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Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all who are celebrating and greetings from Aruba where there seems to be more Americans down here this weekend than there have been the previous two weeks we’ve been here.

But the beaches are still far from “crowded”.

The weather wasn’t “perfect” on Sunday.  It was hazy and overcast but still very bright.  The kind of weather you don’t know if your sunglasses should be on or off.

We moved to the beach where Little Miss Squinty…

…enjoyed playing and splashing.

We strolled the beaches looking at piers and shells and boats.

We admired nature’s beauty.

We had another productive day in Aruba.

“Productive” meaning we fully enjoyed ourselves. Productivity at its finest.

After our time at the beach, we came home and ate grapes.

Mine were previously frozen.  Love ’em that way.

And juicy, sweet watermelon hit the spot.

And I made Skylar and I Taste of the Tropics Smoothies

I’m glad you all enjoyed the Kites & Cats post.

If nothing else, I know that most of you are huge animal lovers.  I’d say there are slightly more “cat people” than “dog people” who chimed in on the informal poll.  But it was close.


1. Did you do anything “productive” this weekend?

Either in the serious sense like reorganizing, cleaning, or maybe you had to work this weekend (Boo! if you had to work but I empathize because I work weekends, too) ?

I hope that you were “productive” like I was and caught up with friends, family, and got in plenty of R & R time.  And hopefully you have Monday off, too.

2. Did you read any of the recaps of FitBloggin’, BlogHer Food Atltana, or EatWriteRetreat from last weekend?  If so, does it make you wish you had been there?

I cannot complain as I am on vacation in Aruba, and I think a Caribbean vacation beats a (blogging) conference, but I will say those kind of “crept up” on me.  I really didn’t know they were happening until many of my bloggie friends were posting either from the conferences or already back home posting there conference recaps!

It does strike me as a bit odd that all three of these very major conferences were on the same weekend.  Obviously not by accident and I guess it maybe “forced one’s hand” a bit and made prospective attendees choose which one they really wanted to attend.

If I was doing the planning, I would have put them on different weekends because who knows, some people may have attended more than one if they were on different weekends.

Do you wish you had gone to any?

3. In looking ahead, do you have any plans to attend any future conferences?  Or any trips on your horizon?

I went to Food Buzz in San Francisco last fall (November 2010).

I went to an intimate, wonderful workshop called Real Food Styling Photography Workshop (one of the best things I’ve ever done!)

And I do have some events coming up that I am attending!

I am so excited and haven’t mentioned them yet, but they are more photography related than “just” strictly blogging related events, but there is definitely overlap in everything.  More details on them later.

They tie in with my Career Fantasies & Doing What You Want post and goals.

Speaking of which, Food Buzz just announced this week (notification by email) that this year’s conference in San Francisco will be:

November 4-6th, 2011
San Francisco, CA

Are you going? Not sure what I am doing yet. If time and money were no object, I could keep my conference + travel schedule very full!

Would you like to attend any seminars, retreats, workshops, or conferences?  Which ones?

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

P.S. If you’re just catching up on posts of mine from Friday, here’s what’s been going on:

49 comments on “Trips, Workshops, & Conferences”

  1. Aruba looks divine; so glad you’re enjoying it . . . hard not to, I’m sure! I’ve never been, but I’d love to go someday! As for conferences, I was thinking about food buzz, but I don’t know if I qualify as a food blogger totally. Too bad we’re moving away from SF, but it’s just a short flight up from LA, so I could probably do it! Would be so fun to meet everyone and get back up to SF, so I’m definitely considering it!

  2. I wish i can go to vacation like you..really jealous… :(

  3. glad to see you are being so productive there!! :) I totally KNOW what you mean. Yes, 3 yrs in Grenada!! I use to live in a beach house, which had my own beach as my backyard! Weekends were spent jumping off waterfalls. yes we did study but I made the most of my time there! :))

  4. Thanks again for posting more photos on Aruba, they’re so relaxing to look at while I’m stressed in work. Just wondered is any time of the year good to go to Aruba or is there a hurricane season? I need a holiday in the next few months, I’ve time off work in October. I’m off to make that delicious smoothie, I think I’ll add some large servings of rum, have some friends I’m meeting up with later this afternoon, they’ll love it.

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  6. This weekend was not AT ALL productive, but this week needs to be!! I’ve got a lot to do and Mike is in India and my best friends are away too, so I have no excuse not to tackle a bunch of to-do items.

    I’m hoping to go to Foodbuzz again this year!! San Francisco is SUCH an incredible city for a foodie conference :)

  7. I’ve never been to a food blog conference, but I’d like to go sometime. The one in San Fran isn’t too far away. The Healthy Living Summit was tempting also.

    Each year I earn more vacation at work, so there’s an increased possibility that I could go.

  8. Looks like great weather to me!

    1. Yes, nailed down our plans for the office redo, garden work, and shopping.
    2. Yes and yes, maybe next year.
    3. Yes, most likely Foodbuzz again, the raw health fest, and where ever else. :-) I’ve thought about the vegan fest in OR, but that has such an intense schedule that time for fun and socializing would be pretty limited.

  9. I didn’t really know about any of the conferences until people were talking about what they had seen or learned. But, I don’t think I would go to one unless it was reader-friendly and was actually near me. Affording plane tickets anywhere is not in my budget!

  10. I was very productive this weekend! Yard sale and work, work, work. :)

    Going to check out the kitty post that I haven’t seen yet!! *excited*

  11. Those yellow flowers are fantastic. Thought they were coming right off the computer screen :)

    Another productive weekend for us at the paintball field. The house will need attention & cleaning this week though ;)

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