Time for Champagne – Or Not?

Hi Friends!  I hope you’ve had a lovely day after Christmas and a holiday weekend full of good times, laughter, fun, and maybe some choice gifts.  And, I hope you are still enjoying all that family togetherness and holiday cheer.

For Santa’s Helper, i.e. Me, when I was on the Bailey’s and Barbies Shopathon, I picked up this form of holiday cheer

That’s about $4 bucks US.  A lot cheaper than a bottle of Bailey’s which was going to be $35 

I poured a glass with great anticipation and hope last night….

How did it taste?

Honest Answer: It was God Awful and I had 2 sips and poured it out.  You win some, you lose some.  Oh well.

I much prefer This ChampagneWhen it comes to champagne, I admit, I have “champagne taste”

Back in the day, I had a serious love affair with Veuve Clicquot
The last time I had any, it was for Our Anniversary

With wine, I can make some sacrifices.  Two Buck Chuck anyone?  But no sacrificing on Champagne, at all.  I mean, come on, I am all about Champagne Happy Hour with Friends!

I will sacrifice and buy used clothes for $3 bucks.

And I have worn this tshirt tons.  Including in Aruba.  See my Christmas morning pictures

And I like bargain payaya

But on my champagne?  I’d rather pay up.  Lesson learned.

I’m glad you liked my Christmas Day and Santa Presents post.  Skylar is loving all her new toys and I am loving her joy over it all. 

Truly, cherished memories for me! 

1. Do you like wine?  Champagne?
Yes and yes! 
I’ve mentioned before that if I ever walked into a million dollars, one of the first things I’d do would be to buy a vineyard.   I love wine, champagne, and vineyards!

2. Can you handle bargain alcohol, i.e. the cheap stuff?
It’s easier for me to choke down some wine-in-a-box than it is to drink bad bubbly.  But really, I am old enough now that I’d rather not drink, than drink crap.  Which inevitably causes me to get a raging headache.  Not my idea of holiday cheer!

3. Are you going out for New Years?  Does that involve champagne drinking?
No, I’m working but in years past, yes I always went out and always drank champagne! 

4. How was your Christmas?  Did you get any presents?  Tell me about them!
I got a trip to Aruba that we saved up for all year, both in terms of money and vacation time. 
And a DSLR Camera.

And not to sound like a cheeseball, but the best present of all was just being here with my family, not working, putting things in a lower gear, and chilling out!

I’m off for one last Beach Walk Or second to last.  Boo-hoo, we leave tomorrow.


See you back here with a massive picture filled post!

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