Target Trip, Smoothie Helpers

I went to Target yesterday and stocked up on a few essentials.  It’s funny how a quick Target trip turns into 80 bucks, fast.  There was also some overpriced and unpictured toilet paper.   It’s very expensive to wipe your butt these days.

I love this mango.  It’s a new scent for Suave that I’ve only been buying for a month or so, but I really dig it.

As I mentioned in my 10 Facts post, I am a dental hygiene freak

And as I mentioned in my last Target stocking up trip, I am a Carmex addict.  I have the stuff in every room in my house, purse, car, bag.  You name it. And I am proud that it’s been a month to the date since my last trip there.

After I came home from Target, I was lucky enough to find these Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer samples

I’ve had them before and they are really nice to add a little ooomph to smoothies or shakes.  They are plant based, not overly sweet, and not overly gritty or “earthy” tasting, either.  Bonus!

I think I should add some Vega to a Chocolate Coconut Princess Smoothie

I’m a big fan of Brendan Brazier and have reviewed his book, The Thrive Diet, in the past, Here.

I thought this chart was cool that they enclosed with the samples.

And here’s a link to download another chart:  Click here to download your FREE Thrive Diet Alkalinity Chart

Thanks Vega!

From my last post about Pantry and Refrigerator Staples, I am glad you enjoyed that one!  I put some extra time and thought into trying to come up with a fairly comprehensive list of what I always keep on hand.  And then some learning curve/blog posting using WordPress/recipe re-linking stuff came up so I kinda wrote the post, twice.  But hey, I know now what shortcuts I can and can’t take now.

It was fun to hear what’s in your pantries, cupboards, and fridges!

Snack Today: Banana Rollups (Vegan Crepes) with Nut Butter

Or top with Syrup, Whipped Cream, and Fruit

Banana Rollups (Vegan Crepes)


1. Have you ever tried any Vega products?

I’ve also tried some of the Vega bars, here.

2. Have you tried any “smoothie helpers”?  Things to add some extra oomph, nutrition, or flavor to your smoothie? Tell me what you like and what you don’t like that you’ve tried.

I am generally not a huge fan of adding powders, “optimizers”, or additional specialty items to my smoothies.  I believe plants are amazing and provide us so much already that we don’t need to feel as if we “have to” add in additional items.  Also, the additional add-ins/powders/products can be hard to find, or pricey over the long term.

That said, every now and then they are fun to add in and offer a nice change of pace and additional nutrition stats.

3. What’s in your Target bag this week/month?  Or what are your Target (or similar store) essentials?

I’ve posted about mine, here

Have a great evening gang! 

It’s been a crazy day for me…I’ve hardly have time to come up for air and write this post!

62 comments on “Target Trip, Smoothie Helpers”

  1. I noticed your lip balm right away! As I remember we’re both big on smooth lips. :) I also use that very same St. Yves product. I love it!

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  3. I always add Amazing Grass to my smoothies.

    I have to try those roll-ups – they look fun!!!

  4. Well, you’re not going to use or like any of my suggestions for smoothies: xanthan and guar in very very small, titrated quantities, sugar-free fat free pudding powder- again in small doses, crystal light (chemicals) in sooo many flavors, and sugarfree drink powders from foreign countries that you can’t find here like guava and mango, etc. I also love Carnation malt powder. As far as helpers that are natural: frozen fruit and frozen cubes of milk of choice, and concentrated juices in tiny doses. Plus I have a zillion torani syrups and extracts of every flavor. See, you’ll want to use precisely none of my suggestions :-)

  5. So you don’t use sunscreen partially because of the chemicals but you use some of these products? Seriously funny.

  6. Have yet to try any of Vega’s products.

    When travelling internationally I use Genuine Health’s Greens+ green powder ( to add “oomph” to my smoothies. Handy since many times I can’t always find fresh greens to toss in the blender.

    Essentials: generic brand toilet paper, facial tissue & paper towels, Q-tips, Tom’s of Maine deodorant, Tom’s of Maine toothpaste (for my hubby), Head & Shoulders (for my hubby), dental floss, generic kitchen garbage bags, generic zip bags (snack size & full freezer size), generic parchment paper, generic aluminium foil, and generic wax paper.

  7. I love vega choc-a-lot smoothie infusion – I can usually catch some good deals on it at Sprouts.

  8. i’m obsessed with carmex! nate has the st ives apricot scrub and loves it!

  9. I’m a big fan of Vega. When I first started eating breakfast on a regular basis, this really got me through. I only have it 1-2 times per month now, but sometimes it’s just what I need to be sure I have met my nutritional needs. I really appreciate that if I’m sick and can’t handle solid food!
    I’m also a Target junkie. I go in to buy a $2 item, and leave $100 later with a whole bunch of stuff I apparently needed, but didn’t know it!

  10. wow that vega stuff looks awesome! i just got some sun warrior protein powder, and i wish i could get vega.. maybe i can over in england??. ALSOOOOOO i just posted on how im becoming Vegan- BIg news.. im so happy!

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  12. I can’t go to Target without spending at least $100! I swear I go for 3 things, come out with 20. The bottom of the cart is barely full, yet it’s cracking my piggy bank! :lol:

    They sell Hello Kitty stuff, though. So they’re worth it :D

  13. Hi Averie, my target essentials include face-wash, body wash, toothpaste, dental floss sticks, protein bars, and shampoo/conditioner.
    Sometimes I’ll buy nail-polish and makeup essentials :)

  14. I’m a huge fan of Brendan Braizer, and the Thrive diet. I’ve tried some Vega products – my new favorite is the chocolate protein powder, and I have liked them, but unfortunately, they are too expensive for me on a regular basis.

  15. I love target, but its actually kind of rare around LA! Its really strange and I have only been in a walmart once in my life when I was in Rhode Island! LOL! I think the closest Wal Mart from me is in Anaheim which is like a 90 min drive! I’m wasting more money just with the gas!

  16. ha. i haven’t been to target in awhile too! i may make a trip this week(end).
    also i wanna make that banana crepe thingies!!! they look so good! i hope they’re easy to make! :)

  17. Hi Averie,

    Great products, I also love the mandarin body wash gel and I’m using it for since a year.

    1. Have you ever tried any Vega products?
    – I haven’t tried any, it wasn’t necessary and I sure hope it won’t be.

    2. Have you tried any “smoothie helpers”? Things to add some extra oomph, nutrition, or flavor to your smoothie? Tell me what you like and what you don’t like that you’ve tried.
    – I don’t think so.

    3. What’s in your Target bag this week/month? Or what are your Target (or similar store) essentials?
    – More mandarin body wash gel and … I don’t really know :D

    Congratulations for the great article and thank you for sharing it!

    Best regards,


  18. I do like the Vega protein powders! Pretty tasty!! I try to avoid target because I can’t go without spending at least $100!

  19. I think Vega is not bad. I find it to be a little gritty, but I think it is a good product overall. It has impressive nutrition. My dad eats so poorly that I tried to get him to add vega to his diet in the morning, but he hated it. He also doesn’t have a blender though, so he was just mixing it with water…which I’m sure would not taste that good.
    I’ve never tried the vega bars but heard good things about them.
    Target- we don’t have it in Canada yet but when I go to the states, I raid the make up and body care aisles. I really go nuts. I can’t help it. Last time I was there, I ended up with a bunch of products from the yes to carrots/tomatoes/cucumbers line which I love! Pricey but worth it in my opinion.

  20. I wish my Target had Vega!!!

    You always crack me up with your Target posts :-)

    It’s so true how you can easily turn it into an $80.00 trip…EASY!!! I stock up on everything there…and I always need it at the same time!!

    AND..YEY!! You are on WordPress now!!! i am so excited!!! Where have I been???? Shesh! Love the new look and everything!!!

  21. target is my love. I live 5 mins away and its dangerous. But you get some good deals. The vega powder seems pretty awesome. I don’t always add in extras but sometimes I feel like I need a little boost and the packs or premixes help

  22. I’ve tried the smoothie powders and they are very tasty. I actually just got hired at Thrive Juice bar. It’s the first juice bar that sells vega products and is actually associated with Brendan Brazier. I’m super excited to start the job. Juicing and blending all day! it will be great!

  23. Wow that chart is awesome. Or should I say it shows how awsome Vega powder is. I haven’t read that book, but I am going to add it to my list of need to reads. Target trips always do mega damage to my wallet! It can turn costly quick!

  24. I LOVE Vega products!

    I have never tried carmex– but I think I will have to now. You have convinced me ;)

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