Spam City

I’m not talking about this Spam

I’m talking about this spam: 2090 spam comments.

That is from today alone.  OMG.

The reason I close comments on posts that are older than 7 days is because it drastically cuts down on my spam, and I have various WordPress plug-ins in place that are supposed to block spam, but the hackers and spammers sure got my number the past 24 hours.

Probably 500 of those comments slipped through into my email and I’ve been getting notifications on them all.  <—Email hell much?

I sat down with a bowl, actually a few bowls, of buttered popcorn + stevia and went to work cleaning and clearing the spam.

I added various IP addresses, URLs, certain words and phrases to my Comment Blacklist section, in the Settings Tab under “Discussion” in your Dashboard.  The Comment Blacklist is a very helpful tool for any WP bloggers.

And in other matters, I was pooped on three times by birds in one day today.  Oh, the joy.  Hopefully I’m good to go and safe for a decade or so now.  The birds hopefully have it all out of their system (pun intended) as far as I’m concerned.  I have a bird phobia for this very reason!

The best part of the day was my awesome, hot and sweaty, and fast run this morning, followed up with some yoga. 

Skylar loves to join in for yoga.

From my last post about Weekend Mornings & Less Sensitive, it was fun to read what you like to do to start off your weekend, or any, morning.

And for those with food allergies, intolerances, or challenges, as I mentioned, I have become less sensitive to gluten over time, but as I mentioned, only because I feel I have healed my gut.  Food sensitivies are such a challenge and require so much trial and error and experimentation.


1. If you have a blog, do you get spam?

Any tips, tricks, plugins (with a link would be great) or suggestions for how to reduce spam would be awesome!

Or if you have email-reducing spam techniques, would love to hear those, too!

Edited & Updated to Add:

I went to and Signed Up with them and got my free API key.

I entered the API Key into the Askimet plug-in that I installed from my WordPress dashboard and I have had zero spam get through that I am getting email notifications on since then!

Yay for Askimet and the plugin!

2. Ever been pooped on?

Yes, by tons of birds, my cats and dogs when we had pets, and Skylar when she was a baby.  I think every mother goes through that, though.

So on that joyous note, it’s time to think about something easy for dessert:

Special K Bars with Chocolate Frosting sound great to me right now.

No bake, easy, and rich.  Perfect.

3. Tell me about your weekend!  What’s been going on?

53 comments on “Spam City”

  1. 1.) Lots of spam, but not THAT much! Yikes! Hopefully you won’t have to go through that much spam anymore.

    2.) Oh yes. I remember sitting on a bench at a theme park when I was 9 years old and a pigeon pooped on my leg. EW.

    3.) Weekend is flying by!

  2. I get spam too and it is sooooo annoying! I just cleaned out my entire folder today and it was so refreshing…but sadly it filled right back up! :(

  3. THAT MUCH SPAM?! Ahh, that’s INSANITYYYY..i love SPAM for white-elephant parties :D

  4. I was once pooped on by a bird when I was going for my boards…it was so irritating, although in India it is considered good luck..funny!

  5. Sometimes I get a kick out of flipping through the spam comments ;) Those darn bots are clever these days. Luckily WP/Akismet seems to do a good job blocking them for me lately.
    I do try to check it every so often though because I’ll find comments from real readers in there! Mega pain…but I can’t even imagine getting 2k+ in a day!
    I hope you have a bird-free rest of the weekend ;)

    • ok well with the aksimet stuff…why isn’t mine doing a better job?! It will be good for awhile and then BAM, the spammers infiltrate! I dont want to put on word verification or anything like that either.

      And yes, comments from real readers stuck in there…so annoying!

      If you have some special plugin you love, lmk!

  6. Wow, that’s an insane amount of spam!! Sorry you had to deal with that! I’m new to blogging and as a result am just now discovering the joys of spam. Ick.

    As for the second Q — yes, I actually have been pooped on by a bird in Petrazavodsk (Northern Russia) on a school trip. Weird! At least it was a cool place to get pooped on…I guess? ha! Sorry you had to experience it…but I’d say you’re safe for awhile!

    So glad I found your blog :)

  7. That’s a crazy amount of spam! Holy moley! I’ve never been pooped on by a bird before. You have some life experience that I don’t! :)

  8. oy what a nightmare! I’ve never been pooped on, but they say it’s good luck.. so guess it was your lucky day! My weekend has been great now that the weather is nice! Lots of pictures, time outside with family and friends, walk on the beach, and a few fun purchases!

  9. I get a lot of spam, and I just check it multiple times a day to make sure no comments get stuck in there!

  10. My SPAM has increased tenfold since I’ve gotten images accepted on TS/FG. I’m sure spammers crawl the site for blogs to spam to. It’s annoying. :|

    Pooped on 3 times? OMG, what are the chances??

    So glad that you have healed your gut!! I’ve been reading a lot about elimination diets and GAPS and gut healing diets, etc., and it sounds to me like you may have done everything right. It suggest sticking to the elimination for 2 years or 1 month for every month you’ve had troubles. Hopefully you have repopulated some good bacteria, and now you know the warning signs and how to prevent things in the future. In a few weeks I’ll be embarking on diet manipulation. This should be… interesting, lol. :)

    • i know, 3x, lucky me. take me to vegas baby :)

      healing the gut…oh my what an epic undertaking in terms of 5-6 yrs being EXTREMELY “clean” and strict. the 1000s of hours of reading, research, discovery, relearning everything from how to cook/eat/groc shop..oh yes, massive amts of work but worth it!

      btw lots of women in that yahoogroup i rec’ed for you do GAPS but also candida. Systemic candida, i.e. yeast overgrowth is extremely common with food/gut issues so that’s another thing to ponder.

      there’s always 17 more doors once you open one, a million more pop open!

  11. I get so much spam, but blogger blocks it for me and puts it in a spam folder. I love it!

    My husband had terrible stomach issues and after we started eating clean, they have disappeared 100%!

  12. GETTING (BIRD) POOPED ON IS GOOD LUCK, Averie!! :D …or that’s what people tell those who GET pooped on, I haven’t yet figured it out! I have heard this many times though, so hopefully it’s true!

    and spam – yes, I get a lot. it’s crazy. if only spam = stats, right? ;) are you still on vacation? we just got home from ours, and are relaxing, unpacking, relaxing… tomorrow I get ready for a BIG busy week, I’m working FIVE full 10 hour days AND my dad goes into surgery this week… I already feel anxious about that…

    Happy Saturday evening and Sunday to you all!

  13. Comments blacklisted eh. I’m going to have to look into that! Thanks for the tip :)

  14. Wow crazy spam! I still need to set up Akismet and see how that goes. I second the comment up near the top about the bots getting smart. A couple I have to look twice and say oh yeah that actually is spam, haha. Awful.
    I’ve never been pooped on by birds but definitely children. I was once in a health food store in another town when my littlest was really little and the cashier was the one to mention it to me. Talk about embarrassing, and yuck. I had to sit in it for 2 hours all the way home too :(
    So we were going out this afternoon and the radiator in our car exploded. Not literally but it was pretty scary when we stopped at home and it was steaming like a kettle. That’s the only exciting thing that’s going to happen for a while since the new radiator wont get in till Wednesday and our other vehicle is a two seater truck :(

  15. Holy spam — how lame!
    3 poops in a day, you may have set a record! I have been pooped on more than once by seagulls on the beach…and by a parrot at the zoo…and that was no small poop. Ga-ross.

  16. Yeah, I’ve been pooped on by birds, once or twice. Or a million times. Occupational hazard. :D

    I couldn’t count or tell you. There have been some doozies too. Like when they are high up in the net, and I have to have my arms over my head and they poop liquid…after eating bright red berries. Many a shirt have been ruined by bird poop.

    Tomorrow is my best friends last day here, so I spent all day packing so I can hang out with her tomorrow. Sad. If I weren’t leaving too, I’d be really pissed.

  17. Oh gosh yes…spam central. And even in my email, yes. Apparently, I’ve won like a million dollars over the UK…every day. ?! ;)

    You look so young in that photo with Skylar! Like a 20-year old! :)

  18. It’s true. Your absolutely radiating. Good for you…now send some of it my way ;)

  19. We have had a wonderful weather here. So enjoying outside time as much it is possible here.

    Just wondering, when you go for a run, where is Skylar then? Or you take her with you?

  20. My Akismet plug in is working well right now but in the past I have had to uninstall + reinstall it.

    Being pooped on by birds is meant to be good luck btw) :)

  21. Askimet and a few other plugins work great for keeping spam in your spam folder. Honestly I think that is the best you are going to get. Spammers love to go after anybody (especially women and the elderly) because they think they have a better shot at getting through. I can’t help but laugh at some of the spam emails that get submitted on my website…

    Good luck keeping the spam away!

  22. Skylar is so cute on the photos!
    I went out last night with my colleagues, and we had a great time! I met so many people I havent seen in ages, and it was just really fun! Other than that, I have been working, running and preparing for my exame!

  23. Hahaha, love the transition from bird poop to dessert….three times?! What the…I’d say sure you oughta be good for a decade – or more! You are such a couple of lovelies, you and Skylar, in this post, and your other posts, thanks a bunch for sharing your Aruba hols, it puts a smile on my face every time :-)

  24. well, the good part about the bird poop is that you’re going to have 3x good luck! :)
    we have a long weekend here, so i’m looking forward to a relaxed couple of days…working, but it likely will not be busy.
    have a great (sunny, fingers crossed!) day!

  25. I’ve yet to get too much spam thank goodness! That’s a crazy amount Sometimes I worry that I’ll open something I shouldn’t , but the filters are doing a pretty good job.

    Love your question #2! Hahha–I just posted on poop too :P I’ve been pooped/ peed/barfed on so many times. I worked for a vet and a kennel and also worked as a caregiver at a home for mentally/physically handicapped individuals. It never ceases to be a gross surprise though…
    But three times in one day!? You should be good for a long time.

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