Take A Whiff

It was a party for my nose when I spotted and smelled the lavender in front of Trader Joe’s when I was there earlier in the week

I just love the way lavender smells

So calming and tranquil

But I am spoiled because here in San Diego lavender will literally grow alongside the road, in fields, or in a dirty ditch.

Which is why I also didn’t pop for any lavender sachets at the Farmer’s Market


But kinda thinking I need to pick a few of those up the next time I’m at the market

Lavender doesn’t necessarily grow wild on the urban streets and sidewalks in my immediate area because I’m an urban dweller, but in the ‘burbs along side the road yes, definitely.

I used to have big lavender shrubs as part of my landscaping when we had a house in the ‘burbs until I realized I am an urban girl.  Get me outta the burbs!

It was lovely being able to just walk outside on the back patio or walk up to our front door, take a whiff, and be calmed.

It really is a wild plant and will thrive just about anywhere here.

Which is why I went el cheapo and didn’t buy any

Figured I’d save my money for a can of this


I also took a few whiffs of basil plants

And Skylar thought she’d play Vanna White and turn the letters  touch the sign

I’d like to buy a vowel. 

Sidebar: I was a major Wheel of Fortune fan back in the day and she reminds me of Vanna looking at the puzzle board in that picture

So, it was a good day for my nose at TJ’s.

And it was nice that this was all outdoor photography.  No chance of getting chastised for indoor pics that way.

From my last post, Mailbag: Diet or Exercise, I’m glad that my thoughts resonated with many of you.

I always hesitate to publish those types of posts because they are just my opinions and I am not an expert but I do get plenty of questions regarding my thoughts on diet, exercise, training, what to eat, what not to eat, how to workout, etc. so I figured it was about time to address tackle some of those topics.

It was interesting to hear that many of you think that diet is more important than exercise, too.  Thanks for keeping the comments respectful, too!


1. What’s a favorite natural scent of yours?

Some are a little more off the wall than others but some of my faves include:





lily of the valley

almost anything baking but sweets and breads win

this Peanut Butter Banana Bread (Vegan, GF) will make your house smell like a million bucks!

And it’s so easy to make

the ocean and the smell of the sea and all it’s musky and damp wonder

freshly cut grass

fresh fall, cool, crisp air

vanilla beans (I have a post about Vanilla, Let me Count the Ways, about my deep love for all things vanilla)


2. Favorite non-nature or non-natural scents?

I did this post, It Smells Good

And this post: I’m a huge Body Spray fan

And this post: Girly Trips to the Mall because you can never have too many body sprays, lip glosses, or cute things from VS  <– and it’s preferable if someone else is paying for all of that

I’m currently grooving on Bombshell & Bombshell Summer

Other past fave perfumes over the years: Gucci Rush, Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, Chanel Allure, Armani Ella, Versace White Jeans, Fendi, Miss Dior, and gosh I’m sure more, but those are some that I wore for years so I remember them off the top of my head.

What are your favorite scents?

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  1. Cucumber, melon, coconut, lavender, lilacs, vanilla, basil, tomato plants….those are just a few natural scents I love! I have many lavender plants in my gardens. I love that they just grow on their own without much care…..

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