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Hi Bloggies!  Many of you had a shorter week this week because of the legal Holiday on Monday, so hopefully Hump Day came a bit more effortlessly due to the short week, and and now we’re getting closer to the weekend again.  Yay!  I am flying solo with Skylar for the next few days.  Scott’s on another business trip.   I don’t like it when he travels but this is a shorter trip than his last trip 10 days ago, so that’s a silver lining.   

You may remember that I said that the blue sweater I am wearing in this photo was stolen from my gym after leaving it on a couch for 45 minutes while I worked out.  Sigh.  I’ve had that sweater since high school and I miss it!

It’s no secret that I love nice things.  Pink Chanel Purses
…LV and Gucci always have a special place in my heart

And shopping trips to Fashion Valley Mall make me happy!

But I can also get down with Vintage Stores, Thrift Shops, and Recycled Clothing Stores.  I usually just sell, not buy, at Recycled Clothing stores like Buffalo Exchange

….But in an effort to find a cute, one-of-kind sweater in the middle of summer, I thought, what the heck and popped into Buffalo Exchange and a couple other funky, recycled/thrift/vintage stores a few blocks from my gym.  Skylar’s always game to shop amongst the drag queens and they love her and she loves them right back.  Skylar loves to show them her dance moves and play along.  Perfect, I can concentrate for 23 seconds…yay.

I found this HealthForce Nutritionals Tshirt. 

What serendipity to find a tshirt from a holistic company that specializes in raw, vegan, superfoods.  There are no coincidences in life.  It must be my psychic powers at play again.

Sold Originally at American Apparel as part of their Sustainable Edition

 Price was right!

But I really bought it because every food blogger needs a tshirt with a “Nutritional Label”

Sweatshop Labor, Pesticides, Plastics, Harsh Resins, Certified Organic, Water Based Inks, Sustainable Apparel = LOVE IT!
 I hadn’t washed my hair in 3 days and spent 4th of July weekend working out, going through the farmer’s market, living life, sans hair wash.  Excuse the rat’s nest.  I did wash it right after this picture though.  Nothing’s growing in it.

I also found this Tshirt: Don’t Look Back

It had a small blemish on the bottom of it in 3 little spots.  Almost like super glue was dropped on it.

 But extremely minor and only an anal, detailed-oriented person like me would even notice.  And 95% of it came off in the wash already!

But I asked for a discount nonetheless.  And the lady said “Sure, I can give you half off.” 

Half off $6 bucks is $3 bucks.  Score!
It’s a thin, gauzey cotton and super comfy.  For 3 bucks, how could I go wrong.

In the mail I received a Thermapod

It’s very sturdy like a laptop with 2 big compartments.  From their site:

  • One-Piece Slim Stylish Design
  • Convenient to Use
  • Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe
  • Compact and Stackable
  • Super Tough/Durable
  • Fits Easily Into Backpack or Briefcase
  • Laptop Look With Lock, Latch & Lid
  • Comes in 5 Colours (Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red)
Thanks Thermapod.  I am always on the hunt for snack holders since I never leave the house without Skylar’s snacks and snack bag… 

…As was the case yesterday when we met Nicole at Starbucks for a Blogger Meetup

Thanks to everyone who told me that you’ve met certain people in your life whom you’ve clicked with right away!

And I certainly have a bunch of early risers as readers.   I am such a night owl and it sounds like Keri and Heather can relate.   It’s like I don’t really hit my stride until midnight and then I want to stay up!  I force myself to bed at 2 or 3am because morning comes early with a child, usually by 8am I have to be up so I do get a few hours of sleep.  Since becoming a mom and really embracing the high raw vegan lifestyle, I need less sleep now than I ever dreamed was possible!  When I was in high school and college, nothing better than 10 solid hours.  It’s been a decade I think since I’ve done that!  I have too much life to live, no time to sleep…hah!

There were also some good insights about getting massages and how we hold our stress.  Kate brought up a good point that I am aware of but that bears repeating.  Many of us don’t fully release our tension and it builds up.  For some people, this is in their guts/abdomen which is why frequently students will become emotional in yoga classes if there is prolonged ab and core work.  The emotions are literally coming to the surface. 

Some people hold their tension and stress in muscles, like the back, neck and shoulders.   For me, this is definitely true.   I am such a massage and bodywork junkie though and if I had disposable income, that’s one of the first things I’d pencil in weekly!   Thanks to those of you who wrote with your tips to check local massage schools in the area for discounted rates. 

Thank you to everyone who supported my rant about leaving rude comments and who supports me and what I stand for.  Thank you for that.   No, I am not cookie-cutter run of the mill Mrs. Mainstream America, and yes, I may have a different way of eating, raising my child, and my outlook on life, but as I said, diversity is what makes the world go round and my hope is that for people who don’t like my path or like anyone else’s choices about anything, to just click off the page, leave that person be, go do something else.  Be productive.  Don’t like a trail of negativity behind!  It was great to have everyone’s support.  Thank you guys!!!

Green Food: Salad with the Spring Mix I purchased at the market, and yellow & red peppers, carrots, tomatoes and…

….A Raw Fresh Vegan Spring Roll with 2-Minute Homemade Peanut Sauce
 Fresh Vegan Spring Roll with 2-Minute Homemade Peanut Sauce

Desssert: Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate

Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate

Gym & Weights Workout Today From This Tab: Back/Abs

Last Call!!  Winners Chosen Tomorrow (Thursday 7/8)

Tip of the Day: My 18 Rabbits Give Away for 2 Winners!

Have fun everyone!  Thanks 18 Rabbits

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1.  Do you ever shop at thrift/vintage stores or buy used items?  
I am a total extremist on this one.  I love Neiman Marcus but I can also appreciate bargain and one-of-a-kind finds.   I have to be in the right mood to do vintage/thrift shopping.  I also despise places like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.  Weird, huh.  Cool vintage stores with good deals are one thing, TJ Maxx is entirely another.  Can’t handle the visual mess and clutter there!

The other benefit to buying used is that it’s gentler on the environment.  Reduce, ReUse, Recycle.   But I draw the line on most used clothing other than shirts or jackets.  When I was in high school, I used to love to go to Vintage clothing stores and get anything from 1950s corsets to 1970s disco-wear!

Are you into Vintage Finds? Thrift Stores?  Buying Used?  Or does the whole thing skeeve you out and you’re a Brand New or bust kind of shopper?

2. How many days do you go without washing your hair?
I used to be a daily washer until my early 20s, and generally am an every-other-day washer, but I do push the envelope with 3 days sometimes.  My hair type is naturally wavy and tends toward being dryer and just doesn’t seem to get that oily so hey, I roll with it.

3. Favorite Salsas
I was in TJs the other day and they had so many, and the grocery store and WFs has so many brands.  I am not a fan of pre-made salsas because of: high sodium and tons of garlic and onions.  Things like peach salsas or pineapple salsas that don’t have as much sodium and garlic/onions are more my speed.  If anyone has a salsa you adore, fill me in!  Even if it’s sodium-city, tell me anyway!

4. Do you like to workout with music or do you like the peace and quiet of silence?
I don’t ever run/walk outdoors with an music/my ipod.  Ever.  I was the victim of violent crime over a decade ago in Chicago and it scares the hell out of me to not be fully present and aware of my surroundings outdoors.

Music directly into your ears diminishes your awareness of what’s going on around you.  You block sound from entering your ears, plus most people go into a mental trance or a “zone” when they have music on.  Great for your workout, not great for your safety.  To each his or her own on this one but for me, given what I have experienced, I need to be operating with full sensory awareness.  As an aside, sometimes I run up behind people outdoors who are hogging the sidewalk and they are so clueless about their surroundings and have no idea I am even behind them until I pass them, and I often think, gosh, if I had shady motives, you’d be a goner.  Sorry to be that way, but safety first for me.

However, inside the gym and lifting weights, that’s a different story.  I haven’t used my ipod up unil now because I don’t have an appropriate strap/holster for it and I don’t want cords dangling and getting in the way of my iron pumping sesh’s!

Do you workout with music?  Why or why not?  And yes, I know, music can give you that extra oomph when you really need it.  But silence can be golden.  Hearing the birds chirp and the wind blow is nice.  In the gym though, I would love to block out some of the grunting from fellow lifters! And if you have an ipod holder you love, tell me about it, too.

Stay Tuned For the Recap of My Tattoo consult with the artist I thought had a two-year wait! I’m off to head over there now!  Yay!

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