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Lindsay and Bjork from Pinch of Yum created an ebook called Tasty Food Photography.

It’s been such a hit that they expanded it and have recently relaunched it.

Tasty Food Photography ebook

For anyone who needs help, guidance, advice, tutorials, practical, and real-life suggestions for improving your food photography, it’s such a great resource.

That’s pretty much everyone, right? Myself included.

I have a Photography page on my site, which includes what camera and lenses I use, my general approach to food photography, as well as links to resources, books, recommendations, and so forth.

Canon camera

Inside Tasty Food Photography, here’s what you’ll find:

Table of contents Tasty Food Photography ebook

There’s Technical Tips, like understanding your camera and what all those dials do, and what happens when you turn a dial a certain direction.

Camera tips for food blogging

Suggestions about Composition

Camera composition tips about food blogging

Real life Editing examples that help illustrate that white balance and brightness are not the same thing. Nor are exposure and brightness.

When I was first learning about photography, it all blurred together, and I wish I would have had an ebook like this to reference.

Photoshop editing tips

Aside from the book, Lindsay recently posted, Ten Household Items That Can Improve Your Food Photography, and it’s one of my favorite posts she’s ever written.

It’s extremely informative, practical, nothing hard to find or expensive. I love that she and Bjork are sensitive to those things.

Household items that can improve your food photography

If you want to buy Tasty Food Photography, Lindsay and Bjork have extended a coupon for 25% off the normal price of $19. So the ebook will be less that $15 bucks. What a deal.

Enter code ac25 at checkout. Coupon expires 8/2/13.

Using Rafflecopter, enter to win a copy of the ebook by completing the first three tasks and any optional ways you’d like to enter.

Leave a blog comment below in response to the first question and follow the prompts for additional entries. Sometimes the widget is a bit slow to load, so please be patient.

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  1. I should say that this is truly a helpful tips for me as a rookie photographic artist. I’ve learned a ton of things. The tips and tricks you imparted are practical, simple to read, and eventually can help me take food photographs that make people say, “I can’t wait to eat that right now!”

  2. I struggle with lighting indoors. I would love to take some gorgeous food pictures, but I have horrible lighting in my house and cook a lot at night. I suppose I should probably invest in some small lights.

  3. I struggle a lot with shot composition. How do I position the food? From what angle? Does it look appealing? After taking several shots, I usually have a ton of lighting issues. My house is dark and going outdoors to take food shots is just not always possible. I want to work on achieving great shots indoors.

  4. Even though I’m getting better at it through experience, I really struggle with the photography aspect of blogging! I’m sure I could improve a lot if I took the time to understand more of the functions on my camera, but I really know so little about photography, I think I’d need to start with a class or a tutor (or a book!) for that.

    One of the most challenging parts is figuring out how to consistently get good, diffuse lighting without glares, dark or dull spots, or too-bright washed-out areas. I loved Lindsay’s post on the 10 household items you can use to improve your photography; I’m definitely going to try out some of her tips & suggestions!

  5. I struggle with the lighting in my photos. shutter speed, aperature. I just move the number around until I get a picture that isn’t horrible LOL!!

  6. I struggle the most with making the most of indoor lighting. Most of my pictures are taken late at night so natural lighting is not an option.

  7. For me I struggle the most with lighting. I live in a tiny NYC apartment with a tiny kitchen. I’d love to learn ways to utilize the space I have and work with the natural light that I have.

  8. Your photos are so beautiful in their clarity and simplicity. I would love to learn from your expertise as I explore the world of food staging for my own business.

  9. What I struggle with is actually developing decent photos from my iPhone. Three of my point and shoot cameras have given up on me and I have not been able to make up my mind on what dslr is best for me, especially since I do not have a lot of experience with dslr.

  10. I’m totally embarrassed that, although I use my dad’s DSLR camera for food photography, I still shoot in automatic. I know how bad that is, but finding the time to sit down with a camera that isn’t even mine and learn how to REALLY use it has been tough. (Excuses, excuses…)

  11. This would be great to own! Even though I am a home cook, I often take pictures of what I cook/bake. The pics could use a lot of improvement :)

  12. I just started my blog a little over a month ago. I would love to improve on my pictures. I have an SLR that I used years ago, but haven’t used for my blog pictures yet. I would love to learn some techniques on lighting, and relearn how to use my SLR for food photography.

  13. I am going to go ahead and purchase the ebook, I need all the photography help I can get!! P.S. I made your Peanut Butter Dessert Hummus from your book the other day – LOVED it!! even my 5 year old daughter who doesn’t like anything!! Thanks!!

    1. Thanks for buying my book and for making the hummus! And of all things that a 5 yr old would like…the hummus! Thank God for small miracles, right! :) Normally it’s the cookies, brownies, etc but three cheers for the hummus!

      And I think you’ll really enjoy the ebook, too!

  14. I have a hard time with composition. Getting everything to look right in the frame is tough!

  15. I definitely have a problem with lighting. I have tried natural light and a light box and my photos are never what I want them to be.

  16. I struggle with all of it! Especially props and setting it up to look good and interesting. I’m basically a newbie and could use all the information I can to help!

  17. I’ve learned a lot as a home photographer, but to be honest, there is SO much I simply don’t know! I’d love to learn more about exposure and lighting. Thanks for a sweet giveaway :)

  18. I struggle with lighting and would appreciate help/advice with this problem!

  19. I need to shoot from more angles – kind of in a rut. I think this book is definitely worth buying.

  20. With my food photography, I struggle the most with the set-up and use of props in a shot. I guess the right word is ‘plating’. I can never get it to look as good as my favourite bloggers. I have been pining after this book for so long and I would love to win it! Not only a refresher on camera basics would come in handy, but all of the other great content as well!

  21. For me, I guess I struggle with inspiration for new composition. Or plating. Sometimes, delicious food is just not so pretty on a plate =P I’m always looking for new ways to plate something.

    I would love to win this e-book becase I love Lindsay and her photography and and its really interesting to see how other bloggers work behind the scenes!

  22. I’d love to win this giveaway because I really struggle with aspect. You know, like having something out of focus in the background that gives the image depth. I also would really love to learn how to arrange my food in more appealing ways. ^_^ Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. My interest in Photography has heightened because of Instagram (@beamblossom). One of the struggles I have is capturing photos at night. Hopefully this book will help me with that!

  24. Lighting is my biggest challenge, I’d love to improve that so most of my photos of food will no longer have the nasty dark shadow on them. and I’d like to win this book because there’s a nice section on exposure and lighting. Thank you for the giveaway!

  25. This would be great to have. I actually have a question: have you posted anywhere on your blog how to substitute honey for sugar in baked goods? Thanks!

    1. You can’t generally substitute a liquid sweetener for a dry one; and if you can, it’s not universal. No hard and fast rules and would need to be case by case.

  26. I am still a beginner when it comes to photography, so even the tidbits you shared above were great and very informative, I’d be happy to learn more! Thank you!

  27. I would love to learn more about aperture, shutter speed,etc. Once I take my camera off ‘auto’, I’m pretty much lost!

  28. I struggling the most with what type of camera to use and the settings, Grrr!

    Having extra help with edited would be so helpful for me too!

    Winning this book could answer and help me with a lot of frustrating moments when it’s just me, my camera and a plated slice of Red raspberry pie! I find that I struggle with red too! Please help!

  29. I don’t know much about photography at all, but I really want to start a blog of my own so this would be so helpful!

  30. I am new at food photography, so I struggle with knowing how to set everything up and what elements (i.e. lighting) offer the best photo capturing. I would like to learn how to really capture the food, such as the juices and delicate textures that make your mouth water.

  31. I think lighting is my biggest problem and understanding how to properly adjust the settings. Now , I just wing it and take my chances.

  32. I JUST got a camera and plan to expand my blog to include recipes so I need help in every area!

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  33. Because my camera is a point and shoot digital, the struggle I have I the lightly and depth of field. I also don’t have a good setup at all. Wish for a good lighting in a designated room.

  34. I have the hardest time with two things, one lighting! I know I am under exposed. Also food styling/composition. I just not sure how to do it. I need some serious help! :)

  35. My greatest challenge would be… I don’t even own a DSLR. Which is pretty sad. But no matter! All the best to everyone else :-)

  36. As much as I like to pretend I know I how photograph food, it’st mostly guesswork and me getting lucky! I’d love to read this to know a bit more about what goes on when I change my settings, haha

  37. Lighting is the hardest for me, it makes or breaks any photo. I have a hard time with white balance too. I’m not sure how to get rid of that blueish color? I really could use some help from this book!

  38. This looks like fantastic information. It has great explanations along with many photos. I will get LOTS of help from this ebook. P.S. The peanut butter cookbook looks really good too.

  39. I don’t have an SLR yet, but I’m looking forward to getting one & using all of the tips & tricks I learn!

  40. Hi Averie

    I’m making the peanut butter cupcakes from your book for my 5 year old niece’s birthday sunday, I made the cupcakes today, some of my cupcakes sunk in the middle, any idea what went wrong? Anyway I will be frosting them tomorrow so the buttercream will hide it. I tasted the batter before puting them in the oven, delicious, taste just like peanut butter. I know my niece will enjoy these cupcakes, she loves peanut butter.

    1. Hi Jackie thanks for trying the cupcakes. Usually sinking cupcakes is a sign that they were not quite baked long enough. Any cake or bread that sinks in the middle is usually a sign that the internal temp never quite reached where it was supposed to and although they may look okay while in the oven, they’ll sink as they cool. That is my suspicion that they needed to bake just a tiny bit longer. That said, if you are certain they were baked long enough; I would then checking baking powder freshness. 6 mos, that’s it. After that, no matter what the box says, buy new. If that’s okay, then, I would up the amt of baking powder to 2 to 2 1/2 tsp. That will guarantee (or should) more puffiness. You could also add up to 1/4 cup more flour. All kinds of little tricks to thicken up the batter and give it more structure. With baking, sometimes just the SLIGHTEST little things, like 1-2 mins in the oven, 1 extra tbsp flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder, etc. can do the trick. Please LMK what you try, what works, and most of all hope your 5 yr old niece is happy! I have a 6 y.o. little girl, too :)

  41. i’m completely starting from scratch – i have no camera skills whatsoever. i feel like this book would be the perfect starting point!

  42. I struggle the most with lighting still – but want more suggestions and ideas for everything!

  43. I’m about to upgrade to a dslr in a few months and would love to learn how to use it! This would be a great resource.

  44. the only photography i ever do is instagram, haha. i’m not the best photographer, but i would love to learn how to take pretty pictures of my food!

  45. i want to get better at dealing with light. i do not have good light in my apartment so i need to learn how to manage it better.

  46. What I *struggle* with in photography is having my camera ready and in-hand for candid, everyday life shots! I know, terrible ;-)

    I have thought about getting this e-book before, and so I would love to win it now!

  47. I struggle with getting the lighting right in my photos. I would love to learn some new tricks for how to get this right.

  48. I struggle with photo composition and finding the right angle for a shot. There seem to be only so many ways to shoot cookies and bars.

  49. My biggest struggle right now with food photography is lighting and Lindsay does such an amazing job with that, so I’d love to win this book and read about her tricks.

  50. I would love to learn more about lighting and composition. This ebook would be a godsend for that!

  51. I would love love love this book!! I’ve been trying to work on my photography since I started my blog, and I have a pretty good camera already (not amazing, but…. it definitely does the trick!) I just need to learn how to use it!

  52. Until we moved recently I had very little natural light to work with. In our new place, I’m ready to take my photography up a notch (or several) and have looked to their blog for inspiration so many times! I’ve wanted this ebook for ages!

  53. I struggle with lighting if my photos sometimes and would love to learn more about getting faster at taking great shots and which shots the readers seem to be most interested in seeing. Prep? Or final product?

  54. What a great book!
    I need to learn a lot of the technical aspects (aperture, shutter speed, etc.) that go along with taking great food pics, so this book would be awesome!

  55. Thanks so much for posting the coupon code! I have been a long time reader and big time admirer of “pinch of yum”, but never got their ebook – the coupon code is a great incentive to finally do it!
    This is an awesome giveaway!

  56. My biggest struggle is probably capturing colors as richly as I want to. Sometimes certain angles seem to wash them out!

  57. OMG I sooooo need this. It’s so hard deciding on a camera for food photography. People told me to study up on the basics of a camera first before making a purchase. I’m still learning. All I still have right now is the iphone. But I can imagine how much help it would be with even iphone pics!