Valentine’s Cookies & Gifts, Award, Peanut Sauce Recipe

TGIF!!! What a week!  It went by really fast in some ways but it seems the days were jam-packed and Monday seems like a lifetime ago for me.  What about you?  How did your week go?   But the bigger question is, What are you doing this Weekend?  Any Valentine’s Day celebrating going on?  As I have said before, we’re laying totally low.  Scott’s been traveling and so it will be nice to just have him home and Scott, Skylar, and I will just be chilling on Sunday.  There is a maybe Blogger Meetup in store for Sunday morning that if it ends up happening I will post about it, of course.  And tomorrow, Saturday, I’ve got yoga and my Raw Vegan Foods lecture/presentation/cooking demo that I mentioned.  I’ve been busying getting ready for that, which I’ll get to in a bitSpeaking of Bitt, she gave me an awardThe Sunshine Award

This award is easy peasy. All you need to do is give it to 12 other bloggers who bring you sunshine!
I can’t even begin to pick all the people and bloggers who bring me Sunshine but here are 
5 Things that Bring me Sunshine:  
Time with Scott & Skylar
Warm Sunny Weather
Unscheduled Moments with Nothing on my Agenda
Great Fresh Produce
Making True & Real Interpersonal Connections with Others and I love how the blogosphere has totally enhanced my life in this way!!!   

I pass this award onto everyone and I hope you all post a few things that Bring You Sunshine!  Drop me a comment if you do it!  Thanks again to my friend, Bitt for thinking of me!

To Recap, Yesterday I showed you some of my Favorite Kitchen Items and Lots of Recipe Links
1. Coffee Pot!

2. Espresso Maker

with Vegan Carmel Machiatto Recipe


The drink makes me happy and warm inside.   In addition to the fact that I don’t have to rely on Starbucks’ overpriced drinks also makes me happy inside!


3. Dehydrator

With Two Recipe Options for Kale Chips

I’ve Got 2 Kale Chip Coating Recipes: One for a Moderate Bunch of Kale
and This One for a Really Big Batch of Kale Chips


And I gave you my thoughts about Why you Don’t Really Need a Dehydrator

4. Microwave Do you use one?  Do you think it’s harmful, or not?  Or you don’t care and use it anyway?  Thanks everybody for telling me if you love it or hate it and why!

How else would I melt the chocolate for my Vegan Peanut Butter Cups??!!

5. Vita-Mix

I make Everything from Vegan Gluten-Free Pancakes in it

And I use my Vita for making Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Vanilla Balls 

to Raw Vegan Chocolate Peppermint Donut Holes


6. Good Knives
All the equipment in the world, however, can’t compare with good knives.

and I talked about why good knives are instrumental

7. But My Favorite Kitchen Thing Person is this Peanut: Skylar!

Moving onto today, as I mentioned, I am going to be doing a Raw Vegan Foods Q & A session with a live cooking demonstration tomorrow, so in advance of that, I decided to whip up a fresh batch of peanut sauce.

Here’s a Prior Recipe for Peanut Sauce

And A Recipe for Raw Spiralized Zucchini Noodles Tossed with Veggies and Homemade Peanut Sauce

This Meal is What I Intend to Recreate for everyone attending my raw foods info session tomorrow!

Averie’s Vegan Gluten & Soy-Free Peanut Sauce
3/4 c Peanut Butter
1/2 c Maple Syrup/Agave Blend from TJ’s.  If you don’t have this product, either use maple, agave, or both and combine in a ratio suitable to you
1/2 c Sesame Oil (do not skimp on this because this is what makes it authentic tasting)
1/2 Orange (or about 1/4 c orange juice)
3 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
1 Tsp Ginger 
Optional: Soy Sauce, Nama Shoyu, or Tamari to Taste.  I’d start with 2 Tbsp and go from there. I don’t use any of these.

Put everything in your Vita, or your blending device.  Or, you can Mix by Hand provided you use OJ and not whole orange


Pour Into a Container

 Will keep for a week++ in the fridge.  

And drizzle the sauce and other diced veggies over spiralized Zucchini

I know someone will ask, for spiralizer info and what I have, where to buy it (the best $29.99 you’ll ever spend!) check out this post.
Last Night I broke into the Peanut Sauce and slathered it all over my Greenery: Greens, Cukes, Red Cabbage, Carrots, Tomatoes, Brussels… 
…And Tons of Fresh Peanut Sauce pooling up in the leaves of my Brussels.  Yummmmm!
Today I decided to Decorate Cookies with Skylar!
Remember the Chocolate Chip Cookies with PB Cup Centers that I made?  

Those are long gone, thanks to Scott!

Well, I had some leftover dough that I decided would be perfect for Skylar to decorate!

Decorating with Sprinkles and Raisins

She happily got to work

She color-coordinated the sprinkles.  One cookie got almost all reds.  One got lots of green.  It was cute!

We baked them.

And She Waited Patiently as children of food bloggers learn to do.

I took them Out of the Oven

And she chose her cookie.  The one with all reds.

And Happily Enjoyed It!

I happily enjoyed the Mail today because my Bloggie Secret Valentine’s Package Came!

Janetha graciously hosted this exchange and Christine of Ryan And Christine drew my name and this is what she sent me!  Goodies from Crate & Barrel because she knows I love to make desserts!

Cupcake Paraphernalia: Love It!
Thanks Again, Christine, I can’t wait to use it!

Skylar loved the card. 

She loves mail!

And with that, it was time for nap!  Check out the hair and eyes. Yes, naptime needed! 

 Yoga Today is Reading my New Copy of Yoga Journal that also arrived in the mail today!

Tip of the Day: I Revealed the Winner of the Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Give Away


If you Missed the Winner Announcement, Click Here

I love to read, but and most of my reading is online these days. However, there is nothing better than curling up with a great magazine or book!  Which happens infrequently these days, unfortunately.  Do you like to read?  What’s your favorite thing to read: books, magazines, online reading?  Blog reading we all do, of course!  Any Favorite Books or Magazines You Love Digging into? 

Weekend Plans?  Does Valentine’s Day Stress You Out at All?  Or are you looking forward to it?  Or, it really doesn’t matter, it’s just another day. 
For me, we Have No Plans, it doesn’t stress me out and I am pretty neutral about it.  Happy, but kinda a whatever no biggie attitude.

Do you think that the Internet, Blogs, and Online Websites that you can find anything and everything makes either Print Materials like books and magazines a bit “old-fashioned” for lack of a better work and print materials may become obselete or do you always think we’ll always have libraries full of books?  Or will everything end up going digital?

Stay Tuned For My Weekly Highlights and Recap Post Tomorrow…

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