Veggies & Pictures

I received a very cold box from UPS yesterday.

I had no idea what was in it.

Surprise, surprise it was…

Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetable pouches that I received as part of my relationship with the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.

I’m sure these Birds Eye potatoes & veggies will come in handy on one of those evenings when I’m running late and everyone’s hungry and I don’t have time to make something from scratch.  Steam it in the bag, open it, serve.  Easy.

Normally I don’t buy pre-bagged vegetables because I’m cheap frugal and I make things on my own.

I enjoy keeping it simple with Roasted Sweet Potato Fries

Or Cinnamon Sugar & Ginger Roasted Potato Sticks

But sometimes shortcuts are handy.

And in other matters, as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program with Kodak Gallery, I am pleased to announce that KODAK Gallery is providing an exclusive offer to extend to my

40% off a medium hardcover or a large Photo Book

Go to the Kodak Gallery to redeem your almost half price off photo book.

The offer is only available through this link from 8/1/11 – 8/31/11.

If you’ve never made one before, they’re really fun to do because you get to obsess over look over all your photos, plug them into templates, and your pictures get turned into a book.

They make great gifts, too.  When Skylar was approaching her first birthday and for her first Christmas, I made a book celebrating her first year and gave it to my parents and I think it’s one of their favorite and most cherished gifts, ever.

I want to make one with pictures from our recent Aruba Trip, complete with turquoise ocean

boat rides

and hair braiding to help remember our trip.

From my last post, it was fun to hear what baking and kitchen toys you have, what you’d like to have, and what things you’ve bought that you’ve been less than thrilled with.  Lots of Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and Vita-Mix lust going on.  I am *this close* to pulling the trigger on a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer but haven’t bought it.  Yet.  We shall see.  I already bought something major this week.  Ahem.  I should probably chill out!


1. Do you buy pre-packed or pre-made veggies?  Do you buy canned or frozen foods?

For me:

Canned, extremely rarely.

Frozen, rarely; but there are things like frozen edamame or frozen mango chunks that are staples.

Fresh is what I usually buy because there is no salt, oil, seasoning, water, sauces, coatings, or anything else added to the food so I can do with it what I wish and I know that it’s a blank canvas for making other things with, but sometimes shortcuts are handy!

2. Have you ever made a photo book?  If so, what did you include?  And if you were to make one, what would you like to include in it?

There are so many events I could put in it from the photos I took recently in Mexico City or in Boulder at Food & Light; our Aruba trip pictures, birthday parties or Hallowweens, or just scenes from our daily life here. 

There’s a picture in everything and something special to remember in everything.   <–not being paid to say that!  It’s the photographer in me talking.  I could have a field day making photo books! Sort of like modern-day scrapbooking I’m thinking.

Enjoy your Thursday.  Wow, the weekend’s coming up already.  Yay!

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  1. I buy canned foods, but rarely do I buy pre-packaged or frozen foods (besides frozen pizza).

    I would love to make a photo book one day.

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