll never forget my teacher told me it was good luck (I thought she was crazy) but I’ve been repeating that mantra ever since. Seems like other people have heard it too! It’s also happened when I was getting coffee with a guy I liked – I still can’t talk about it.

    Good luck with the spam!!

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  7. I get loads of spam too, that’s why I put up the much hated word verification. It cuts down dramatically.

    Dave got bird pooped on yesterday too!! I think it’s a good luck sign, so good luck to you!!!!!!!

  8. Wow, that’s a ton of spam! Must mean you’re popular :)

    Yes, I have totally been pooped on by a bird, but never three times in one day. Gross! Again, you’re just getting more popular. I just wish for you that it was with something other than crap, pun intended.

  9. wow my spam is only in the 15-20 neighborhood haha. no i haven’t been pooped on…yet haha. hoping it doesn’t happen soon!

  10. Yikes, sorry about the spam – that’s crazy! What plug-ins are you using? I used to update my blacklist all the time, but it was a constant battle. My current filter plug-in are working pretty good occasionally making a good comment as spam.

    Wow on the birds, sounds like you’re being stalked. :-)

    1. Yes, but thankfully it seems to be under control.
    2. Sure, tons of birds in Florida, nothing like laying on the beach with a flock on seagulls.
    3. Not much, just relaxing with hubby before he heads out of town again and working on house projects.

  11. Oh my goodness! That is A LOT of spam! I get about 10 spam comments a day, but over a thousand…that’s just crazy!

  12. I’m gonna have to make those bars for Phil one of these days…

    Three times in one day! Holy cow (aren’t you glad cows don’t fly?)
    We got pooped on by an eagle out here one time–now that’s a big drop.

    Spam–I’m not big-time enough to attract much of it, I guess, but I’ve had some too. I really appreciate your tips on it: definitely something that we should be able to gather together and solve as a bloggiemunity.

  13. Enjoying your site. Spam here too. Never thought about adding certain words and phrases to the comment blacklist. Thanks for the tip.

    On a different topic, the glazed veggies and edamame is enticing. Looking forward to trying it.

  14. Pooped on 3 times!!!!!!!??? What the heck!!! That is insanely BAD luck! I guess it’s true that bad things come in threes – hehe :-)

    I get spam, but it goes straight to my spam folder, so I just ignore it.

  15. Way to go Skylar. Start yoga while your young and keep it central to your life. Excellent stress relief :)

    Spam really sucks. Hopefully the changes you put in place will help keep it down.

    I was pooped on by a bird once a few years ago. Unfortunately, it was during my lunch break at work. I did a “spot cleaning” on my top, but it didn’t all come out until the top was properly laundered.

  16. I rarely get spam, but my blog isn’t a very “popular” one so I imagine the lack of traffic has something to do with that. 2090, though?! That’s nutso, hun!!

  17. I am so happy I came across this. I have been having the worst Spam issues. It makes me feel better knowing I am not alone. I thought I was being a beginner and not smart enough to make it stop! Glad to hear that is not it and I am not alone.

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