Talking Myself Out of It

Recently I mentioned that I needed a lamp for my desk.

The natural light I get from the windows is great but I have a north facing window so there are many hours of the day where I get very little.

Including night time where I get no light.  I do my best desk and computer work at night when everyone else is sleeping, the house is quiet, and no one ‘needs me’.  Just call me Vampire Night Owl.

I decided that a trip to West Elm was just with the Lighting Doctor ordered.

I could spend a fortune here.

Oh wait, I already have.

From fluffy pillows to ‘home accessories’ <–i.e. overpriced knick-knacks

I have bought it

Roll back the clock to 2009-2010, I had quite the monthly West Elm habit.  I went room by room in my house and redecorated it.

And God, it was fun!

Ironically, even though I’d love to buy more and what they’re currently selling, I realize that much of what I bought, they still have and sell.  Or have versions on the theme of what I purchased and already own.

That gray rug?  I have that for my bathroom in a smaller size. And I have it in brown for my kitchen.

The pillows shown above?

I have a gray and white striped one almost like it, shown below as well as the fluffy pillows.

Notice my capiz shell floor lamp (above)

And then this capiz shell chandelier they’re currently selling.

Their current bedroom sets and duvets?

Check.  Have a duvet in gray with a white pattern.  Complete with fluffy pillow.

Just goes to show you, ok to show myself, that I don’t need to buy anything else. 

Talking myself out of it.

Except for a lamp.

I saw these cute owl lamps

Remember all the owls from my trip to Anthropologie?  I guess owls are trendy right now.

This coconut shell chandelier that looks like streaming feathers was a steal.  But I have no room for it!

I wanted to buy it just to have it for a future house I loved it so much but don’t need the clutter!

For my desk, I went with the square table lamp in white.  They had “my desk” right there in the lighting section and I liked the way the white popped so that’s what I went with.

My lamp all set up at home on my desk and the photo was taken after dark.

Now I can actually see what I’m working on.

Light is a very good thing for photo editing

In the end, I talked myself out of about 17 cute things I could have bought.

Because I only needed a lamp.

And I need a Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting (No Bake) right now.

From my last post with my Friday Faves, there are so many cute things I’ve seen recently including those iPhone cases that everyone seemed to agree were awesome, but so far I haven’t bought anything I’ve seen.  I’m talking myself out of it I guess.

I also recently went “shopping”, but it turned into a Just Browsing session.  <–Apparently miracles do happen every now and then.


1. Do you tend to talk yourself out of purchases? 

Or do you struggle with self-control when it comes to shopping and just buy, buy, buy?

I tend to over-think and over-research most purchases.

Sometimes I am spur of the moment and a bit impulsive but that’s usually only on smaller items and little things.  Like coffee mugs or iPhone cases.

For bigger items, I tend to ponder it quite a bit and if I have any doubt that I won’t use it, like it, need it, or feel it’s frivolous, I don’t buy it.

I also use the “think about it for a few days” approach and if I find myself still thinking about it days later, really feeling I’ll use the item, then I may go back for it.

In my former life, I loved shopping and spending money!  I still do love those things; but I don’t actually do it nearly as much anymore.  I’m far more financially cautious.   Thus, talking myself out of many things and purchases.  I’d like to remain debt free and save money!

2. Fave stores for household goods or any great stores you’re loving for anything lately?

I love Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, thrift stores and consignment stores for finding some great and one-of-a-kind pieces for the house and home and that are also great bargains.

My blogging dishes and kitchenware items are almost always found at one of those places and I never spend more than $5 bucks per item.

But I do love a good girly trip to the mall, too.  I am not just all about thrifting.  I mean, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

3. Weekend plans?

I have to work but want to enjoy all the great weather we’re having

Aand I want to be with my pumpkin as much as I can!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the Sweet Treats Giveaway!

38 comments on “Talking Myself Out of It”

  1. I love the lamp you got. Simple and clean and elegant.

    I tend to talk myself out of in store purchases, but online is a different story. Just bought myself a new Mac Mini today!!

  2. I ALWAYS talk myself out of purchases. Once I have a full time job and becoming a working lady..we’ll see about that. ;) Your comforter set and pillows are adorable! I would want everything in that store too!

  3. Love your new lamp! I think you and I have very similar taste, clean and simple. And always a little reminiscent of a yoga studio (; I never buy anything! My runners are four years old and are falling apart and I am still putting off getting new ones. I just never spend money. Lots of cooking and chores for me this weekend!

  4. I love that lamp. So pretty. I actually love to just go to IKEA at times and “browse” – it can take hours!

  5. Had a great time having drinks and good talk with my best friend and husband last night. Not too many weekend plans other than I definitely want to make it to the gym today to sweat out some anxiety and extra sodium that the drinks convinced me to consume last night. Now that is why I don’t usually have more than one drink or two.

    I usually talk myself out of purchases because we don’t really have “extra” money. We have money for our expenses, and not really much more than that. So I over-analyze pretty much every purchase making sure it is necessary.

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