Three C’s & TJ’s Finds

I hinted in my last post that I picked up some goodies at TJ’s during my ‘second shift’

I love the TJ’s wall of nuts

And this was my Instagram picture I posted with this caption: “So many nuts. Both in tj’s and in the world!”

As mentioned, IG is my new love.

Follow along and be prepared to be addicted to it!  If you don’t have an iphone, sucks for you.  <–Not to be blunt or anything.  Not sure if you can there’s apps for Instagram with other phones but I know it works with my iPhone.

But back to the nuts.

I went with 50% less salt peanuts (because I am super sodium sensitive) and the lime & chili mixed nuts.

The lime & chili mixed nuts are amazing.

Really, truth be told, I have been trying to find nuts like these

Chili +Cayenne + Lime + Peanuts

…ever since I returned home from Mexico City.

But I have realized that chili powder + lime peanuts are harder to come by than I thought.

And I almost made my own.  And still may.

This blend, however, rocks.

They are hot, and the more you eat, the hotter they get.  And there are flakes or pieces of lime leaves and red chili pepper “skins” and I eat it all.  Very little, if any, garlic, onions, and minimal sodium which is all perfect for me.

I have been told they have just lime & chili peanuts (not at my TJs) and their lime & chili cashews only are sold out.  Darn. But no complaints: Buy this blend if you like a KICK!

They were also sampling this coconut milk

Brand new product!

I imagine this will take the blogosphere by storm sort of like peanut flour did until they discontinued it.

It was really good.  Not overly sweet, but still sweet, with faint vanilla tones, not too thick like regular coconut milk can be (more like a reduced fat coconut milk) and also not overly coconutty if that makes sense.

Sometimes coconut milk can taste like you’re drinking a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic but this beverage was not that way at all.

I didn’t even used to like coconut anything.  But boy, times have changed.  I have lots of coconut recipes here

Including Magic 8 Bars

I personally still like my coconut milk kefir recipe better (coconut water + coconut milk + one packet of starter) that I make on the countertop.  I do love my fermented beverages.  But for what it was, a $1.99 premade beverage, two thumbs up on the new TJ’s product.

Next up, my fave section of the store.  Well, wait, it’s too hard to pick a fave section.  Dried fruit, nuts, coffee, baking supplies, dips, condiments, too hard to choose.

The coffee section always makes me happy.

Here’s my daily go-to ‘joe

All ground up.

I love this coffee. 

I have a coffee reviews post where I’ve reviewed about 20 coffees, and for what it is, price, availability, and taste, this is and has been my daily coffee for about 5 years.  I always go back to it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go pick the chili skins lime leaves out of my teeth from those nuts.

I need something with coconut in it.  Maybe a Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowball

No Bake, easy, one bowl, crowd pleaser.  Store in freezer for times when you just need chocolate.

And I can wash it all down with some coffee.

A Vanilla Iced Coffee sounds perfect.

From my last post, thanks for telling me I’m superwoman even though I just do what I need to do, and just somehow find a way to get it all done.  I sleep less than most, I suppose.  But yes, many of you do also feel like you have a ‘second shift’ Or third or fourth shift and jobs.  I’m more in the final categories but it works and I’m happy and can’t imagine life any other way right now.


1. What’s your favorite of the three C’s I mentioned: chili (powder), coconut, or coffee?

And if there’s one you don’t like, which one and why do you think that is?

I love coffee the most.

And actually didn’t use to like coconut anything.  I thought it was all too overpowering and just tasted like I was eating, or ingesting, tanning oil.

But times changed and I like coconut and coconut containing recipes now but am still careful not to go too overboard or I do tend to feel a little overpowered by it.

And I love heat/kick/chili but don’t like sodium/garlic/onions and it’s harder than you’d think to find the former without the later.

2. Any TJ’s finds you’re loving lately?  <–I know I just asked this but it bears repeating.  Or have you noticed regional distribution?

The veggie masala burgers that people rave about in other parts of the country are not for sale in San Diego and there’s also some wine I know we can get here that others can’t get.  And I’m sure the tomatoes and watermelon I buy at TJ’s in San Diego isn’t the same that they are shipping to Rhode Island or Minnesota.

P.S. Last reminder about the $25 Giveaway.  Winner announced Friday.

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  2. I actually just discovered the magic of shopping at TJ’s. So money-saving and so many tasty prepared foods!

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