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Hi Friends!  I’ve been flying through life like a crazy woman today, am hitting publish on this post, and am back out the door!  Hope you all are having an awesome day.  I’m still sweating as the heat wave is still in full force.   Nothing like low 90s and humidity.  Fun times.
Welcome back for Part 2 of our Sunday afternoon and early evening out on the town.  If you missed Part 1, Click Here

After we left the Mexican Restaurant, we headed over to my favorite sushi restaurant in San Diego.  Or really anywhere, actually.  That’s with a big caveat though since I haven’t eaten sushi or been to Ono in about 5 years, since before being pregnant with Skylar actually, but back in the day, Scott and I used to rack up quite the sushi and bar tab.   And we loved every second of it.

Ono Sushi menu

On Sunday, we started off with a hot towel to clean our hands

Hand holding packaged hot towel


She got the concept, kind of.  If nothing else it got the Mexican food off, just in time for the sushi!
Young girl holding hot towel

Scott ordered some Steamed Potstickers

Plate full of Steamed Potstickers with dipping sauce
Close up of one Steamed Potsticker
Chopsticks holding one Steamed Potsticker with bite taken out
I happen to hate potstickers for the record.  There is a smell to them, even the veggie ones, that just gags me.  I hate them.  Hate.Them.  Always have.  I won’t even buy the dumplings/potstickers from TJ’s because the cooking smell that lingers for days afterward skeeves me!
Scott and Skylar shared the Stinky ‘Stickers
Young girl sitting in booth eating Steamed Potstickers

And he ordered the Ono Sushi Roll

Various Sushi on menu

I wanted to eat this so badly.  So badly. 

Plate full of Ono Sushi Rolls
Close up of one Ono Sushi Roll

From yesterday’s discussion on just saying No Thank You to foods you know you shouldn’t be eating for whatever reason, this was exactly the type of food I should not eat.

It wasn’t the vegan situation that was stopping me.  It was fear that I would have an anaphalactic shock reaction to the eel and would end up in the hospital with my airway swelling shut.  Yes, I have a horrific shellfish allergy that “just started” out of no where in my early 20s.  Technically eel is not shellfish but I really did not want to tempt fate and perish with my airway swelling shut over an eel roll, so I steered clear of this.

But I watched and listened to Scott and Skylar ooh and ahh and savor this
Two Ono Sushi Rolls on white plate

I did nibble on a few pieces of ginger and some wasabi

Wasabi on plate
 Great for the immune system and the sinuses! And my cold.

So rather than sushi rolls, I had drink numero dos of the evening: the Ono Sliced Tea

Ono Sliced Tea with lemon
I was really living on the edge with two whole drinks.  Insert sarcasm!  haha!

I subbed out the passionfruit juice for iced tea and it was perfect

Specialty Drinks Menu
Close up of Ono Sliced Tea

I didn’t feel like eating anything.  I felt like crap from my cold and didn’t feel like eating, so I didn’t.  And the 90F degrees weather killed any appetite I had.  So I relaxed with my drink in the big comfy booth, helped Skylar figure out chopsticks, and hugged Scott and Skylar.  It was great!

Woman and child sitting in booth hugging and holding chopsticks
Woman and child in booth smiling

From yesterday’s post…First, about golf carts, for those of you who haven’t been on one, you’re missing out.  They are fun!

And it sounds like we have some major Mexican Food fans in the house!

And the discussion on saying No Thank You to foods you know don’t agree with you, most of you are getting better at this after years of not listening to your body or that little voice inside your head.  I’m getting better, too!  

And I’m glad to hear you’re also getting better at saying No Thank You to being “talked into” eating things you know you don’t want to eat or aren’t good for your personal health journey, just because someone else thinks you should “just have a bite”.   Umm, no thanks.  They are not the ones living in the bathroom, having the bloated tummy, feeling awful, you are!  So just say no to those “well meaning” people!  As Aimee said, if they truly respect you, then they will respect your decision to decline something.

Dessert: Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs
A fast and easy No-bake recipe.   One bowl and a spoon, they come together in 5 minutes.  Freeze for a bit, and you’re ready to dig in.

Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs in white bowl
Close up of Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs with scoop taken out

1. Do you like sushi?   
Yes!  I used to eat vegetarian sushi rolls with the occasional foray into the pescatarian side of life when the perfect opportunity presented itself. 

2. What’s your favorite kind of sushi?  Sushi nigiri (just the fish + rice) or sushi rolls/specialty rolls?
Scott likes salmon nigiri, and we both used to dive into the unagi (eel) nigiri but it’s fun to try more complex and the creative specialty rolls!  Sushi chefs are like artists.  I think it’s great to try their edible art, and their flavor combos and what they pair together.  As a vegan, it’s pretty hard to get too creative or too adventurous, but it’s fun to try.

3. Do you like wasabi?  
I do, but a little goes a long way.  I’d rather have hot mustard than wasabi, but it’s all good.

4. Favorite sushi restaurant you’ve ever been to and why?
I love the atmosphere, vibe, and food at Ono in San Diego.  We also have had amazing sushi at the Bellagio in Vegas.  I’ve had really expensive sushi that wasn’t all that good, and then I’ve had hole-in-the-wall looking restaurants where the food is excellent.  However, with sushi, if it’s a hole-in-the-wall place, make sure you know it’s reputable to minimize your chances of getting sick!

5. For those of you who haven’t tried sushi, what’s stopping you?  The raw fish factor?  The fact the menu can be somewhat a “foreign language”  and it’s intimidating? 
I do recommend cooked rolls such as crab or shrimp rolls for newbies.  The tastes and flavors are familiar and the fish is cooked.  Of course veggie rolls are a great choice, too.

I also recommend going to a sushi restaurant with someone who’s familiar with sushi and can help steer you or just tell your server you’re totally new and have no clue.  Most will be super happy to help you and point you in the direction of the right things.  Maybe skip the torro and yellowtail for your second sushi visit….haha!

6. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and for whatever reason, just not been “into” the food or the food doesn’t suit you, and you don’t order?  Or you just have a beverage or drink?

If there’s not a suitable vegan and GF option, or if I am just not feeling hungry, I don’t bother ordering something, “just to order” it.  What would be the point of that?  A waste of money if you ask me!

I mentioned here how I eat when I’m hungry, not by what the “clock says”.  That post has all kinds of my random lifestyle, diet, exercise, and life tips. 

And of course, the whole No Thank You to certain foods discussion comes into play, as well. 

I’d rather focus on the people I’m with, the environment, the vibe, than eat something that I know is going to make me sick or just feel blah. 

I’ve gotta boogie, see you all tomorrow!

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